VANKYO Performance V620 Native 1080P Projector with 6000 Lux 200" Display 50000 Hours LED Compatible with TV Stick HDMI X-Box Laptop iPhone Android for Home/Outdoor Entertainment Reviews

By | March 17, 2020

VANKYO Performance V620 Native 1080P Projector with 6000 Lux 200" Display 50000 Hours LED Compatible with TV Stick HDMI X-Box Laptop iPhone Android for Home/Outdoor Entertainment Review

【NATIVE 1080P FULL HD RESOLUTION】With native resolution of 19201080, 6000 Lux and 5000:1 contrast ratio, VANKYO Video Projector provides an ideal image performance for business presentation and home entertainment. It brings 3 times of more details than 480P projectors. 【BIG SCREEN EXPERIENCE】 Up to 200″ projection size with aspect ratio of 16:9/4:3, VANKYO Cinematic Screen Projector offers a projection distance from 5.25ft to 23.29ft. The recommended viewing distance is about 9.84ft with 85” screen. 3 IR receivers design creates a completely new experience for you to remote control. 【THREE IR RECEIVERS】With updated three IR receivers design, Performance V620 projector makes it easy for you to use remote. Compared with other projector just have 2 IR receivers, this projector brings you more choices and conveninece for home entertainment and presentation. 【DUAL SPEAKERS WITH STEREO SOUND】Equipped with advanced built-in Dual Stereo Speakers, VANKYO Projector provides superior sounds. It has an innovative cooling system with heat dispersion, as well as a noise suppression technology which strongly reduces the noise of fans. 【THREE-YEAR & PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT】VANKYO offers 3 months free return for full refund and 3-year free repair, Long life professional customer service & technical support. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us.
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3 thoughts on “VANKYO Performance V620 Native 1080P Projector with 6000 Lux 200" Display 50000 Hours LED Compatible with TV Stick HDMI X-Box Laptop iPhone Android for Home/Outdoor Entertainment Reviews”

ikOGg says:

The Vankyo v620 video resolution quality can stand up with the big name projectors, hands down.I was deciding on Benq HT2050 or Epson Home Cinema 2150 however they were over my budget.The projector works with phone, laptop and TV.The Keystone on it really isnt the best.Easy to use, high-quality picture and low noise.It’s bright enough for use insemi-dark rooms .The color, clarity and contrast were amazing.Carrying case will definitely be useful for me.I knew exactly what I was buying and I knew precisely how I was planning on using the projector– use it in office.This projector is very bright and is not too expensive for me.I have been eyeing projectors for quite some time and was skeptical about which one to buy.Now the remote as most probably say it is lost because it is so small if you don’t keep track of where you put it.UPDATE: Seller has been trying to bribe me with gift cards to change or remove this review.I’ve only tested this projector so far because I still have to install my ceiling mount and electrical outlet in the ceiling.I have never purchased a projector before and was confused on what to get due to the fact there are so many on sale all with different claims etc.The first thing I noticed was that it was professionally packaged and contained cables and everything necessary and even some optional cables.The projector is heavy and bulky compared to other projectors, so this is not a good projector for carrying around.Gaming is actually good.This product absolutely delivers on what it says it will do.When I first set it up , I was blown away at how great the picture quality was.

ltSWr says:

I found Vankyo projector V620 out of my search and This projector is exactly what I was hoping it would be.I set it up immediately without any instructions and noticed that it is actually a very nice projector with a lot of connections (VGA, 2-HDMIs, 2 USBs.After searching for a week, I bought one.End result: if you’ve got reliable dim lighting, external speakers, and don’t mind 100% color accuracy, this native 1080p projector is a no brainer.I tried other projector in similar price range but the quality was very poor and dark pictures.I was a little worried about the day light prior to turning the projector on, no worries now.I would say we just love our buy! We have been using it for almost two weeks now and so far enjoy the experience — the picture quality is true 1080P, sharp and bright enough for most movies/anime , and the sound is decent.First of all, picture quality is amazing for a $200 projector in the dark.Fresh out of the box i was impressed.All the reviews was positive about the projector Vankyo made and eventually I came across the Vankyo V620 .Overall I am satisfied for the quality vs.The picture quality is actually native 1080 and it look good even in a room that is fairly well with light on .The increased resolution and brightness are great.every projector I’ve seen on the internet at a decent price was 1080p supported.I bought it for outdoor movie nights with my kids but it’s too cold for that right now so I set it up in my bedroom for a few minutes just to test it.I have read reviews and some pointed out that the light output is simply below par.Native 1080p was a must, and a bright lamp was necessary to stand up to the glow of the moon and the firepit.Two things that would make it better.Tried getting a projector with a lot of lumens to get a good pic during daytime.

moMcvL says:

We are movie lover.Projectors like the Vankyo V620 are going to put the other goons out of business.Were projecting about 12 ft across the room from a ceiling mount and are happy with the picture quality.worth the money.Ultimately I really liked the Vankyo v620 because of the brightness and clarity it projected.But fortunately few weeks back 620 got released.The is no blurring around the edges, just crisp output.It is easy to setup and easy to use.The sound is weak on the low freq.The included case is convenient for transportation; it does not offer a great deal of protection.The native 1080p panel, along with high quality projection lens makes for a surprisingly sharp picture.I was watching True Lies within 5 minutes of opening the box.Set up is very easy and you can connect to hdmi device.– Perfect for gaming 🙂– Light Weight equipmentCons– Details closer to 4 corners are lost , this is more prominent/visible when you mirror your laptop , this is not be a problem if you are watching a movie/video or playing a game.If you want to see the screen clearly while ambient lights are turned on in the same room, this did the trick for me… and at a great price!I was using a Vankyo Leisure 410, set @ 120″ screen size in my workshop for the past year or so.The lens came dusty but it was easy to clean with a Q tip.Las conexiones que trae son optimas y funciono bien con Chromecast.I googled for a week and YouTubed which projector would be in the best interest for me , having to be owned a 120 inch we are watch movie better than movie theater because we are lying in bed ,you can try that feeling ![/review5][review6] I bought the Vankyo V620 to replace my Xgimi z4 Aurora that lasted about two years.The bottom right corner/top corner was not square; so it did not fit my screen.

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