Projector BARZAA Video Projector 4200Lux Full HD Projector LED Home Theater Projector Support 1080P 2HDMI 2USB VGA AV Headphone Jack Compatible Laptop chromecast DVD PS4 Reviews

By | April 19, 2020

Projector BARZAA Video Projector 4200Lux Full HD Projector LED Home Theater Projector Support 1080P 2HDMI 2USB VGA AV Headphone Jack Compatible Laptop chromecast DVD PS4 Review

►【BRIGHTER & CRISPIER IMAGES】: C9 Projector’s sharper and brighter images by 4.3” TFT LCD Display True 1280800 720P. It Advanced Color by MStar. LED lighting +70% and sharper images +50% than ordinary projector. Supporting 1920x1080P, Contrast ratio 4000:1 which is the most ideal for home entertainment. Including home theater and gaming. Not recommend for PPT or office presentation purposes. ►【MULTIMEDIA VERSATILITY】: C9 Projector support 2HDMI/2USB/AV/VGA/3.5mm Headphone Jack , which allows you to use it with laptops/PC/TV Box/Chrome Book/Tablets/Blue-ray DVD players/USB flash drives/Multi-media players(music, pictures, videos)/iOS/Android (HDMI Cable included FREE). If your device doesn’t support HDMI there’s also USB/MHL connectivity. Note: Chromecast is supported. ►【BIG SCREEN HOME CINEMA PROJECTOR】: Supports 44 to 200 inches projection size with distance 4.98-20 feet, 4.98 feet is the shortest distance to focus, and the best viewing distance is 9.6 feet with 100 inches. Easy to create a private home cinema, enjoy movies with your friends and families. ►【PROJECTOR CEILING MOUNT】: The BARZAA C9 Projector only have ONE Screw Hole(Screw Diameter:6.3mm) for the projector’s ceiling mount. So you need to buy the ceiling mount as left ceiling mount picture.Just rotate the knob to and tighten it to get the best angle as you need. ►【3-YEAR WARRANTY】: C9 Projector offer customers 3-YEAR WARRANTY with professional customer service & technical support. Our team will reply you soon 24/7. Our goal is to deliver a enjoyable home theater and provide top quality service. If you are satisfied with your purchase and services provided, please do spare some time to share with other customers. It will be much helpful !
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LCdRm says:

And this video projector does that.I used it for my kid because i feel that projector damages less than the TV, correct me if I am wrong.For the price I would recommend it to anyone the only downfall is the remote does not come with any batteries also has a pretty good speaker built-in it to This projector is very lightweight and very nice.There is a remote controller comes with this product, but you have to buy a battery for the controller.Decided to try because I wanted something for my backyard.It comes with a remote control and a HDMI cable.Not only do I have a fantastic bedroom theater now, but I can also take this with me when traveling so I have a massive TV wherever I go in such a tiny package.It has a wide variety of ports which lets you connect it to pretty much any video equipment.We brought it to use on weekends with video games.I chose this brand because it had good reviews and was mid price point.This thing is light as a feather and smaller than any projector I’ve used in the past.It will automatically recognize the port you connect it to, very helpful to avoid the technical issue(WHICH HAPPENS EVERYTIME AT THE STRAT OF A MEETING.Remember a good screen is key, I use a thick $25 roll up screen with a one inch black border, all the pics are on that screen in my blacked out garage except for the one of my kid playing the Xbox One, that is on a stretchy crappy cloth screen I paided $8 for, this projector still looked fantastic on it… It has a quiet fan, does not get hot, the speaker actually sounds decent, as you can see it also has a super solid picture and an overall awesome build quality along with a nice remote, decent keystone, great zoom, 2 hdmi, there is nothing bad I can say about this projector, it even works well during the day in normal sunlight which is will be great to bring over to a friend’s house to watch a movie together with a bigger screen.Very happy with this worth the price.If i’d been prepared and brought my new inflatable projector screen and didn’t neglect the Fire Stick adapter and only had the remote there would be no question.I have it projected on my bare garage door at about 200″ wide screen.I initially had an issue with the first one I received but the seller is really great to work with and helped fix the issue right away![/review2][review3] Oh my gosh it’s soooooo nice!!!! I don’t even want to take the plastic off because it’s so pretty I don’t want to scratch it but wow I didn’t expect it to look this good not cheap looking at all, not to mention it is so bright!!!! I am starting to have fun with projectors over TVs you can even play music videos, I do this while I’m cleaning and have it big on my wall.

mWOPY says:

I also used a white sheet and it comes out perfectly fine, great sound, underrated product!!! I recommend this projector to anyone looking for a budget option to watch movies and sports.I hooked up a chrome cast to it powered by the USB port on the projector, and play YouTube video on it, simple setup and works very well.This projector gets the job the done.The built-in sound system works very well and provides a pretty good effect.The other reviews shared that it was easy to set up.We kept trying to find some level of brightness and saturation that would show up and it never worked.The quality of the image on this projector is so much better.I bought a Lighting to HDMI cable to get pictures mirroring from my phone.also, the design is so great and i love it, especially the texture on the top of it, full metal with kinda laser like texture.It is not very bright so at the largest size the room has to be absolutely dark.It’s very light weight, looks sleek with clean lines.The sound quality is clear, and very loud.The experience is amazing, just like a small cinema at home.It took me a few mins to set it up and figure out how to make the picture clear, but once I got it up and running it worked great.It has a adapter on the bottom to adjust it’s high, no more slide a book under the projector.The screen of the computer is too small to give us a good visual effect.Just connect the computer and project by wire it provided, then I can watch videos.This company has a wonderful customer service.

xXqZsy says:

The sound quality is pretty good.Its got a nice ascetically pleasing look that sits well within a given space.I could say, it is better than what I bought for my new house last month, and it is not expensive as that one.Works well with fireTV as well.It is clear enough to watch movie at home.Because of the same performance, and price is cheaper .As to the image quality, when I connect it with my smartphone and the laptop, the projection is amazing , my kids love it to the most, because they can watch the Cartoon from it.Leaves a lot to be desired.In their defense, it’s difficult to find a projector that projects that much resolution without fan noise…esp.I was debating to buy a TV and decided to get a projector to be more portable.Its highly presentable.Great picture and good sound from internal speakers.The price itself made me hesitant to buy when I saw it, but after some considerations I decided to –> <use xlink:href="http://2azap.This projector bright enough and clear enough, but when I plug in m usb and tried to play some movie, most of movie can’t be played with an “unsupported form” error.The pictures is very clear and the speaker is pretty loud.

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