YABER Pro V8 4K Projector with WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 450 ANSI Outdoor Projector Native 1080P Portable Movie Projector 300″ Display&Zoom 5G Projector Compatible with TV Stick Phone Computer Review

YABER Pro V8 4K Projector with WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 450 ANSI Outdoor Projector Native 1080P Portable Movie Projector 300″ Display&Zoom 5G Projector Compatible with TV Stick Phone Computer Product Review

  • ❤【2022 Enhanced Brightness&Picture Quality】YABER Pro V8 projector carries an upgraded chip BASIC 2.0, the native resolution is 1080P and can also support 4K, plus an exceptional brightness of 450 ANSI (15000 L), bringing clear and colorful pictures, now watching movies are more enjoyable!
  • ❤【The first WIFI 6 Projector】Wi-Fi 6 is not only compatible with networks 2.4GHz and 5GHz but the maximum rate can also reach 9.6G bps thus picture transmission is fast without delay; 5.0 Bluetooth makes the sound transmission faster and more accurate. Now you don’t have to feel annoying due to a stuttered video or a delayed sound with the YABER Pro V8 projector.
  • ❤【Innovative 4D/4P Keystone Correction & Zoom 】This 4k projector can adjust Vertical and Horizontal angles ±50° via the 4D/4P Keystone correction function. With the ZOOM function, this projector can reduce the image size to 50% without moving the projector; The Maximum screen size is up to 300 inches.
  • ❤【Advanced Sound System】 YABER Pro V8 movie projector builds in the newest Bluetooth chip which can easily connect Bluetooth, headphones, or other audio equipment. With a 5W Hi-Fi stereo surround speaker, whether using it indoors or outdoors, the powerful speakers give you an immersive experience.
  • ❤【APP Control Becomes Possible】You can control your projector from the app which has functions such as Miracast, remote control, etc. No longer worry about lost remote control and malfunction.
  • ❤【More compatibility for More Video Resources】This Mini projector with Multiple Digital Connection Options: HDMI, VGA, AV, SD card, and USB. Easy to connect your PC, laptop, TV stick, Chromecast, X-box, etc.
  • ❤【100000 Hours Lamp Life& Lifetime Professional Support】Adopting the latest SmarEco technology to minimize lamp power consumption thus extending the useful life of the lamp to a maximum of 100000 hours, YABER also provides 6-Month back and 3-Year repair as well as a lifetime professional technical support. Any problems, please feel free to us know anytime.

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  • At this affordable price, this is a simple projector that made for a magical movie theatre like experience in our house
  • This projector is overall satisfying at the price level for family use during weekend relaxation
  • I’m sure it will work great once I figure out how to do it
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  • Incredible value for your money
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  • UPDATE: now that it is night time here, I am absolutely shook on how good this projector looks
  • The quality and brightness is better than what the picture is showing! I used it on a massive 10ft blank wall and it works okay
  • The first picture is this ONOAYO 5G WiFi Outdoor Projector, and the second one is a similar price projector from another brand
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  • I purchased this projector since I don’t want to put a TV and TV stand in my bedroom, I have to say that I was a little hesitant at first, but in the end I was not disappointed at all, in fact, it far exceeded my expectations
  • If this sounds like what you’re looking for at this price don’t look any further:
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  • It’s everything they said it would be and then the Bluetooth wouldn’t connect If that head work I would’ve kept it
  • For reference, I have owned a “real” projector before
  • Yaber pro V7 has performed well
  • Nice clean picture, seems a bit brighter than my old “3500 lumen” projector, but definitely doesn’t feel almost 3x as bright
  • Compre este proyector hace dos meses, lo he usado varias ocasiones y a la vista se ve muy bien parece que estoy en el cine
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  • This is such great projector, great the pictures so clear looks like real, very colorful

3 thoughts on “YABER Pro V8 4K Projector with WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 450 ANSI Outdoor Projector Native 1080P Portable Movie Projector 300″ Display&Zoom 5G Projector Compatible with TV Stick Phone Computer Review”

ZaLVP says:

This is my 2nd Yaber projector and I like it almost as much as my first purchase.Connecting wireless headphones as well as surround sound was a breeze with the bluetooth capability.The form factor is smaller, which is a plus if you’re looking to conserve space, or just want a projector that’s more portable.It comes with a nice bag too.I have one mounted in my living room and wanted another for having outdoor movies and Wii sessions.It’s easy to take in and out of the patio room and I don’t have to worry about damaging a TV every use.It was well-packaged, and the storage bag that came with it was actually a backpack….The fact it has Bluetooth and can hook up my JBL GoPro makes it the perfect projector for outdoor college football viewing.The picture quality it quite good, my wife and I were impressed.We had a wonderful experience with this projector and can not wait to use it again! I was looking for a good quality 4k projector for my bedroom with a large projection screen at a reasonable price.Fast forward a few months later and mutiple rounds with friends we were in need to add a 2nd projector to watch sports while we golfed.Tried it last night and was very impressed– great quality picture and sound.From the storage container that doubles as a backpack to the compact size of the projector to just how easy it is for any member of my family to use.This one exceeded all expectations and had really impressed.The V8 is definitely a step up, and an awesome projector for the price.Excellent video quality and sound is very good.The picture quality is better, bigger, and much brighter.This Yaber Pro V8 projector has a much smaller form factor and but manages to deliver even higher quality with added features.

Koggy says:

The first projector is mounted and has been running strong under daily use for nearly 2 years.It has a User option but you cannot adjust anything.It works great and is economical.Super customer service too! I did a lot of research before purchasing this projector.I connect my fire strick and it work with no problem.I do think I’ll purchase a fire stick so I can have direct access, but this is just my preference.I needed some projector that casts my iPad on a bigger screen for me .Picture quality is excellent and much brighter than our previous projector.This is very bright and easy to setup.Turning it on for the first time the picture comes up immediately and more importantly the image is bright enough that I was able to set it up in the middle of the day in a room with windows and the light on.Good quality, bluetooth does not lag.By far the Yaber V8 exceeded all my expectations.You have few pre loaded options to select from.

HgIBre says:

Picture is awesome.The left part of screen and bottom part is not even projecting.They will make sure your experience is awesome.If you’re looking for a great projector that won’t break the bank this is it.In the description you’ll see that you have to set the ROKU’s audio settings to standard settings because Dolby audio’s not supported.Compare to v7.If you are looking for a high quality projector with high quality sound, this is the one! I set it on top of my bed frame and faces a blank wall and it just makes everything easier to get watch TV.You have to play with the controls to your likings.Very clear picture day or night! I currently use it in my garage with sunlight and picture is still high quality.El tamaño de su sensor y la luz interior hacen una reproducción muy buena en FULL HD, he probado el UHD y también consigue reproducirlo.I tried to connect to different input through WiFi, Hdmi.Su wifi que es de doble banda, va muy bien para compartir contenido multimedia desde nuestro movil, no veo ademas que haya mucho delay en la imagen-sonido.

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