Upgraded 7500 Lumens Mini Projector 1080P Supported Portable Movie Outdoor Projector 50000 Hrs LED Lamp Life Compatible with TV Stick HDMI VGA TF USB Reviews

Upgraded 7500 Lumens Mini Projector 1080P Supported Portable Movie Outdoor Projector 50000 Hrs LED Lamp Life Compatible with TV Stick HDMI VGA TF and USB Review

  • Upgraded Viewing Experience: The projector is built by MStar advanced color engine, supports 1080P resolution, and brings a clearer experience to customers. LED lighting provides +60% brightness than ordinary projectors, and has 50,000 hours of LED bulb life, which is very suitable for home entertainment.
  • Multifunctional Projector & Carrying Case: This projector can be used to play videos, TV shows, share photos, and football/basketball games. It is also compatible with your smartphone, PS3, PS4, PS5, X-Box ONE or Wii, and is a great choice for home entertainment. The customized bag is designed to allow you to carry and store easily.
  • Portable Projector Case Included: Compared with other projectors, you are able to set up your own home theater freely and anywhere to watch movies, TV shows and photos, slides and play video games.
  • Stereo Sound & Cooling Fan: The projector comes with Dolby sound effects, allowing you to be more immersed when watching movies. The built-in fan has a heat dissipation function and effectively reduces the noise of the fan.
  • 100% Satisfied Service: Our team offers every customer 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any problems while using, please feel free to contact us. Please rest assured that we also have 2 year warranty. Not recommended for PPT, or business presentation, it is a home theater projector.

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  • So I should wait to review for when I actually use this machine
  • I once bought a tv with a DVD player installed to it
  • The picture quality was very good
  • Absolutely love this
  • It did what I needed it to do

Optoma EH412ST Short Throw 1080P HDR Professional Projector Super Bright 4000 Lumens Business Presentations Classrooms or Meeting Rooms 15000 Hour lamp Life Speaker Built in Portable Reviews

  • I love this projector overall for my golf simulator, however it quit working and started toggling back and forth from a blue screen to the computer screen
  • As a vision improvement teacher who had been spending too much time at the computer (book writing projects and such), I wanted a projector to reduce my hours of LED screen time
  • Bought this for a golf simulator I have in my garage
  • Short Throw projectors are perfect for most impromptu gatherings
  • Picture great and bright
  • I took a chance with this projector at our office
  • The projector has worked great for us! It was decently easy to set up however there have been a couple issues
  • Lightweight, good luminosity, very easy to use
  • Awesome projector with great picture
  • Easy to set up

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  • Purchased for use in training sessions
  • Recently purchased three of these over the course of several months for a medium-size church auditorium and have been very happy with them
  • This was perfect, set this up in a bar, next to a window with some light coming in, picture looked great
  • Excellent brightness with instant on due to Laser
  • Wow this thing is really good
  • Use this projector for off campus teaching, does a wonderful job, connected to my laptop using wireless which was a breeze, then tried both the HDMI and USB connections without any problems, great video and audio with both
  • Like so many others who have written reviews here, our experience with Epson has been entirely miserable
  • I use this product for DJ in video and monogram events

Optoma HD39HDR High Brightness HDR Home Theater Projector 120Hz Refresh Rate 4000 lumens Fast 8.4ms Response time with 120Hz Easy Setup with 1.3X Zoom 4K Input Quiet Operation 26dB Reviews

  • I bought this to replace a four-year-old Optima HD143X 1080p 3000
  • I’ve had this projector since May 2021 so coming up on a year of ownership
  • Ok first things first, I get my delivery, open the box after a few days, looks like a new machine, but I don’t have a lens cover, I thought that was a standard piece of the projector to cover the lens when not in use
  • Very good projector, better than its predasessor even when in eco mode which I reccomend
  • The only thing I didn’t like about it was no Bluetooth for sound hookup nor was there really any good ‘out’ port for a high quality sound system
  • I had the previous version for 6 years or so
  • We just replaced an optoma hd29 darbee and to be honest it had a much better picture
  • Bought for home theater system
  • Video is lifelike
  • nice bright image for a living room projector with limited ambient light control

Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Home Theater Projector for Gaming Movies Support for 4K Input HDR Compatible 120Hz refresh rate Enhanced Gaming Mode 8.4ms Response Time High-Bright 3600 lumens Reviews

  • I am blown away! $750 sounds like a lot when there are a lot of cheaper ones out there
  • Husband and I bought this to replace a similar Optoma DLP projector that we had for ~6 years
  • I bought this unit to replace the HD 26 that I bought in 2016
  • This projector throws a great picture on our 120′ screen, light interference is no issue – picture quality is fantastic, even with our Christmas Tree lit up right in front of it!

    No Bluetooth capability was a bit disappointing, we had to order a Bluetooth transmitter to connect to our Amazon Studio sound system

  • Quick review after 2 days
  • Not going into length on this
  • Owned this now for about 1
  • This is an awesome projector: We’ve watched movies and I’ve played Destiny 2 and it has adjusted to the different requirements wonderfully

3 thoughts on “Upgraded 7500 Lumens Mini Projector 1080P Supported Portable Movie Outdoor Projector 50000 Hrs LED Lamp Life Compatible with TV Stick HDMI VGA TF USB Reviews”

CgaDD says:

it’s not perfect by any means but neither should it be at this price. This product is working very well, the brightness is to my liking.When it arrived the focus was messed up and no matter what I did unless it was extremely close to the screen everything was out of focus. the product is easy to install it looks well made and has a good video quality the only thing that lacks a little more brightness Used it as a training field projector.I wanted to get a big tv for my daughter’s bedroom but was concerned about crowding her space.Perfect for home use![/review2][review3] It鈥檚 a clean, attractive little machine with a neat protective case with handle.The review and opinions are my own and not influenced by the seller of this projector.Considering the price you’re going to pay for it, it’s worth every penny.The projector was good but it’s no substitute for a tv… It took a second but I really like this projector.Can’t beat the price and it works great.I wasn’t able to get it to properly screen share with my phone, but it works with my laptop.

VtwKh says:

I use it only to project images on smooth white wall.totalmente acertado.What it doesn鈥檛 say is that you鈥檒l need to purchase additional attachments to be able to do that.We couldn’t get it to 60” without it being blurry… let alone actually viewable.But in fact, it is 720P only – 720×1280Describing this projects as “supports 1080p” is deceptive.Quality is great.Indeed, it doesn鈥檛 do great working meeting the clarity I have seen in 720p devices.its been a week and half and still waiting on my refund.This projector is good but only at 6 feet , if you move it farther away for a bigger picture it is no longer clear. I like this projector a lot.Hooked to wifi with 90 mbps and yet it lags and buffers and has bad issues playing anything.Any distances beyond 10 feet will project about a larger screen, but the focus ring will not give you the clarity you’re looking for.

cRJoyR says:

Set it up for the first time, watched a movie with it and after the first movie was going to watch a second and found the sound went intermittent internally and externally.Neither working and I tried again the old Firestick and the Beat Pill, both worked no problem.Likes: I like that the Projector is small, compact, and portable.This is not mentioned anywhere in the listing.I’ve used Vankyo projector before and I liked it so much I bought another one for my boyfriend.Compared to what we had before, it is a more compact version with really high picture quality and brightness.It’s a good deal so far.It’s like 720p At first I was skeptical and was not sure how it will look as we are using it as our tv.With a holiday season discount and reviews around 4.You can’t adjust the picture frame size, you can only scoot the projector further away or closer to adjust.I use my iPhone with a hdmi adapter and play Disney+ discovery+ Hulu YouTubeTV YouTube and some Netflix videos work but most don’t.Not a bad picture, just make sure it’s dark outside or a dark room.I compare it with my other projector that I bought for 250$, and now I confused that it smaller, portable, cheaper, lower noise and have same picture quality!I really enjoyed it and will bring it with me to camping next time for sure.Have a replacement coming, but I have to wait ANOTHER three days for it 🙄 if that one’s better I’ll update this[/review6]<!– .Picture quality, brightness and remote control all work best.If you try to move it far away in order to get a large screen size, the focus does not go in far enough to make sure the picture is clear.

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