Projector WOWOTO H10 4500 Lumens Mini Projector Android 6.0 3D LED DLP 1280×800 Real Home Theater Projector Support 4K 1080P Wireless Screen Share Video Projector with HDMI USB SD Reviews

By | March 5, 2020

Projector WOWOTO H10 4500 Lumens Mini Projector Android 6.0 3D LED DLP 1280×800 Real Home Theater Projector Support 4K 1080P Wireless Screen Share Video Projector with HDMI USB SD Product Review and Specs

{Brighter and Shaper Images} New updated 2RAM+16ROM, 4500 Lumens, brighter and clearer.,Plus amazing 3D effect (Also support 3D to 2D conversion), enjoy your 3D movies whenever you want. {Full HD Supported} Advanced DLP technology, 45,000 hours Long-lasting LED lamp, more durable than the traditional one.WOWOTO H10 has 1280800 native resolution. It also supports 4K 1080P full hd videos and 3D videos, projecting brighter and sharper images with big screen up to 200in. Rich color and HD resolution provide the great visual feast. {Wireless Screen Share} Not only can connect via hdmi, but also support wifi connection. Smartphone, laptop or tablet resources can be shared through the huge screen by Airplay/Miracast/DLNA/Ushare without plugging into the projector, just connect your device with the projector to the same wifi network. Then you can move freely around the room. {Small Size} 6.024.721.22in, no larger than an iPad mini, won’t take up much space. Weighs only 0.5kg, easy to carry and set up, built-in WiFi/Bluetooth/Speaker/Touch Control, external speaker and mouse connection also supported, more advanced and convenient, to better meet your need. {NOTES} Copyrighted content from Hulu, Netflix, and similar services CAN NOT be mirrored or screencast. Download and use the apps directly through Aptoide to view copyrighted content from these providers. Chromecast is not supported.
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3 thoughts on “Projector WOWOTO H10 4500 Lumens Mini Projector Android 6.0 3D LED DLP 1280×800 Real Home Theater Projector Support 4K 1080P Wireless Screen Share Video Projector with HDMI USB SD Reviews”

hpxOi says:

Same price as a cheap tv but much better quality.The 3500 lumens really help you to use it even on a room where you can not have so much darkness as you can see on the pictures that are attached.i bought this projector for my home theatre.The product arrived 5 days earlier than the promise target date.Here is my list of why:PROs– Resolution: if you want a descent image, and even to be able to connect your PC or laptop, you need at least 1280×800, which is HD at 720p, anything lower than that is not good, and that together with the 16:10 Aspect Ratio , means it works quite well with a computer.There are thousands of APPs available and in my case I found all that I needed.When you open the box you get the feeling it is light, made from cheap materials and that it will broke from the first use.I use it for training courses and work related items however will be buying one for my personally use as well.To be honest with you, i did a lot of research and not only that ordered multiple projectors because that is the only way to see what you are buying.Lots of Pros!* Abundance of color/picture/audio/keystone, resizing adjustments.I know that is a lot to ask for.I cannot get it to pair with a bluetooth keyboard. Es el segundo wowoto que compro, el anterior modelo H 8 ya me impresionó muchísimo ,no hay diferencias significativas en calidad de imagen excepto el brillo, aún mejor el H 10, no emite ruido, fácil conectividad, el control remoto actual muy intuitivo más amigable, muy buenas terminaciones y calidad de materialesLo transporto en la guantera del auto, mínimo tamaño.The picture attached is on the ceiling next to the light fixture, to illustrate the image brightness.It was unbelievable result I founded in this price i bought other projector before 6 month .I returned it and got this second unit, which works fine for the first 5 months.The quality of the image is by far better than I expected and it is a great idea to watch films and tv series specially if you don’t own a TV.I was Nebula Capsule fan for the last 12 months but it sadly died on me so that was new opportunity to try new projector.Pros:* Really bright and even with a dim light in the room image quality is brilliant.

ZxzjB says:

.I keep this project and 2 other laptops, power cables and blanks CDs in my computer bag.I tried out a few, and this was the best one.It is at par with any good quality WXGA projector I have used that cost many times more then this one.But I bought it December 29th 2019 and for the past 6 months it hasn’t worked! I talked with customer service and they said they would send me a replacement.Almost any room becomes a very good meeting room in nearly an instant.Bought the first one almost 9 years ago and it was 100 lumen.00 from WW you will be much happier with you projector.The quality is excellent with vibrant colors and good brightness.It’s packed with features that give you lots of options for use.It was, therefore, necessary for it to have an excellent resolution for presentations, small for easy carry around, no major technical set up knowledge and of course a great price.I actually have to dim it when in my room, really solid projector.My son graduated high school and was accepted into a very good college as an aerospace engineer, WOW!! Anyway, my wife and I decided to have a graduation party for him and buy a projector.Descriptions are accurate regarding size, weight, and brightness.This projector met my needs to the fullest.After we received it, we tried it immediately.After reading the reviews, I thought I finally found the right product with the best bang for my buck.So I found this projector on amazon and thought I’d give it a shot.They to be honest and give the correct lumen info and not be deceptive.And the throw is way better.

xxMXGB says:

Just turned it on and the picture quality was very good even at the day light.For a home theater, the sound setting is quite satisfactory.The picture will get washed out if the front door is wide open and all the curtains open, but I live in Arizona where it is hot outside so the door stays shut, curtains closed.I had no trouble hooking up to my WIFI, laptop, and streaming video services.I looked up to see what is new and I found so many reviews on YouTube about this projector.After many research I did this to be the best portable projector at its price range.Comes in a nice box with padding.Still working out kinks but bluetooth is working well, just need to figure out how to get Chrome working.So we decided to buy a TV instead Speaker and aux, positively suck. Purchased this and the power cord was bent/broken.Its so compact and it works well with my macbook air, and lenovo laptop with HDMI ports.entry-content –><!– .The first one did not have WiFi capabilities.So far the quality and performance of the projector is good.It arrived before the estimated delivery date.

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