TOPVISION Projector 7500L Portable Mini Projector with 100” Projector Screen 1080P Supported Built-in HI-FI Speakers Home Theater Movie Projector Compatible with HDMI Fire Reviews

TOPVISION Projector 7500L Portable Mini Projector with 100” Projector Screen 1080P Supported Built-in HI-FI Speakers Home Theater Movie Projector Compatible with HDMIFire StickVGAUSBTFAVPS4 Specs and Reviews

  • 🎥【PERFECT HOME CINEMA EXPERIENCE】:TOPVISION T6 video projector with projector screen is upgraded LED lighting provides +85% brightness than an ordinary projector. 1920×1080 resolution supported. Ideal for home video in the backyard, hosting parties and movie nights while traveling. Not recommend for PowerPoint or other office presentations.
  • 🎥【MULTIMEDIA PORTABLE PROJECTOR】: TOPVISION home projector includes 2HDMI, 2USB, VGA, AV, TF, and Audio output. It is compatible with TV Box, Chromebook, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Blue-ray DVD player, SD Card, USB Flash Drive, Video Games, Media players (Music, Pictures, Video, TXT), Smartphones.
  • 🎥【BUILT-IN HIFI STEREO SPEAKER】: High clear stereo speakers provide powerful, crystal sound. You can also hook up an external speaker with 3. 5mm audio output for better sound. To reduce the noise, we have equipped it with the latest dual-fan system for its even better performance and immersive audio experience. Power voltage: 100V-240V 50/60Hz.
  • 🎥【BIG SCREEN SIZE EXPERIENCE】: 100inch projector screen included. This movie projector provides a watching size from 72” to 240” with the projection distance between 6.8ft to 22ft. The best projection distance is 9.5 feet, to achieve the best projection size of 90 inches. You could enjoy a visual feast with the widescreen.
  • 🎥【HOW TO CONNECT TO A SMARTPHONE】: When connecting with an iPhone, an extra Lightning to HDMI adapter is needed. When connecting with an Android phone, an extra Micro USB/Type C to HDMI adapter is needed. (Adapter is not included in the package). No need to install any app, this phone projector can mirror display your phone screen.

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  • The item was shipped fast but once I received it and opened the item I noticed I had no remote, no power supply, no accessories that were mentioned in the item description
  • AMAZING VALUE!! Our favorite family past time used to be going to the movie theater, due to this virus we have not been to the movies in almost a year now
  • I would have given it a 5 star, but i had to research why the sound wasnt coming on and the manual didnt touch base on this
  • My biggest complaint is that you baby connect any Bluetooth devices at all! So no speakers
  • Since this pandemic, I miss going to the movies so much so I bought this projector to try to have some sort of movie night in my home
  • Wish it could have been a little brighter but for what you pay it’s worth it
  • I was sceptical about getting this because the price was cheap but im so glad i did

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  • I like the product sound is really low
  • This is ok for the price but the coloring tends to be bright and blue
  • This Vimgo projector was ok! I was able to connect my phone to it a couple times but it won’t connect or find my phone anymore
  • Native 1080p resolution
  • I use this projector during the day in my bedroom by just putting up block out curtains
  • The only downside is the speaker isn’t the loudest but you can connect it to Bluetooth which is awesome
  • I have this projector in my room and love it so far
  • Arrived without packaging, just a shipping label and a small piece of Amazon paper packing tape slapped on the side

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  • Our family loves having movie nights outside
  • My wife and I spent almost an hour trying to get this machine to work, and she is very good at setting up electronic equipment
  • Picture quality is okay
  • This projector is easy to use, we did have to purchase a little hdmi cord to connect our cell phone
  • We recently purchased this projector for outdoor summer movie nights
  • Update: The company reached out to me thinking it may have been defective
  • Projector worked well with DVDs right out of the box
  • This little projector does the job
  • This projector is definitely not worth more than the lightning price of $118

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  • Pokitter CineMax Pro 1080P Projector with Netflix-Licensed, Android TV 10
  • Pros: Acceptable resolution and brightness for a really budget projector
  • Projector didn’t come ready to just plug and play
  • This is a great product
  • This really did exceed my expectations
  • Compact design makes it great for office use
  • Small and light product that worth the price
  • We loved it…when we could hear it
  • This product has limited directions

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  • UPDATED REVIEW: Customer service alone deserves 5 stars
  • For such a small unit, great quality
  • When we unboxed, we found only the unit, remote control and adjustment screw
  • I love the product and the picture quality, but the sound quality isn’t great at all it is best to use your own speakers
  • So good for the price and everything! The picture quality is great
  • Super easy to set up with great picture
  • An important note, this device does NOT work with iOS phone apps like Netflix, HBO, Hulu or Disney +
  • I bought this projector to use for outside movie nights with my family
  • Works VERY well and will project an image LARGER than they say
  • This device is a great product for what you pay

3 thoughts on “TOPVISION Projector 7500L Portable Mini Projector with 100” Projector Screen 1080P Supported Built-in HI-FI Speakers Home Theater Movie Projector Compatible with HDMI Fire Reviews”

LvZVx says:

I am so glad that I did, though.The quality of the screen projector was amazing.If you want to put the projector on a table or something it’s very difficult to get the plug on the projector to reach the socket on the floor.Terrible for non-white walls.Doesn’t hook up to my phone.Would definitely recommend this.This was a great purchase, picture, sound, packaging, and overall quality of this product is awesome. If you want to be able to hear what you’re watching over children you will want a sound bar or surround sound, otherwise it’s perfect! I bought this projector on sale, and after 1 week of use so far, I am extremely satisfied with the projector for the price I paid.Samsungs we couldn’t get to work at all with adapters and USB.[/review3][review3] I ordered this for a camping trip, it worked great!! Just need to have a louder speaker with me since the sound from the projector isn’t very loud.Watched Goodfellas and Pirate’s of the Caribbean outside.Some of the reviews I read talked about the volume being too low.Affordable.v.

OYEhL says:

I picked it up for $50 and it’s 5stars at that price. The colors are great , with a projector screen.A adapter will be needed if you want to use your iphone etc.It was so simple to use right out of the box.I am unsure if the adapter or projector is at fault but when watching video the sound lags behind video.500 lumens falta nitidez ante la presencia de luz.Only used it once, but it has excellent picture quality at this price point.There is no blue tooth ability and you cannot adjust the screen size to fit your area its either too big or way to small.Just plug in firestick and its movie ready.The image flickers a little though.The Sound quality lacks a lot, but if you hook it up to a sound bar it makes a huge difference. I bought this to transfer screen contents from my iPad 6th Generation to a bigger screen for a presentation to a group.

XBIvpU says:

The image flickers a little though.5 adapter or 3.Worked great! Amazing projector Low price, easy to operate. I just plug my computer into it and it worked great! You want watch anything that is on your computer.The first time we used it, it went great! We turned it off after about 90 minutes, and were super impressed. I didn’t really care for the brightness it wasn’t bright enough the manual that comes with it should be more and depth allowing people to figure out how to hook up their phones to the projector better I know the devices and so moving screen and come with it was a joke eight the eyelets that hold for the hooks to hold two ripped out the minute you hooked it up you can’t hang it up unless it’s a absolutely perfectly flat surface because they only give you little 3M strips to hook it to and you have to have something behind the movie screen or it just means right through it because it’s so thin so all in all I was extremely disappointed with the screenHelp some people find helpful It’s a decent projector but we’ve only had it up for a few days and it already has a dead pixel so I’m not sure how long it will last I first bought this projector two months ago.First, it’s very affordable and the picture quality is really really good for a very cost effective projector.I decided to use mine on my ceiling and it is a popcorn ceiling but the hooks are still holding up. The projector works as expected! Great deal![/review5][review6] Didn’t come with the 100″ screen but came with HDMI.

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