ViewSonic PX701-4K 4K UHD 3200 Lumens 240Hz 4.2ms Home Theater Projector with HDR Auto Keystone Dual HDMI Sports Netflix Streaming with Dongle on up to 300″ Screen Review

ViewSonic PX701-4K 4K UHD 3200 Lumens 240Hz 4.2ms Home Theater Projector with HDR Auto Keystone Dual HDMI Sports and Netflix Streaming with Dongle on up to 300″ Screen Specs and Product Reviews

  • SUPERSIZED MOVIES AND GAMES: Immersive theater-like colors in True 4K UHD Resolution on a screen up to 300 inches
  • BRIGHT IMAGES IN ANY ENVIRONMENT: With over 3200 ANSI lumens of brightness and a high contrast ratio, the PX701-4K lets you enjoy your movies and shows in bright and dark environments
  • NEXT-LEVEL GAMING: Experience the intensity of gaming on the big screen with 4.2ms low input lag and a magnificent 240Hz refresh rate
  • CINEMATIC COLORS: Revel in the pleasure of colors that pop right off the screen and a wider color gamut with ViewSonic SuperColor Technology and HDR/HGL Support
  • STREAMING SIMPLIFIED: Livestream sporting events straight into your living room, binge shows on Netflix or enjoy the latest movies on Disney+ by adding a dongle (not included)
  • FLEXIBLE SETUP: With a 1.1x optical zoom, anti-warping stabilization and automatic vertical and horizontal keystoning, you can setup your PX701-4K in more places than ever including curved sufaces
  • LONG LAMP LIFE: Reduce power consumption and extend lamp life with SuperEco mode and enjoy up to 20,000 hours of brightness. With an average viewing time of 5 hours a day, that adds up to over 10 years

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  • Poor quality remote and touchpad, but it works
  • Game changer for Cookies!!! I can free had everything but my writing is terrible and it takes a while sometimes to scale things
  • This is my third Aaxa projector, and I like it
  • The picture quality was blocky and the quality was bad
  • I use this projector for cookies
  • Once I finally figured out how to use it has been great
  • Love this! The only problems I have is that the power adapter constantly makes a “hissing” sound and the pico disconnects every few minutes
  • Great product
  • I bought the renewed at orealo distribution, only 50 dollars less than the original price, but with the touch broken and the physical lens twisted so it forces one to use the tripod, I would have preferred to pay only 50 dollars more but have the touch module working and have the lens straightened, I do not know if it’s my idea but the battery is not 100%, if we add the pros and cons of buying it again at 199 dollars to buy it used and defective at 149 dollars, I think it’s definitely worth buying new and zero regrets
  • I wouldn’t use as a stand alone: although it comes pre-loaded with some apps, the touchpad is extremely temperamental

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  • The product came in one day as promised
  • I bought this to trace pictures and it would not stay in focus
  • Bought this for my daughter, was skeptical of what we would end up with
  • I tried this for about 2-3 weeks and wasn’t worth it
  • Got this for sales trips, where mounted projectors are not always available
  • Replaced a much larger InFocus LP335 with this unit which, from an iphone or ipad was nice and bright
  • The projector is so tiny and awesome! It is so easy to carry in a pocket
  • I am sorry to post so negative an evaluation because I think that normally this is a very good projector for its amazing small size
  • Can’t use it with a Google phone, an iPad, a samsung phone
  • This is a great little projector for watching movies; however, I found it a little blurry for presentations

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  • After trying several under $200 projectors and being greatly disappointed with the performance of these, I have went for this one, AAXA P7 Mini Projector
  • Pros: Picture was great (bright and clear)
  • We ordered another, larger, projector that had greater lumens, and was quieter, but it was too large for my purpose, and the throw was too long
  • Received projector would not charge no matter how long it’s connected to the power outlet (kept it plugged in overnight)
  • My son worked over the summer to make some money and one thing he wanted was a projector
  • I really am quite impressed by this little projector
  • I have tried a number of compact projectors for my bedroom and most on the market are dim and low res
  • I received it two days ago and have been testing it
  • I purchased this projector primarily for use in a small planetarium (13 feet across), and it hasn’t disappointed thus far

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  • First of all, this ad should mention that it doesn’t work with Power Point
  • After doing a lot of research and trying out a competitive product, I realized that I’d need to sacrifice some features to stay at the under $200 price point
  • We have been using this projector and bluetooth speaker in our van for 6 months now and love it!
    Knowing that sound is usually an issue with projectors, i was searching and searching for a small projector that would connect to a bluetooth speaker, when I came across the aaxa BP1 speaker and projector in one
  • Works as advertised
  • This is a great projector for the money! Very bright
  • For the price its not bad i guess
  • It’s a good little projector for the price
  • I found the product a little difficult to use even with the included instructions
  • The poor picture quality is what killed the hype for me
  • Do not buy if you have an apple device

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  • This is a tiny but incredible product with a capable Android system onboard
  • This projector is surprising small, it can literally fits in my pocket
  • Es genial y práctico por su tamaño
  • So disappointed it didn’t work and the software on this is a scam
  • $55 max for this pos
  • This is an Amazing Smart Mini Projector at an Affordable Price!! It is super easy to use, compact, and comes with great sound

3 thoughts on “ViewSonic PX701-4K 4K UHD 3200 Lumens 240Hz 4.2ms Home Theater Projector with HDR Auto Keystone Dual HDMI Sports Netflix Streaming with Dongle on up to 300″ Screen Review”

jXeLF says:

I got tired of being able to see the scan lines, plus my old projector was only like 600 lumens so it only worked in basically total darkness.Watch and see for yourself.The focus lever doesn’t move smoothly so takes a few minutes to get it where you want it. I finally decided to buy a projector for hunker-at-home movies during corona times.Doesnt want to power up, at first I thought it could be the bulb. There is a weird whirring when routing sound through this projector.Most functions are self explanatory but I could not get the #$*% wake on hdmi signal to work.5ms.The unit is very bright.Color accuracy is okay, but in HDR mode, there is A LOT of banding.Can be a little loud, I definitely would only use in a windowless room. bought this to replace the optoma udh30 that failed 17 days out of the 1 yr warranty. Clear bright nice upgrade from 1080p benq It doesn’t seem to have ARC, or at least I can’t get it to work.I have a 150” projector screen I mounted the ViewSonic where my mount for the other projector was and it doesn’t fill the screen and I don’t of the room to move back but it’ll work.

EeeYT says:

Image is a huge improvement.After long research I have decided to go for latest and greatest. This is an awesome projector.I don’t have anything to play on it over 60 refresh rate so I can’t tell the advantage of the 240 rate.Got this projector and then had to send it in after contacting support about 3D function not working.Being 1024P, I didn’t want to pay to replace it, didn’t want another 1024P, and didn’t want to spend what 4K projectors cost.solid mounting.The solution was to change the subtitle color to gray or dark gray in VLC and any other video players on PC. Great value for money.Update: the replacement is exactly the same.Even my laptop screen is only 1080p, it outputs 4K to the projector.Perfect for movies and playing exercise games.So that being said the picture is truly mind blowing even with only minor adjustments.When calibrated, colors are good, sharpness is excellent and the response time is truly stunning from a projector.

ZBIYsz says:

When calibrated, colors are good, sharpness is excellent and the response time is truly stunning from a projector.Not recommended.Hasta el momento estoy muy contento con el proyector.Hooked up my google chromecast and able to cast like a TV and use apps. Projector keeps flickering and or flashing colors on the screen.Look at the distance that is needed.It works great for family movie night.The truth is that it doesn’t.Unstable connecting, noisy.I do like it better than the 1080p projector it is replacing which was a decent BenQ 1080p projector.This thing crapped the bed not even 18 hrs after delivery.[/review5][review6] has 2 hot pixels stuck in the center of the screen ruining the image and a loud hissing noise coming from the audio port do not buy this trash Beautiful picture quality despite is not a native 4K, but after one month of using this projector one white dot appears on the screen :(, then after 8 months and 1000 hours the projector shutting down in less of a minute, so at this point is useless, no response back from the customer service.

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