VIVIMAGE Cinemoon 580 Projector1080P Supported 4000 Lux High Brightness Video Projector with 200" Projection Size Includes HDMI Cable Reviews

By | March 26, 2020

VIVIMAGE Cinemoon 580 Projector1080P Supported 4000 Lux High Brightness Video Projector with 200" Projection Size Includes HDMI Cable Specs and Review

【Enjoy Awesome Visual Experience】 ViviMage C580 Movie Outdoor Projector provides awesome visual experience. 1280 X 800 native resolution is suitable for professional use and provides +80% brightness than ordinary projector. MStar Advanced Color Engine provides contrast of 4000:1. Great choice as home cinema for movie nights for the outstanding projection outcome. 【More Projection Possibilities】 Display size varies from 44”to 200”, ViviMage C580 projector with projection distance of 1.5m to 5.6m. Keystone and Focus ring are manually adjustable. More projection possibilities of C580 projector with ceiling mount hole on the bottom. 【Large Scale of Compatibilities】The projector compatible with the latest multimedia devices including but not limited to: smartphones, tablets, laptops, Amazon Fire TV stick, and PS4. 【Upgraded Features 】 ViviMage C580 projector with dual stereo speaker provides excellent audio support and decent audiovisual effects. Upgraded cooling system optimizes the heat dispersion. Robust lamp extends its life span up to 60,000 hours. 【3-Year Warranty & Professional Support】3-year warranty and full refund if any dissatisfaction. Dedicated customer service and professional technical support.
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3 thoughts on “VIVIMAGE Cinemoon 580 Projector1080P Supported 4000 Lux High Brightness Video Projector with 200" Projection Size Includes HDMI Cable Reviews”

sDhVK says:

This will work in dim sitting with some light on as well as Outdoors after sunset.I set it up without using the manual.Ordered Prime and got it the next day! Bought it to give PowerPoint presentation with 100+ pictures.Great little projector for home use.The kind of brightness and Contrast Ratio this projector is having, it is quite unbelievable to see.The in built speakers are very loud.First full blown projector for me and I am very pleased, I’m not an a/v specialist but-the picture and detail looks superb on my 120″ white PVC screen.I can honestly say that this projector did not disappoint, it has such a crisp picture when connecting to my laptop irrespective of the lighting.It’s not described very well, and added some time to my install.The setup is very trivial: just plug in hdmi cable in your device, and 90% of the work is done.Plenty of options to mess with the picture and focus.The fit and finish is great and the metal piece that is on top looks really sharp.This is by far his favorite! He watches movie and plays games on it all day.We used a lense cloth to clean it, thought we saw some improvement, carried on with our lives.The projector has plenty of inputs so you’ve got lots of ways to connect to the device.I wasnt convinced i would find good quality for such a cheap price.Of it’s competitors it was competitively priced with 3800 lumens brightness, rated at 60000 hours and 3 year warranty, which is much longer than competitors.The unit weighs in at around 6 lbs.

aipfg says:

Mine showed a black spot in the middle of the screen.This is a very simple and easy to use adjustment.Been waiting a week now, so I’ll return it while I can.Have been using it for a few months now and enjoying every movie.I did my research of options;* Rent a projector which was close to $100 a day.The instructions for this projector aren’t up to standard English so initially I was a bit hesitant with the product.But the fan is loud and worst of all, every ten seconds or so the image kind of stutters, like it’s going to a lower frame rate, or having trouble upscaling from a 1080p signal.I also play movies from a Blue Ray player and it has the same issues.on the sides.When watching TV on the computer, it is looking at the light source.I read an informative review about it and decided to give it a try.We’ve had a lot of fun watching outside movies with this projector this summer! Projects great onto a king sized sheet hung on the side of our garage.This projector produces the wow factor that everyone is looking for.It was nice while it last, but for the money and time lasted, certainly not worth it.I installed a projector shelf at the top of the room.Otherwise, this is an amazing projector for the money.I have a $600 projector , whose bulb replacement alone cost 3x more than this device is only slightly better and not worth putting hours on the bulb for holiday usage.Using a small electric guitar amp for bigger sound when outdoors since the speakers come up a little short for outdoor use.Optics are much bigger and operate smoothly.

BINowN says:

I had to be skeptical.The price is really buyer friendly.Probably the best projector on amazon in the over $150 , under $300 range.I am using it with Bose speakers and Fire stick, both were easy to setup.I was pleased with other projector but it only lasted a year.Last projector I had wouldnt go flat at the angle I have.The first one failed after just a few uses.The projector’s projection makes bigger, bright screen and beautiful image.The picture quality is great and bright.You do need to draw blinds to make sure its view-able when the sun is shining.This projector works out very well.Así que, por lo que cuesta estoy contento.It comes with HDMI cable provided so can be connected to any modern computer.I plan to use it outside at night for my sons birthday party and I have no doubt it’ll do well.My only complaint is that the keystone alignment on this projector would not get completely square in my set up.It feels durable and while it is not small/lightweight enough to slip into a purse or anything, it’s no problem carrying it around.

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