VIMGO 5G WiFi Projector 9700LUX Native 1080P Projector 220” Display Video Projector w Tripod Portable Outdoor Projector for TV Stick Video GamesHDMI/USB/AV/PS5 iOS Android Smartphone Synchronize Reviews

VIMGO 5G WiFi Projector 9700LUX Native 1080P Projector 220” Display Video Projector w Tripod Portable Outdoor Projector for TV Stick Video GamesHDMI/USB/AV/PS5 iOS Android Smartphone Synchronize Key Specs and Product Reviews

  • NATIVE 1080P FULL HD & 8500LUX BRIGHTNESS – Vimgo Native 1080p Full Hd Projector Delivers Movies, Video Games, Sports, And More To Life In A Stunning Viewing Experience With Crystal Clear Images. Vimgo Wifi Projector Gives The Best Performance When Connecting A Tv Stick To The Projector Via Hdmi Port, Which Offers You An Unprecedented Visual Feast.
  • 5G WIFI SYNCHRONIZE SMARTPHONE SCREEN – Vimgo Venus X2 Wifi Projector Enables Synchronize Smartphone Screen By Breathtaking 2.4g/5g Dual-Band Wifi. The Native 1080p Projector For Outdoor Movies And Home Theater Offers Brilliant True-To-Life Quality From Ios/Android/Window 10, Bringing You Accessibility, Affordability, And No Hassle.
  • PROJECTION SCREEN – Features A Huge Projection Screen, Venus X2 Movie Projector Provides A Screen Size Of 33’’-200’’With Projection Distance Varies From 3.67ft-19.68ft. Exceptional Home Theater Projector Conveys The Truest Color And Imparts The Deepest Feelings Upon The Viewer. You Can Enjoy A Visual Feast While Placing The Mini Projector Flexibly Anywhere!
  • COMPATIBILITY – Vimgo Portable Projector Is Compatible With Multiple Devices, Including Tv Stick, Iphone/Android Smartphone, Ipad, Laptop, Switch, Ps5, Usb, Etc. Pushing Your Viewing Experience To New Heights With Multimedia Connections, The Phone Projector Provides Flexibility To Enjoy Year-Round Indoor And Outdoor Entertainment.

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    3 thoughts on “VIMGO 5G WiFi Projector 9700LUX Native 1080P Projector 220” Display Video Projector w Tripod Portable Outdoor Projector for TV Stick Video GamesHDMI/USB/AV/PS5 iOS Android Smartphone Synchronize Reviews”

    pSYHd says:

    It is a good little projector for the price.Had to he dark tho.Picture quality is great.The provided instructions are clear and easy to use.I bought to show pictures on my iphone to a group and it connects fine but the picture quality is not that of my Phone.I have a Roku hooked up to it and I love the setup.So I haven’t used it since.Another downside is that apps like Netflix don’t allow you to mirror the device or play it on here so I wish there was a way for this device to bypass that 🙁Otherwise YouTube works great and other website browsers, apps are fairly strict as I mentioned.Compatible with streaming devices .No instructions on how to fix this.Though the room is small and the wall that the image is being projected on is next to a window, the images are still of a good quality.There is no zoom functionality so if you already have a room set up this may or may not work.Started right up and picture was solid.

    yEFFL says:

    There is no zoom functionality so if you already have a room set up this may or may not work.I do with I could connect my iPad though.I am happy with the picture quality, things look really sharp.I used it to play some short youtube videos but I will not suggest for movies.when I tried to connect it to my phone to play something it didn’t work at all.I hit the jackpot.When I bought it, I just thought its appearancewas fashionable and small.I also recently discovered that it can be connected to the Switch, which is really useful when friends come to my house for a party game! Love it ! 🙂 i barely watch tv, pulling out my projector is super easy and simple.I took this to camp thinking we could watch movies outside.I needed a solution and this was the perfect fit.It can be connected both iphone and PC.Two things I wish for, one is a longer power cord, to get to the desired angle.Aside from meeting the expectation of a bright and sharp projection, it had also equipped with enough input/output ports when there’s a need for them.The image projection is really big but it allows you to size it up and down so any screen would work with it.With the coupon of $50 off, I liked the price and decided to move ahead with the purchase.

    bAyfHy says:

    If you’re looking for something to throw movies or TV shows up on a cheap screen for your family to enjoy, THIS is your projector.This product so far works wonderfully for me.But, I was disappointed at every turn the first few times I used it.Audio is ok but if you are in a open space or more kids around you need to bring speakers to listen.They seem very honest and dedicated to solving any issue with their product.I though it is better to spend more money to buy a TV when I just watching the online shows and movices.This projector has all the various inputs you could need, and it will also mirror with your source if you want it to.Very disappointed.We use it for an out door movie night, it works great for 5 people on a large portable screen.As it is price , I don’t complain it.The project is very easy to set up.Portability is about the only good thing I can say about this projector.It’s a projector.And it’s easy to figure out the functions, and there are different ways to project the screens, such as HDMI, VGA, USB, and AV Connection, and also works well with screen mirroring with a phone.It is good that I do not have to sit in front of my desk all day anymore! The machine does make a bit of noise, but at about the same level as my laptop, so totally acceptable.I don’t have a screen, but it still projects pretty nicely onto the wall.

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