WiFi Bluetooth Projector Built in DVD Player MINLOVE 1080P Supported Portable DVD Projector Mini Video Movie Projector for Outdoor Zoom & Sleep Timer Support Compatible Review

WiFi Bluetooth Projector Built in DVD Player MINLOVE 1080P Supported Portable DVD Projector Mini Video Movie Projector for Outdoor Zoom & Sleep Timer Support Compatible with TV/HDMI/VGA/AV/USB/TF Specs and Reviews

  • 【DVD Player & Stereo Speaker】Built-in DVD projector can play disc without external DVD drive. What’s more, this mini projector is equipped with stereo speakers, offering you excellent loud sound quality. You can also connect it to external speakers through Bluetooth to meet your different demands.
  • 【 WiFi & Airplay & Screen Mirroring】MINLOVE projector supports iOS and Android system. With a WiFi router, “Airplay” function and “Screen Mirroring” function is convenient for playing a movie from you mobile phone, tablet or Mac.
  • 【Upgrade 8000 Lumen Projector】MINLOVE projector supports 1920×1080 resolution, contrast ratio 10000:1, with 250 Max HD projection screen and 4-14ft premium projection distance, which presents you a real, dynamic and color vibrant projection image quality.
  • 【Multiple Devices Connection】1080p projector is equipped with rich ports, which include 2HDMI, USB, AV, VGA, Micro SD Card. It can be compatible with TV Box, Chromebook, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Blue-ray DVD player, SD Card, USB Flash Drive, Video Games, Media players (Music, Pictures, Video, TXT), Smartphones.
  • 【Suitable Size】Mini projector is small and light, portable design makes it easy to be carried in bag. You can enjoy private cinema at home, or take it outdoor when you travel. Fantastic movie projector for bedroom, living room, camping and so on.

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  • UPDATE**
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  • We put this in our sunroom and we enjoy it while we use the hot tub
  • I really like having some light in the room to fall asleep to, so I thought this would be a great addition to set a peaceful mood to pass out to

3 thoughts on “WiFi Bluetooth Projector Built in DVD Player MINLOVE 1080P Supported Portable DVD Projector Mini Video Movie Projector for Outdoor Zoom & Sleep Timer Support Compatible Review”

oGHPb says:

Connected it to a Roku stick with the HDMI cable, and had it up and running in less than 10 minutes.The carrying case is durable and has lots of compartments.After installation, it started to use it, and when using the phone to cast the screen is quite smooth, audio and video synchronization.My daughter no longer use iPad to watch cartoon,she likes the projector.Great for small or large spaces.Able to short throw.Able to connect phone and computer.Light in equipment and excellent in projection effect.Have mixed feelings out the gate.Volume control was tuned all the way up.And it’s really portable and very easy to operate.I had been looking replace one of our old projectors cause it was starting to have issues and I ended up buying this one as a replacement.The picture was very clear and it was easy to set up.Picture and sound is good, we love using this outdoors I love the product.

LKNjD says:

The manual’s translation to English was poorly done and sometimes hard to understand.Once dark it was pretty bright.I will update my review if there is any changes.The brightness is dim, but on par with other units in this price range.Easy to use and quick bluetooth and wireless connection.Once it was all in place we turned it on and the picture quality was poor, we tried moving it all different ways and adjusting every way we could, nothing helped.I picked this one for two reasons, the adjustable tripod and the fact it will play CD’s.The video and sound quality are pretty good; It is easy to cast anything from your phone or laptop.I like not having a TV in my room so it’s nice to have the small projector/DVD player.It has multiple ports like 2 HDMI, USB, VGA and AV and macro SD card. It is bright the quality is great and it is easy to use I use the mini love on a fence in the back yard for movie night and the games .I literally spent 3 hours trying to figure it out.Very bright and vibrant.Great picture indoor and outdoor.

aEVtVb says:

Great picture indoor and outdoor.It has a lot of nice features that makes the price decent.The stand makes pointing at targets very easy.However, it does have its moments with YouTube videos on it.Like every thing else Worth the price You definitely cant use sound on this thing because even at highest I can barely hear it.Remote tested and used with no issues at twenty-five from projector.If I used a firestick I had both sound and picture, but sound was so low I couldn’t hear it.I love that we can play our old DVD’s on it as there are so many our kids have never seen.I am very disappointed, not sure how people are rating this as excellent.This thing is awesome.Also, the speakers worked fine initially, but now it cracks in between the video.You can play DVDs, connect to it as an Airplay or Android casting device, plug in HDMI items, USB, RCA, or MicroSD cards to boot. This projector works well.Pros:–Portable–Plays DVDs –Multiple HDMI inputs–Bright – was testing during the day with the curtains closed and could easily see the picture–Can mount upside down–Nice tripod for keeping level and adjusting angle–Lens cover–Came with HDMI and AV cables–Remote works wellCons:–Could never get my phone to project using screen mirroring, even though I got the projector onto WiFi.For that I think this is going to work perfect.Brightness is average, has same options as others.

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