SAMSUNG 30”- 100” The Freestyle FHD HDR Smart Portable Projector for Indoor Outdoor Home Theater Big Screen Experience with Premium 360 Sound with Alexa Built-In (SP-LSP3BLAXZA 2022 Model) Reviews

SAMSUNG 30”- 100” The Freestyle FHD HDR Smart Portable Projector for Indoor and Outdoor Home Theater Big Screen Experience with Premium 360 Sound with Alexa Built-In (SP-LSP3BLAXZA 2022 Model) Specs and Product Reviews

  • Point and Play: Place it, tilt it and watch it wherever—this versatile smart theater-to-go makes it simple; With a cradle stand that rotates almost 180 degrees, position your image where you want from floor to ceiling; The Freestyle gives you the flexibility to watch your way
  • Easy Set Up: Sit back and let The Freestyle manage the setup; Once you find your angle, this portable smart project automatically adjusts the image for your perfect picture; Auto Leveling, Auto Focus and Auto Keystone technology do the work in seconds
  • Smart Entertainment: Stream your favorite shows, play games, workout with a trainer; Do all you enjoy with The Freestyle and discover your must-have apps and streaming services, all just a few clicks away
  • Premium 360 Sound: Hear the 360-degree audio that fills the room from this small but mighty smart theater; You’ll find yourself carried away by the high quality sound that resonates from the speaker and bass enhancers
  • External Battery Compatible Now the big screen experience is as mobile as you are; Just grab The Freestyle with an external battery pack and go; With no outlet needed, you’re free to watch your favorite shows, play games or whatever you want, anywhere you want—indoors or outdoors
  • The projector optimizes screen size, auto-focuses, and levels the image even when pointed on an angle.

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3 thoughts on “SAMSUNG 30”- 100” The Freestyle FHD HDR Smart Portable Projector for Indoor Outdoor Home Theater Big Screen Experience with Premium 360 Sound with Alexa Built-In (SP-LSP3BLAXZA 2022 Model) Reviews”

iSNLQ says:

The projector is small and light and with an external battery, will make for a good portable option.The ambiance modes are banal , the frosted attachment for their modes doesn’t fit on the projector very well, and the speed of the unit is so bad it likely wouldn’t be useful anyways.This is a cool one for those who owned/ own a projector.When you try to display it on a wall it is simply crooked.all your standard major players.The autofocus is running well but the brightness is not as bright as expected.This projector is perfect for that!The rotating stand is handy for projecting onto truly any surface, and it’s so small that my bedside table still has plenty of room. I’ve always wanted a projector that could project onto my ceiling so I can watch TV in bed.I’ll caveat this that I have the Jafir cheapo 1080p projector in another room – this factors below:The good:Great form factorGood sound – no need to offload to something else.but without wifi it is DOA.It was voted one of the best products of the entire show.There are some trustworthy Youtube reviews that go into detail about how this projector stacks up against other portable projectors.I pre-ordered it the moment I came across it and to put it in simple terms without exaggeration, it’s just way too expensive for what it is.I use it for only 3 times and this happen.Dim lighting is required as with most projectors, and getting is used like new is a bargain.Pros:– Wonderful Size & Great Concept.If you buy get the warranty[/review1][review2] It doesn’t work with the SmartThings app, as Samsung support will confirm.The auto focus and keystoning do work quite well, but the image is so dim it doesn’t even matter.

QQyRV says:

The auto focus and keystoning do work quite well, but the image is so dim it doesn’t even matter.I would like to get my refund back quickly so I can get a good projector for my community efforts I would not like to tell them it is held up because Samsung is taking it’s time refunding my payment.Wasted 2hrs chatting with Samsung customer service but they cannot resolve the issue through remote access to my device.Absolutely terrible product.Bought this for retirement hoping to transform TV room into screening room.Also the speaker sucks.Setup is easy and it looks nice.Has to be in dim light or picture is Poor.The picture was always rotated with a downward slope from left to right.It’s a simplistic piece of technology functional entertainment.A piece of trash. This is the first projector I’ve ever owned.For you to hold on to my money is a total disgrace.Talking about picture quality and brightness , the sound and OH the Fan noise.After discovering and removing the packaging film, I’ve been quite pleased with the performance.

gVJnAk says:

I wanted to love it, but it started to fail on the day 1.Not worth $900, almost a grand.I have been looking for a product like this for years, and in the interim have experimented with numerous projector setups but until now have always felt dissatisfied with the options on the market.The auto focus does not work, the auto screen adjustment does not work, the stand will loosen after a single days worth of use, and the remote has such bad input delay that this device is nigh unusable. Don’t waste your time they could’ve easily put a phone chip in at this price and they cheaped out.Are $75 projector that this Samsung freestyle was supposed to be replace outperforms this freestyle in every way possible..Don’t waste your money.The concept is great, but the execution is laughable.Very disappointed with Samsung quality and this purchase.While the Freestyle may have less brightness and resolution than other projectors, it’s not a one-trick pony.Desconozco lo que me envió al retirar la tapa que protege el lente me encuentro con otra tapa que no fue posible retirar.1 week before my expected delivery date, I receive an email that it’s been delayed another month. Mejores productos por el precio Decepcionado[/review6]<!– .Plenty bright for my expectations.

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