VIVIBRIGHT f40 Native 1080P Projector 4200White LED Light 300" Display Full HD Home Theater Projector HiFi Class Speaker with SPDIF Compatible with TV Stick PS4 Xbox HDMI SPDIF USB AV Reviews

By | March 27, 2020

VIVIBRIGHT f40 Native 1080P Projector 4200White LED Light 300" Display Full HD Home Theater Projector HiFi Class Speaker with SPDIF Compatible with TV Stick PS4 Xbox HDMI SPDIF USB AV Reviews and Specs

[Full HD 1080P Native Resolution]: 2019 New upgraded LED projector provides standard 1920/horizontal and 1080/vertical native physical pixels, 15,000:1 contrast ratio, matches the best sound quality, as well as true color LCD panels. [Up to 97% More Bright]: With 4200 Lumens LED white light, this movie projector offers vivid and bright colors even in daylight enviroments, up to 300″ big screen, ideal for gaming, home or outdoor theater, video projector and PPT presentations. [SPDIF for HiFi Sound Quality]: The 1080P projector with 2xUSB ports, HDMI, Audio out interface and 2xIR receiver is compatible with most of devices. Professional SPDIF out interface and 2 built-in 10w chamber stereo speakers offers you amazing HiFi experience. This projector doesn’t support the Dolby, Please switch off the Dolby of device connected,or will be no sound. [Respond Quickly & Smoothly]: Equipped with BOP-dependent 1080P LCD panels, our projector is quicker than most smart TVs and there is no lamp warming up time needed, perfect for a game projector. [3 Years Warranty]: Our HDMI projector with longer lifespan LED lamps(exceed 50,000 hours ) is guaranteed for 3 years, if you have any problem, please feel free to contact us. We offer 7/24H friendly customer service.
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3 thoughts on “VIVIBRIGHT f40 Native 1080P Projector 4200White LED Light 300" Display Full HD Home Theater Projector HiFi Class Speaker with SPDIF Compatible with TV Stick PS4 Xbox HDMI SPDIF USB AV Reviews”

RZPkC says:

I am just reviewing it as a household stand point.Ive always trusted the vivibright brand, and knew that by going with them for this new product would be legit…already had a family outdoor night, and cant wait to use this every night going forward.This is not for full-on home theater enthusiasts that need 4K or a plethora of connectivity options – this is an entry level budget project, so keep that in mind as you read my review.And after I use it for a while, I would say, it does meet all my requirements.The projector its self looks quite nice, It does come with a nice setup guide for those who need that sort of thing.Build quality is superb.I had been looking for a good replacement for a standard tv but with a big picture and I’m so glad I found VIVIBRIGHT!1.This thing is so easy to use! Plug it in, use the remote, turn it on, and adjust the resolution using a simple wheel to get the correct sharpness – it has another wheel to correct the screen shape.The quality of video – clarity, brightness, sharpness – is very good.I’ve purchased electronics on Amazon in the past where performance or features die on me after a few weeks of use.Let me tell you that this is well worth the money because the quality is almost close to perfect.Using this projector outdoors, it is watchable even before the sun need to put two triple A batteries into the remote.There’s nothing like playing your favorite game on 100 inch screen.I was afraid it wouldn’t be nice or it wouldn’t look good.We Used it on a family gathering and everyone was very pleased by how great sound effect it had and the foucos it had.I bought the vivibright f40 after I had spent ages looking at several different similarly priced units.The lumens on the box said around 4,000 lumens, but it’s more like 2,000.Actually, as the brand name says, it’s good with the brightness.Once you connect it and start it up you will not get any sound if you are using it with ANY DEVICE THAT USING A HDMI!!! You will need to go to the setting and change the audio to stereo.

lkoky says:

This one is an upgrade.The back has a aux port so if your not into the speakers or watching at night you could easily plug in headphones.The amount of lens shift this projector has is great for placement flexibility.The projector also came with an HDMI cable so we just need to plug it in our laptop.First off let me tell you I was a bit skeptical with purchasing this item as I had never heard of this brand and wasn’t sure if it was worth investing in.I would much rather it had a fine tune adjustment.The whole package includes a bag, projector, power wire, and a remote controller.Finally, I chose this one for its unique appearance and native 1080p resolution.The picture quality is bright and clear.I actually really dig the light or shape or whatever you wanna call it on the top of the body.Can use it to display the movie on a wall, screen or even one of those inflatable screens for outdoors.But this projector really has me pleased for several reasons, the first and most important is that the quality of the image is really good, it has an excellent resolution and a fantastic brightness.The build quality was really good, made from hard ABS plastic, relatively light weight and portable.I’ve this projector over one month, so I try to tell something about it after I used it.– Good picture quality for the price paid.We easily plugged our fire stick into the USB slot for power and the hdmi slot for picture.The port design makes it very easy to manage my cables from the back and the remote that comes with the projector lets me put it anywhere I want in the room.The picture quality just blows me away.It only needs a projecting wire to connect to my phone/iPad.It is a full HD projector which is ideal for homes.

mwEyMR says:

.The picture Quality is amazing it’s literally like having a movie theatre in your own home.The picture quality is fantastic and was surprised when I first turned it on.Yet when I try to play them directly from the Projector Speakers , or plugging in a sound bar with optical or analog cords… audio doesnt come out.It played the sound during a few movies but for the majority, no sound through the internal projector speakers and through my sound.We use this primarily outside in our backyard for weekend movie nights.I read a few reviews and watched some youtubers complain about blurry edges, mine produced a sharp image corner to corner .Quickly and well packaged.Here is my review after having the projector for just under 3 monthsPro’s1.It was very easy to set up, the focus and alignment also can be adjusted.If you find that the picture isn’t aligned correctly, the little turn knob that’s supposed to straighten up the picture hardly does anything.Tried using it for a six person meeting in a hotel room.We set it up right away and learned that the speaker is indeed loud enough but the screen brightness isn’t quite enough for a sunny day.It has a great quality picture.And Instructions are so clear .My main gripe is the bright green light on the top of the projector.Added soundbar to audio output jack.This projector works great even in ambient light and also give you a clear picture.The unit itself works flawlessly and very user friendly.For the price it is amazing and it comes with an amazing carrying case so you can bring it to your friends house.

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