Upgraded 7500Lumens Outdoor Projector with 100″ Projector Screen- Full HD 1080P Supported Portable Mini Projector Compatible with HDMI USB AV TF VGA Smartphones TV Stick PS4 DVD Player Review

Upgraded 7500Lumens Outdoor Projector with 100″ Projector Screen- Full HD 1080P Supported Portable Mini Projector Compatible with HDMI USB AV TF VGA Smartphones TV Stick PS4 DVD Player Review and Specs

  • Your Home Theater That our Upgraded 7500Lumens Video Projector Can Offer: You can enjoy the happiness movie night or play video games with your family even for the dark display projections. Our 5 layer LCD display can assure you to get a fidelity projection color and effect as they can adjust the brightness and contrast ratio of each color channel.
  • Get You to Enjoy the Real Home Theater Stereo Sound: Our our dual built-in speaker enables you to experience the 3D stereo surround sound effects. You can enjoy the real sound effects equals to Cinema/KTV/Video games just in your home. Our 3.5mm headphone jack can also allow you to connect your own home theater speaker to our projector very easily.
  • The Real LCD Projector for Your Daily Use: You can use our projector HDMI port to connect your Laptop, Blue-Ray DVD player, TV Stick, ROKU, PS4, WII, Smartphones (adapter not included); you can also use the AV port to connect your TV to our projector; the USB port can allow you to connect your USB flash driver/SD/TF card to enjoy your videos or pictures; the VGA port can connect to your computer VGA port easily.
  • How Long Can Our Projector be Used for? The LCD display and LED light source can protect the lamp better in one way and use the diffuse display technology which can prevent you and your family’s eye being hurt from the direct light source. In other words, if you use our projector for eight hours per day, you can use it for about 10 year.

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3 thoughts on “Upgraded 7500Lumens Outdoor Projector with 100″ Projector Screen- Full HD 1080P Supported Portable Mini Projector Compatible with HDMI USB AV TF VGA Smartphones TV Stick PS4 DVD Player Review”

tEbmQ says:

* PICTURE: The picture quality seems decent enough, although I only tested it from about 5 feet away so I’ll update this review if there’s some kind of epiphany when I have a bigger space to work with.Nice that it comes with a projection screen, but also works just as well on a flat white wall.The screen is thinner than a typical white bedroom sheet so it’s nothing fantastic but again, gets the job done.I have not used it as a movie projector.I’m very happy with purchase.Buy it for your family! The picture in my home is a little blurry and I’m having trouble setting it up just right, but all in all, it’s very functional and I’m enjoying it.The color and picture is clear and bright.The picture is way better than I expected for the price.While it has a built-in speaker, I think it would work nicely with a soundbar or other speaker.I have spent hours troubleshooting the problem and tried three different HDMI cables, but it continues to tell me “no source.However it’s still much cheaper than your average projector so I am more than content My pictures don’t do any Justice but this projected exceeded my expectations I recently had a 300$ projector and it broke so I came across this one and decided to try it out.It is so low.My only complaint is the sound.Its a great Little projector.

laRnZ says:

Works great! the picture quality is nice and I can take it anywhere with ease! I have it set at the smallest picture setting but it can go up a lot bigger.And off brand command strips definitely don’t hold it up I Love this Projector it brings a family together and it’s a great buy we love it! Originally couldn’t get any sound and the seller went above and beyond to resolve the issue.What is a picture without SOUND????8/11/2022Customer support contacted me and made this right.Overall the projector has great picture and sound quality.Here are some things that I did not know before purchasing: the projector has to be relatively close to the screen so we couldnt mount it where we had planned The Wii converter I bought didn’t work with this projector even though it is an HDMI output, the projector said invalid format.It is only 720p but that’s okay. Light and easy to use with the optical and HDMI set up is a snap picture was great and price was excellent also came with a free screen cannot beat that[/review3][review4] Works great can’t figure out how to hook up my.I use it for both my room and for outdoors, so in this picture you see it set up in my room with just a plain white sheet hung up.

hHeeNh says:

I use it for both my room and for outdoors, so in this picture you see it set up in my room with just a plain white sheet hung up.Video quality was good and set up pretty easy.It was easy to set up.I really don’t want to run device through an app.Now the quality isn’t high resolution like you would get from a solid projector.Hooking it up to a speaker was also a little tricky.The picture quality is great, it’s easy to use, and it’s beyond what I expected for the price.Great for a small room with a direct shot of the screen.This bad boy will project crystal clear on a 10 foot wall. I have wanted a big tv for the longest but couldn’t really afford one, so I looked into getting a projector . I just received this projector yesterday morning and am blown away at the quality and its capabilities! I originally got it for an art project so I could trace some complex illustrations on a large scale, but discovered SO SO SO much more that I can do with it.00 projector, but I was pleasantly surprised.Using my android phone to stream was not simple enough for me to understand.But it did come with a free 100″ projector.[/review6]<!– .

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