Projector WiMiUS Native 1080P Movie Projector Support 200″ Display Zoom 50% for Fire TV Stick HDMI PC PS4 Review

Projector WiMiUS Native 1080P Movie Projector Support 200″ Display Zoom 50% for Fire TV Stick HDMI PC PS4 Product Reviews and Specs

  • High Brightness—Among 300 USD projectors, this hd projector is the brightest. It can be used with a little light on.
  • Native 1080P Projector—The native resolution of this model is 1080P, 4 time clearer than other 1080P projectors.
  • 4D Keystone Correction—It has 4D keystone correction both vertical and horizontal, very convenient for use.
  • 50-300 Inches Flexible Screen—With projection distance from 1.5-6m, it will bring 50-300 inches screen.
  • Package Include—The package comes with projector, HDMI cable, remote, manual, power cable.

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  • Love how quickly it charges and the multiple places to plug in

3 thoughts on “Projector WiMiUS Native 1080P Movie Projector Support 200″ Display Zoom 50% for Fire TV Stick HDMI PC PS4 Review”

YJTML says:

I just love this projector.Setup is very easy to do.I bought them to compare as the more portable one is not as bright as I would like and the shadows can be pretty has bluetooth and screenshare using apple device.This projector also has inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity 5. Everything is great .Big screen size and very good picture quality especially in dark conditions.I highly recommend it.I tried the USB PowerPoint immediately and didn’t need any instructions! Worried that a future version of PP might not work but it works now! Very happy.The picture is clear and bright.[/review2][review3] This is my second time purchase of another projector from Wimius.

xSzHQ says:

Overall picture quality is great.And i bought this new.It is the best projector you could get at this price point. Wonderful projector hands down I like that the projector is not as loud as others.It is a quintessential element to our theater room and we love it! [/review4][review5] [/review5][review5] [/review5][review5] [/review5][review5] [/review5][review5] [/review5][review5] [/review5][review5] [/review5][review5] [/review5][review5] [/review5][review5] [/review5][review6] [/review6][review6] [/review6][review6] [/review6][review6] [/review6][review6] [/review6][review6] [/review6][review6] [/review6][review6] [/review6][review6] [/review6][review6] The picture quality is excellent but it came with finger prints and dust on the INSIDE SURFACE of the lens.

KYovWN says:

And i bought this new.How am I suppose to clean that? The remote control is not very responsive.

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