XIAOYA W5 Native 720P Mini Movie Projector with HiFi Speaker 4000 Lumen Video Projector Support 1080P Display for Home Theater EntertainmentCompatible with HDMI SD AV VGA USB Review

By | April 19, 2020

XIAOYA W5 Native 720P Mini Movie Projector with HiFi Speaker 4000 Lumen Video Projector Support 1080P Display for Home Theater EntertainmentCompatible with HDMI SD AV VGA USB Specs and Product Review

✔New Advanced Brightening Technology: The XIAOYA W5 (Native 1280x720P pixel) portable projector is equipped with a 4000 lumen LED light. This ensures the image on the screen is projected clearly with strong, vibrant colors. It can also be used for business PowerPoints and other office presentations, giving you a higher quality display in a relatively dark environment compared to other 720P projectors. ✔ Hi-Fi Sound Chamber:The projector’s HIFI stereo speaker provides a premium audio experience by delivering clear, powerful sound.It is perfect for home movie entertainment. ✔ Multimedia Projector: The projector is equipped with multiple digital connection options (HDMI/VGA/AV/USB). This makes it easy to connect your devices, such as your PC, laptop, Iphones and other smartphones and more. Our projector is also compatible with TV Sticks and Chromecast to enjoy high quality viewing. ✔ Low Noise and Long Lamp life: This mini projector comes with a reduced-noise fan which can lower the noise by half compared with other projectors. Our improved technology extends the life of LED lamp to a maximum of 60000 hours even when using it outdoors. ✔Support Ceiling Mount and Tripod: XIAOYA W5 overhead projector also supports ceiling installation and tripod mounting. There are 4 holes on the bottom of the overhead projector and it can be mounted to ceiling.
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3 thoughts on “XIAOYA W5 Native 720P Mini Movie Projector with HiFi Speaker 4000 Lumen Video Projector Support 1080P Display for Home Theater EntertainmentCompatible with HDMI SD AV VGA USB Review”

hqArm says:

For the price, this Xiaoya 720P does a great job on many fronts:1 – Most importantly, the image is crisp, bright and with good colors2 – A good lineup of connectivity options: 2 HDMIs, USB, VGA, A/V in, Aux/Audio out, and SD Card slot3 – The single Speaker on the back is very good, but we’ll use a separate Audio System4 – Versatile remote is aided by 2 IR sensors on the projector, front and back5 – Can be used for Front-Rear or Ceiling setup – For best image, brightness and focus, position it such that the Keystone dial is in its middle/neutral state.It is also the clearest picture even suitable for presentations.There are a bunch of connection options .Unlike most of the lower cost projectors, this one actually projects in full 720p.I also go based of reviews and I took a leap of faith being that many also included a video.You can even adjust the angle the picture is projected at.I am surprised that for the price, the image quality is way over my expectations.It also has multiple connection options, such as HDMI, USB, and VGA, which makes it easy to connect to different kinds of devices.The picture is very clear and looks great! The set up was about a 45 min job.Been trying to use a big screen all my life to catch up with tech, but the price seem unbearable.This was far better then I thought it would be when i purchased it.However, it’s performance so great.I must say the quality of the product is superb.Highly recommended if you’re in the market for one! Great quilty for the price.Let’s just say movie night has been taken to new heights at my residence.Watch the review you’ll see what I mean.The XIAOYA 720P mini procjector is awesome! The look and feel of it is great.We use 2000 ansi lumen projectors in classroom that are muck brighter than this.I used several projectors at work place but this one is my first that I bought for my personal use and I am glad I did.

zlfhm says:

It’s crisp and bright and very easy to focus.I didn’t want to invest a fortune in it because it was just for the house not office so after going through reviews I settled for this .Comes with the standard cables and a remote controller.As for the cooling fan, I literally can’t hear it unless my ear is on it, even with the thing muted.We do everything with it, from playing on PS4, Xbox, watching movies to using the internet and we project it straight to our white wall! The sound quality is perfect for my 13 x20 open living room.In the end I am happy with this purchase and would recommend it.Everything works, build is good.Only thing to note is you’re not using this with your lights on and it runs a little loud so keep it in a location where it won’t disturb you.The picture quality was jaw dropping when projected to screen.I bought to turn basement into a theatre room.The volume is sufficient but haven’t tried connecting speakers and not sure if it’s possible.At it’s current price, don’t buy it, pay a little more for a 1080p native that has better overall quality.Mp4 is NO and AVI played first 15 seconds then just sound.As to be expected with a projector, the fan always runs while it’s on.Can’t imagine getting anything better for this price.Superb picture quality! Just hooked up an Amazon Firetv stick and connected to bose speakers.While you can’t expect the performance of projectors costing five, ten, or more times the price of this one, you definietly get more than your money’s worth.Very impressive with it’s build-in HIFI stereo speaker, Powerful yet clear sound quality which provided a good home movie experience.Most in this price range are 480p despite being able to take in a 1080p signal.

ggjMxs says:

He can see clearly even during the day and hasn’t complained once.Got this to my bedroom to watch something when we are lying down on bed.It’s user friendly, out of the box easy to use.I tried unplugging it.I finally got to see it on a big screen without needing a tv.I was very satisfied with it.The accidental installation was very simple.even after expanding to a 100 inch image.It’s a simple plug and play setup and you can use anything that is attachable with hdmi, usb and memory card.First of all, his appearance is very beautiful, I like its color very much, his remote control is very small, and very convenient.Got this for my 16 year old who loves to entertain.The display is very clear, bright and sharp.Product is amazing quality full 720p resolution.Nice clear projection with easy set up.I was expecting a perfectly adequate mid-range projector; and honestly my expectations were exceeded.After I figured that out it worked like a charm.Great short throw distance.[/review6]<!– .

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