Sovboi Projector 8000LShort Focal Lens Projector HD 1080P Supported 250″ Small Movie Projector for Outdoor Home Theater VideoPhone Projector Review

Sovboi Projector WiFi Mini Portable Projector 8000LShort Focal Lens Projector HD 1080P Supported 250″ Small Movie Projector for Outdoor and Home Theater VideoPhone Projector for PC/TV Stick/Gaming Review

  • 【Mini Palm-Sized & Short Distance Wi-Fi Projector & 40″-250″ Size】VB1, a phone’s length&1.3lb Coke’s weight, just 1/2 size of other 720P projectors. As the first minimal 720P projector on the market, with Short Focal Lens, its shortest throw distance is 2.5 ft while others need at least 6.5ft. Via the latest enhanced WiFi feature, mirror everything on your phone to VB1 outdoor projector. Get rid of wire and space limitations,brings 40″-250″ screen movies in big or small rooms, RVs, tents freely!
  • 【8000L Native 720P Resolution & Full HD 1080P Supported】Adopts native 720p resolution, advanced BSCO panel & light-gathering tech glass lens, VB1 portable projector depicts crystal clarity, high brightness and retains the original colors of the video. As a mini projector, the picture is 50%+ brighter and clearer than other normal 720p proyector. With 8000L brightness and an 8000:1 contrast ratio, just enjoy your ultra screen with high 720p picture quality at the budget of a 480p projector.
  • 【Sealed Dustproof Design & Advanced Cooling System & 100,000 Hour Lamp Life】VB1 proyector portatil comes with a sealed optical engine and a detachable dust-proof net preventing 90% of dust from entering the inside of the movie projector, reducing black spots. 2 internal fans prevent overheating. Problems caused by poor heat dissipation, like screen yellowing, can be reduced by 80%, extending lamp life to 100,000 hours. We have 24-hour online support with detailed videos if any operational problems.
  • 【Diffuse Reflection Protects Eyes & HiFi Sound & Timer Shutdown】 VB1 phone projector filters out harmful blue light to relieve eye fatigue. Compared to phones/TVs,VB1 LED projector diffuses reflections with soft, non-direct light , to provide quality video without harming your eyes. With built-in Hi-Fi sound, no need a speaker!With Sleep Timer Shutdown you can focus on your sleep. These great features make a fantastic gift for U & kids. Recommended using projectors in the dark to get the best effect.
  • 【Multimedia Compatibility & 3-Year Repair & Lifetime Support】360°flip feature support front/rear/ceiling installation. VB1 small projector offers wide compatibility to TV Stick/PC/USB sticks/DVD player/iOS&Android phone via USB/HDMI/AV ports.VB1 smart projector outdoor promises a 1-Year replacement, 3-Year Repair, Life-long Technical Support & accessory replacement. Your order number is proof to activate it. Any problems,7/24 fast &responsive reply from real persons to give the best solution.

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AAXA Technologies M6 Full HD Micro LED Projector with Built-in Battery – Native 1920 x 1080p FHD Resolution 1200 Lumens 30000 Hour LEDs Onboard Media Player Business/Home Theater Use Review

  • This projector comes with an odd combination of features
  • This is the best projector for the money
  • I just received my new M6 and it feels like a solid device
  • I tried to like this little guy, like other reviews said yes the fans can be loud but if paying a movie its not noticeable
  • Wonderful for the price
  • Very versatile projector
  • *Update* Every one of the devices I have received long term end up with the same flaw! Just today I had to turn the M6 on over 35 times before it would start! Every one of those failed attempts resulted in 5 red flashes from the power (battery) light, followed by a quick blue flash of the top control panel
  • I have only had this projector for a couple of days
  • This product would have higher rating from me except it is missing a key feature for my use- Keystone correction- something all other projectors I have bought have (I have bought about 20 for my company including 4 different LED projectors somewhat like this one)

AAXA Technologies P300 Pico Projector with Rechargeable Battery – Native HD resolution with 500 LED Lumens For Business Home Theater Travel more (KP-600-01) Review

  • This is the first projector I’ve ever owned and I’m very impressed with the quality I was able to get for the money I spent
  • Pros:
    I was quite surprised by this little projector and the type of image it is able to put out (It should be noted that this is my first projector)
  • I purchased this projector for business use as it would be very easy to carry around in a brief case for presentations
  • This projector works well while it works, but it is not built to last
  • So i was pretty skeptical about the brightness, size, noise etc
  • I wanted a compact projector for occasional use that would not break the bank, has good resolution, reasonable brightness (up to a 10′ projection distance) and could be easily carried in my laptop bag
  • I have been using that product for about 3 months
  • I originally ordered a refurbaged model of the AAXA M2
  • I originally had the Brookstone pocket projector, which really was a marvel for its size, but it just didn’t put out enough light and after a while, the screen door effect started to get to me
  • The AAXA P300 micro projector is an amazing little device

AAXA Technologies P300 Neo LED Video Projector with 2.5 Hour Rechargeable Battery Onboard Media Player HDMI/Mini VGA/USB/microSD Inputs iPhone iPad PS4 Xbox Compatible 1080p Support Review

  • I have had this little projector for over a month
  • After owning an old P1-J for years(and loving it), I upgraded to this
  • I debated getting a projector
  • This projector has so much potential! I want to love it so badly! I purchased one about a month ago
  • Fun little gadget
  • Since this is my first pico projector purchase I didn’t have anything to gage how bright 420 Lumens was going to be, most electronic stores that sell them don’t have them up for real world displays
  • Great little projector
  • I mostly like it for the size, contrast, brightness
  • I normally don’t write reviews for products but this little projector blew me away in terms of what it was able to do

Mini Projector ARTSEA Full HD 1080P 7000L Portable Projector for Outdoor Movie LED Pico Video Projector for Home Theater Phone Projector Compatible with HDMI USB TV Stick Laptop iOS Android Review

  • This Projector is great
  • For the price, the quality is good
  • I was excited to have an outdoor movie set up during our family vacation with an inexpensive, lightweight projector
  • This little projector does the job! I wanted a projector so I could watch movies & sports outside but I didn’t want to break the bank
  • This is a good value
  • This is a lightweight projector, so you can set it on top of most anything
  • The first unit I received was broken right out of the box, wouldn’t even turn on, just had a red blinking light
  • This is a great projector that is very versatile and easy to use
  • It has worked consistently for my small business meetings

AAXA 4K1 LED Home Theater Projector 30000 Hour LEDs Mercury Free Native 4K UHD Resolution Dual HDMI with HDCP 2.2 1500 Lumens E-Focus Portable Size Review

  • (UPDATE!) NEW FIRMWARE Fixed all issues! Talked with AAXA support and they sent me a 4k1 to test with including a new firmware that all new 4k1 projectors will ship with
  • UPDATE: Audio out only worked in mono
  • I was looking for a very specific projector for my golf simulator and boy did this fit the bill! I bought a cheap projector on here about 6 months ago and it was just not cutting it
  • Tragically, I had to return mine because the throw distance in my living room was too long, and the image it produced was therefore too large — there’s limited control over this on the unit
  • Overall the picture quality is great
  • When I first got the projector the remote did not work
  • The fan is loud when not running in eco mode, this is not ideal with a relatively short throw projector close to your ears
  • The projector worked as advertised

3 thoughts on “Sovboi Projector 8000LShort Focal Lens Projector HD 1080P Supported 250″ Small Movie Projector for Outdoor Home Theater VideoPhone Projector Review”

cHMds says:

It’s really light and came out unexpected.Although compact it’s very bright at night.And I found this projector.It was great with reasonable price, I’m very happy with that! I just have used this projector for over a month and it has performed perfectly.It’s light and easy to carry.This projector can be connected to your mobile phone, computer and other devices like Bluetooth transmitter.It’s been really easy to use and can connect with phones and laptops.Perfect for a movie screen right? Not for this little guy.I didn’t plug the player as the built-in audio is already excellent.It’s worth every penny.I would say buying this projector is the most worthwhile investment of the year.This is the perfect fit! I have been using this projector for half of the month.I would recommend buying a tripod for it so you can place it anywhere you want.It is not large so it can fit in a small space.Easy to use and connect to my device.Didn’t expect to be this small when arrived so that’s a very nice point.

tjaDv says:

It’s light-weighted and design looks good.and the best thing is that the quality of pictures & sound is excellent despite its size! Saved me a whole lot of space from big TV & old projector.Generally, I really appreciate this great mini movie projector, which brings me a lot of fun watching films in my bedroom comfortably.I don’t need to watch movies on my iPad anymore.Whenever with dim light/ without light, the resolution quality is very enjoyable.It was also really easy to set up.It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to move around.Because most projectors require a screen, this one can be projected directly on the walls of your home.It works perfectly!Setting up is about 1 min, supereasy, just plug in the HDMI cable, mirror the laptop screen and you are ready to go.It is very smooth to use, and there is no stuttering.For the price, not including a bag to pack and carry this device is reason for my giving it 4 stars.And the USB port is NOT for phones, it is merely for flash drives.And finally, I found the perfect one.I can adjust the projection size by moving the projector.Actually I want have a projector for a long time and I think it is the one I want.I also really like the size of it and it would be perfect to travel or go camping with it.I bought a different projector a long while ago but figured it was too big and not easy to carry… this one is much smaller.

HPTIBR says:

I can adjust the projection size by moving the projector.It also has a built in system where you can watch movies or play music.I love using it to watch TV because the sound and visual quality are both excellent.Used outside, kids loved it.I’ve been using it for a week and I’m very happy with it.And the screen is very clear, you can use WiFi link is very convenient.The size allows me to place it beside my pillow and to project it onto the ceiling, and the quality is great enough to enjoy the bright and high-contrast videos.I’m going to get another one for my friend as a house warming gift.The brightness is pretty good to see every detail of the picture.The picture is also very clear.This one falls into my price range with excellent –> <use xlink:href="http://2azap.I connected it with my iPhone and the projector worked really well! My husband and my daughter love this product as well.I just connect the Wi-Fi and connect it with my phone to project.

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