XGIMI Halo+ 1080P Portable Projector 900 ANSI Lumens with Harman Kardon Speakers Auto Keystone Correction Auto Focus Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance Intelligent Screen Alignment Android TV 10.0 Reviews

XGIMI Halo+ 1080P Portable Projector 900 ANSI Lumens with Harman Kardon Speakers Auto Keystone Correction Auto Focus Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance Intelligent Screen Alignment Android TV 10.0 Reviews and Specs

  • 1080P Super-Bright Image: 1920×1080 FHD picture complimented with LED-powered hyper-focused 900 ANSI lumens (4K content also supported).
  • Fully Portable: Equipped with a 59.454Wh built-in battery and minimalist design, providing 2.5hrs of big-screen entertainment anywhere, anytime.
  • Intelligent Screen Adaption: Our industry-leading Intelligent Screen Adaption(ISA) technology simplifies usability and setup. Halo+ boots up and perfectly adjusts your display in seconds thanks to its Auto Keystone Correction, AI Object Avoidance, Autofocus, and Intelligent Screen Alignment.
  • Android TV 10.0: Android TV + Google Play provides seamless access to 5000+ apps like Disney+, HBO Max, and Prime Video. Regardless if you’re binge-watching the latest show or adventuring outdoors, Halo+ was built to entertain.
  • 2 x 5W Harman Kardon Speakers: Halo+ emits clean, distortion-free Hi-Fi sound with ample bass response. Also compatible with Dolby Audio, DTS-HD/Studio, and Bluetooth 5.0.

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  • UPDATE**
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3 thoughts on “XGIMI Halo+ 1080P Portable Projector 900 ANSI Lumens with Harman Kardon Speakers Auto Keystone Correction Auto Focus Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance Intelligent Screen Alignment Android TV 10.0 Reviews”

gwtMz says:

Either way they are both up there in price.The colors are spectacular.When I browsed the Nytimes the Halo+ catched my eye immediately.I got the case and makes it so easy to carry.It’s as high of quality as any Samsung or quality brand.I can’t wait to see it on a projector screen outside at night.The built-in youtube and Netflix and other apps certainly made me enjoy my family movie night! I have compared different TVs and projectors, and eventually decided that this is the one! Highly recommend it! After downsizing my home post-divorce and living in a smaller space for about a year, I decided that I wanted to pick up either a TV or get a small projector for my bedroom to watch TV, play some casual video games and potentially take it with me on camping trips.Although the auto keystone feature doesn’t quite work well like they advertise.No issues with picture quality and the auto/manual keystone adjustments.So she did a little more research and we decided on this one.I thought this would fix things and adjust to the living area that I am in.the sound is awesome too.I got a new device & the auto keystone works great now.The speaker is clear really good sound but a little on the softer side. Works great This is a great projector! The picture quality is incredibly crisp.

VBPzg says:

I bought about 4 different ones. Unit sent to me was used.Portable and easy to use and setup thanks Android TV product is okay, but not having an officially supported netflix app makes it look very amateur.YouTube and system has other’s user name logged in.Sits for a few weeks in between use and battery is totally dead.The next part is the worst thing about the projector.Always comes was off.Really amazing product from a great company Do not buy this trash! It’s not clear at all, cheap maker My wife is a teacher and she got this to help her out at school but it was way disappointing.I use the product to watch movie..Works well with iPhone.We’ve had 5 portable projectors now and this is pretty amazing! The video quality is better than the others, even when projected large on a blank wall.

gcFxvB says:

I will be returning as it was NOT clear in product description that this still does not support Netflix.post-content –> <use xlink:href="http://2azap.My only caveat is, I’ve tried this model and the upgraded Halo and you really do need a dark room for this to work properly.The system is not too much heavy.The reviews said it has a nice built in speaker, and admittedly I have never owned a projector before this one, but it lacks bass.For anyone who worked with a crappy business projector this thing will blow your mind.I have been able to compare it with the Anker Nebula Capsule, Nebula Mars, Samsung Freestyle, BenQ GV30, and Viewsonic M1.

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