WiFi Projector with 100’’ Projector Screen 7500Lux Projector for Outdoor Movies 1080P Full HD Supported Mini Portable Projector Compatible with Smartphone TV Stick HDMI USB AV AUX Reviews

WiFi Projector with 100’’ Projector Screen 7500Lux Projector for Outdoor Movies 1080P Full HD Supported Mini Portable Projector Compatible with Smartphone TV Stick HDMI USB AV AUX Product Review

  • 🏡【Higher Brightness】Equipped with 7500 Lux LED light source and 1080P Full HD enhanced technology, this HD projector is the perfect solution to your home theater night and you will get higher brightness viewing experience.
  • 🏡【Convinet WiFi Connection】 Compared to other WiFi projectors, we have simplified the WiFi connection steps and equipped with the latest WiFi technology, making it more friendly and stable to user. Additionally, you can also use the original manufacturer USB charging cable to synchronize your Android and iOS intelligent devices, and there is no need to buy additional cables.
  • 🏡【Outdoor Projector and Screen Packages】The package comes with a customized and limited 100 inch projection screen. You are able to set up your own home theater freely and watch movies, TV shows and photos, slides and play video games anywhere. This portable, foldable, anti-wrinkle and easy to wash 100 inch projection screen is larger than others, which ensures larger viewing angle and more picture detail.
  • 🏡【All Needed Compatibility and Application】 Equipped with HDMI, VGA, AV, USB interfaces, the projector is compatible with TV Box, TV Stick, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, USB Flash Drive, players. It’s supposed to apply to many environment—Home Theater, Video Game, Party. You can use it for small meetings in a dark room, but it is not a professional office projector for PPT or text. As for copyright, some videos (such as Netflix) can’t be played via phone connection (wifi or usb).
  • 🏡【Better Sound & Lower Noise】The innovative and efficient cooling system empowers a stunning watching and listening experience by decreasing 80% fan noise, a unique dual built-in speakers system, offering excellent loud sound quality without connecting to an external speaker. This is in addition to the easy to adjustable focus and keystone correction function.

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16 Feet Inflatable Movie Screen Outdoor Inflatable Projector Screen with Blower Carry Bag – Supports Front Rear Projection Blow Up Screen for Backyard Movie Night Pool Party Review

  • Nice sturdy fabric and quality item
  • I purchased this screen for a recent graduation celebration and was very pleased with the product
  • The only thing I didn’t like was where the blower goes into the base they have a extra material to tie it off
  • Make sure to take care of this
  • Unfortunately I did not notice before purchase that it says the blower must stay on all the time when in use

OUTTOY 16 Feet Inflatable Projector Screens Inflatable Movie Screen Outdoor Blow Up Movie Screens Supports Front Rear Projection Review

  • I’ve had an outdoor movie setup for awhile but, we rarely used it because my screen was such a pain to set up and take down
  • Definitely is easy to assemble
  • A definite hit with the neighborhood kids! Great projector screen
  • Purchased for use outdoors
  • We ordered the 16ft one for our churchs movie night at the park! It is big, and easy to set up
  • Easy to set-up
  • Is an ok product, the screen area ( white part where you watch the movie) measures 8 ft ( diagonal) not 11 ft as described; screen is made of a thin fabric so wrinkles will disappear with a bit of steam, very easy to put together, not heavy at all, material is on the thin side
  • This was very easy to setup

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  • Very nice Inflatable theater screen, but doesn’t have tie down rings on bottom front
  • Used this screen 09/10/22 and it was a HIT I absolutely love this screen
  • I was finally able to use this at my event last night
  • This screen is huge! It blows up like a bounce house
  • This thing is awesome we used it at our campground and people watched from both sides
  • I used this initially as a Halloween backdrop to project to
  • The screen isn’t made out of material that prevents creases so right out of the box it was full of creases and wrinkles

TONKOUM 20ft Inflatable Blow up Movie Projector Screen – Includes Inflation Fan Tie-Downs Storage Bag- Great for Outdoor Party Backyard Pool Fun (20 feet) Review

  • Fan quit working in the first 20 minutes of running, looked used coming out of the box
  • Very hard to assemble
  • omg I must say this is actually bigger than I thought, I new it would be big but it’s actually huge and wide
  • Like its size and ease of setup
  • This screen is HUGE!! We got this for our toddlers birthday party and it was amazing for a backyard projector set up

17 Feet Inflatable Outdoor Indoor Theater Projector Screen – Includes Inflation Fan Tie-Downs Storage Bag – Only Supports Front Projection Review

  • The inflatable and screen are good quality, but do yourself a favor and get some metal stakes, especially if you have clay soil
  • We’ve used this one late summer/early fall and it’s held up well
  • Motor isn’t too loud
  • It’s nice to use outdoors, although it is a little loud
  • Very easy to assemble

3 thoughts on “WiFi Projector with 100’’ Projector Screen 7500Lux Projector for Outdoor Movies 1080P Full HD Supported Mini Portable Projector Compatible with Smartphone TV Stick HDMI USB AV AUX Reviews”

QUfJC says:

I doubled as a second monitor for multi-tasking, presentation, movies, and I even use it to project onto my window for Halloween decorations and videos! Seems to be good quality, doesn’t get super hot and the ventilation cools efficiently, though I did use a small personal fan to pull heat away from the case.Used the enclosed screen to watch a movie outside by our fire pit.Love that it came with a screen cloth! My kids enjoyed it very much! Very happy with this purchase! The projector came earlier than expected.No issues.Well, with a busy summer we didn’t get to setting this up until a little over a month later, and guess what it doesn’t even work!! And it’s to late to return it!! Plugged it in and hit the on button and nothing happens. Took this “camping” with the kids and set up for an outdoor viewing of Moana while at the beach.If you do this just remember to go into settings and flip the image so it’s not upside down.If you happen to have LED lights in the same area as this projector, beware that the remote works on the same frequency.The reviews make it sound tough”. Picture is good for what I paid for.The picture is smooth and with a little tweaking can really come to life.I bought a fixed screen and haven’t used the screen that came with the projector.

XYGbE says:

Overall, a good buy for the buck.I appreciate that thank you Overall the projector has great options and for its price point, I highly recommend it.Best buy from amazon I have ever did.Update: they reached out to me and gave me a full refund, customer service was amazing! Thank you for your help.In the picture I posted, the screen shot is 6ftx9ft approximately.It cannot be hooked up to any kind of speaker.El vendedor es atento y muy honesto en el servicio de atención al cliente.I thought I should have more control of the size of the picture.We bought this thinking few movies in the yard during the summer with the kids.This projector has been perfect! It’s so easy to use.I emailed them and they emailed me back and made things right.Given the price it is adequate, but was very disappointed in the quality of the projection.It’s so much fun to have outdoor movie nights in our back yard! The projector is easy to set up and only took about 5 minutes to get it all hooked up and running.

nRKVFi says:

It’s so much fun to have outdoor movie nights in our back yard! The projector is easy to set up and only took about 5 minutes to get it all hooked up and running.Over all I think the product is amazing! Def a 5 out of 5 rating and would recommend to anybody so easy to navigate! This was easy to use, but I found it to be on the loud side.The projector and the iPad are both on my home network.I like that I can move it from room to room..The Picture is perfect both enlarged and small and boots up quick and easy.Easy to use Picture quality, the brightness level impressed me this is one of the best investments I have made in video equipment for under a 100 dollars.Definitely recommend this projector.Otherwise I’m pleased. Great for its price.I didn’t know the brand and it seemed too low a price for what you get.Neither would it play an SD card.

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