Although projectors have existed for a long time, they have really been accepted by everyone in recent years. After years of development, it has changed from an ancient display technology to a display technology that keeps pace with the times. The current projection market is basically divided into two parts by LED projectors and light bulb machines, but laser TV is also ready to move and wants a share. What’s the difference between LED projector and laser TV? Which is more worth buying?

LED projection and laser TV

LED projector is also known as LED projector. Its main body is an electroluminescent semiconductor material. The stronger the current is, the stronger the luminescence is. Because its luminous principle is different from the traditional bulb, it will not produce a lot of heat in the luminous process, and its service life is far beyond the traditional bulb machine.

Laser TV is a projection display device that uses laser light source as display light source and imaging with projection display technology to receive radio and television programs or Internet TV programs. The laser light source refers to the use of red, green and blue solid-state lasers as light sources, or the use of monochrome solid-state lasers to excite phosphors as light sources.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of LED projection

First, long service life, energy conservation and environmental protection. The light source of LED attenuates slowly, only 5% in 10000 hours. Especially for the current intelligent projection, such as dangbei projection, its service life can reach more than 30000 hours. It can also be used for at least 10 years if it is used for 8 hours a day. Secondly, the power of the whole machine is small, which is quite energy-saving.

Second, thanks to the high reliability of the LED projector, the whole machine maintenance and after-sales cost in the later stage is low. On the one hand, it also saves a lot of expenses and unnecessary trouble.

Third, LED projection is relatively small and portable, especially suitable for office workers and renters. No space, take it with you. And it has strong connectivity, which can easily connect computers, mobile phones and other digital devices, as well as storage devices such as USB flash disk and mobile hard disk. It supports the direct playback of most multimedia files on the market. It is a super portable multimedia player and projection device.

Fourth, the rich functions of LED projectors are not limited to home use. In addition to watching TV dramas, playing PSP, Xbox, etc. for leisure and entertainment at home, it can also be used for business briefings and meetings at work.

Disadvantages of LED projection

First, the overall brightness is not very high. Except that a few high-end products have brightness of 1000ansi, others have only a few hundred ANSI.

Second, a certain space is required for viewing. Generally, it takes 2m or more to achieve the effect of 100 inch large screen;

Advantages of laser TV

First, the laser color is pure, and its light source system can maintain long-lasting high brightness and high image quality;

Second, the service life can also reach about 20000 hours without maintenance;

Third, the installation is flexible. It can be directly placed on the TV cabinet, and large size can be cast in a small space;

Fourth, laser display has wide color gamut, color coverage of 90%, high color saturation and strong color reproduction ability;

Disadvantages of laser TV

First, the current laser TV power is slightly too large, and its energy consumption is higher than that of LED projector;

Second, the projection picture of laser TV is limited. At present, the projection picture of laser TV is basically between 50-150 inches, which is half smaller than the maximum projection of 300 inches of LED;

Third, at present, the price of laser TV is expensive, often tens of thousands of yuan. The price is also twice that of high-end LED projectors, which is still difficult for many users to accept.

Fourth, because it is a laser, it needs special safety protection and speckle treatment

After reading their advantages and disadvantages, let’s take a look at the most important eye protection problem.

The LED projector adopts the principle of diffuse reflection. Although the anti light environment is weak, it can avoid the direct reflection of strong projection light and protect the eyes.

Although the laser TV is also diffuse reflection, it is brighter due to its high brightness, especially at night, which forms a strong contrast with the indoor environment, which will increase the fatigue and discomfort of the eyes. From this point of view, relatively speaking, LED projection is more eye protection.


Of course, on the whole, both LED projector and laser TV have their own advantages and disadvantages due to their different characteristics. However, in terms of practicability and cost performance, at present, led projectors are certainly more suitable for home and eye protection. In particular, the current high-end LED projection (such as dangbei projection) combines projection with intelligent speaker, which expands the application range and scene of LED projector, which is unmatched by laser TV.