ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector WiFi Only – Retail Packaging Review

By | April 5, 2020

ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector WiFi Only – Retail Packaging Reviews and Key Specs

5″ touch screen display with 720P resolution, Rechargeable 6300 mAh battery provides hours of viewing time 20″ – 120″ viewable screen size with dlp (digital light processing) technology for crisp images and reliable performance The 4000:1 contrast ratio delivers a crisp, detailed Picture. Autofocus and keystone correction ensure distortion-free image Quality Project directly from the cloud or via HDMI cable, miracast, or USB Dual JBL speakers – deliver rich, powerful sound to bring your entertainment or presentation to life
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3 thoughts on “ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector WiFi Only – Retail Packaging Review”

lUQgT says:

If they sold this verizon projector under the right description it wouldn’t sell I personally fell for this listing 6 times from 6 different prime sellers and never received the right projector so I gave up and bought it from best buy instead but it cost 400 dollars now I don’t have to deal with messages popping up on the screen like no simcard or no service while watching the walking dead this season 😃 these pop ups happen even if you turn off data or take out the SIM card.The speaker is very loud for watching movies and videos.It has an iOS App for remote control but iOS does not aupport Miracast.Fyi is the Verizon version, so no JBL speakers, and could work with sim.Touch screen, plenty of connection options, wifi, Bluetooth.Battery life is also excellent.I purchased this item 5 times directly from amazon and received the wrong product 4 times.Hooked up standalone speakers and enjoyed a wonderful outside family night movie.It is much brighter than expected, easy to connect with HDMI, or with a little more learning curve with WiFi, etc.This normally wouldn’t even be an issue, BUT, I do not have a Verizon SIM card, and do not plan on buying one, hence me ordering the WiFi ONLY projector.The screen does not show and the whole projectors becomes hot as you use it for more than 20 minutes.This feature is amazing and makes using the projector that much easier! I will only buy projectors with the android system for now on.Little tricky with connecting bluetooth mice and keyboards constantly drops but it will work with a bluetooth dongle mouse so that solved that.The product played for four minute increments and shut off because the "battery had met its life cycle and wasn’t replaceable.You will receive the Verizon version which DOES NOT have the JBL speakers and will popup messages continually about missing SIM card.

wlRDS says:

The apps are great, just like those on an Android or IOS system.It’s so easy to use and we were even able to hook up our movie player via HDMI to it. Really surprised.I like the projector – it’s bright and extremely easy to use, very portable… I just wish it was WiFi only as it was advertised. good product, would have given 5 stars if the seller Action Gear sent me the wifi version as advertised instead of verizon one Unit was defective.Thank you Embedded Works for such a fast delivery.battery easily makes it through several movies.ZTE said it had water damage.Charge all night and nothing.The 1st ZTE android projector was great.If it consistently worked without these issues, it would truly be amazing.The picture looks great and we love connecting our bluetooth speaker to it for more sound.

sODRfr says:

this projector is one of the best beter then the iclops mine projector Does it supposed to come with the rwmote? I had high hopes for this but…I love love the improvements that was made to the case and the user interface but the projector picture is a major downgrade.It has 3 brightness settings, is extremely simple to use, and runs on battery or AC power .$550).And then it turns off completely.The ZTE Spro 2 is running KitKat 4.I had a pico projector for outside movies, etc." And this isn’t just regular overheating, the whole thing shuts off the projection function.Since we don’t have a good portable screen yet the viewing quality at 720P is still limited at mostly by the surfaces we have been using for projection.We have absolutely LOVED this projector and have recommended it to many people but….Note, I didn’t say "well lit" or worse an extremely bright room, but for a room that is dim, you should be fine and won’t need to fret over not being able to see the screen you are projecting. My package arrived unsealed. ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector WiFi Only – Retail Packaging Youtuber looking to review product.post-content –> <use xlink:href="http://2azap.

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