Outdoor Projector Anker NEBULA Solar Portable 1080p Projector Full HD Smart Projector 400 ANSI Lumen (1100 Lumen) 4K Supported Autofocus Keystone Correction Built-in Stand 3Hr Video Playtime Reviews

Outdoor Projector Anker NEBULA Solar Portable 1080p Projector Full HD Smart Projector 400 ANSI Lumen (1100 Lumen) 4K Supported Autofocus Keystone Correction Built-in Stand 3Hr Video Playtime Product Reviews

  • Cinematic Visuals: Experience up to 120 inches of awesome 1080p entertainment. With HDR10 and 400 ANSI lumens also included, everything you watch and play is packed full of rich detail and color.(Recommended for use in dimmer environments.)
  • Unforgettable Audio: Hear every whisper, explosion, and song in incredible clarity with Dolby Digital Plus and the dual 3W speakers. The sound is so powerful and clear that you can even use Solar as a portable Bluetooth speaker.
  • No Wires, No Limits: With Solar Portable 1080p projector’s built-in rechargeable battery, you can recreate the sights and sounds of the cinema anywhere you want. Get up to 3 hours of power on a single charge—more than enough to mini-binge your favorite TV series.
  • Entertainment Tailored to You: Choose from more than 5,000 apps with Android TV 9, including favorites like YouTube, Hulu, and more. You can even mirror content from your smartphone or other devices to Solar Portable 1080p projector.
  • Easy to Adjust: Leave that heavy tripod at home. Use Solar Portable 1080p projector’s built-in stand to adjust the angle of projection by up to 13 degrees.

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  • Great packaging keeps the product save
  • The projector has a good quality and portable
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  • When I received package it’s very well packed and I was surprised it’s very nice and small shape
  • Bought it for the future use at my apartment, love the quality! The connection is stable and the picture quality is nice
  • I had it fixed in my kids game room, great picture quality

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  • We love this! Makes great for family movie night! My kids were so excited to watch Jack on the big screen , we cudnt wait to set this up and give it a go! We got it all hooked up in less than 10 mins, and watched our first halloween movie of the season on this and it was very nice i was impressed! Awesome clear picture, sound comes out loud and clear and it is very easy to set up! I connected it to my phone and had no issues at all! We were happily streaming in under 10 mins with complete set up
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  • I bought this earlier in the summer, thinking we would use it sooner rather than later
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  • It comes with a 100inch projection screen which is a bonus
  • Mainly purchased this projector because is mirrors the image of your phone which is great! The picture quality was very good, and sound was clear
  • Everything is great except you can only watch Netflix, Prime, etc using Xbox
  • Llevo dos dias con el proyector y estoy muy contento, muy buena imagen, funciona bien y facil de configurar
  • It is a pretty nice projector, the compatibility with HDMI, USB, Bluetooth and wifi makes this projector a great buy, and the size it is adecuate so you can take it to many places
  • Works fine, great projector overall

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  • The pros: the picture is crystal clear, focus is easy to adjust, the menu on the Home Screen is easy to navigate, connecting to WiFi is super easy, the speaker quality is very nice, wide range of volume adjustment, remote is easy to use and comes with batteries

    The cons: no leveling adjustment so we had to use books etc to raise the front of the projector, you cannot stream or use air play from apps like Hulu, Verizon, Amazon prime, etc

  • I like the size of it and how it will Bluetooth to my phone or run off my fire stick
  • This projector is packed with options that make it a fantastic projector for the money
  • Un buen proyector tiene excelente de imagen
  • We ordered this for our sons to watch videos on
  • Awesome projector for the price
  • bought it for basement use, and the dog loves it

3 thoughts on “Outdoor Projector Anker NEBULA Solar Portable 1080p Projector Full HD Smart Projector 400 ANSI Lumen (1100 Lumen) 4K Supported Autofocus Keystone Correction Built-in Stand 3Hr Video Playtime Reviews”

eYarC says:

Picture quality is great as long as you use it in a dark environment, would not recommend for using in a bright room.Brightness is OK, you need a fairly dim room to use this projector unless you shrink the screen down to the equivalent of a 40″ television.I felt that a high quality projector would fit my lifestyle better than an actual TV, as I live in a small, 3rd floor apt and travel on a weekly basis.Colors are fantastic however.When used outdoors, the sound doesn’t carry very well.Unfortunately the PowerPort III charger started sounding like a fly zapper and then literally sparking.At 120″ even outdoors, while there’s still some light out, the picture quality is quite good and visible, for well-lit applications.I didn’t notice any significant changes to the issues I mentioned in my original review.Works well with Bluetooth speakers (sometimes you have to delete and re add a connection to have a repeat connection work.I had a Firestick plugged in watching movies on Prime and it lasted three hours even though I was using the USB port to power the Firestick.So far very impressed.Update 11/29/21 – Following a customer service call they have offered to provide a one time warranty extension and have provided a shipping label to send back the projector for inspection.I only wish that there was a way to make the volume louder.I researched quite a bit and did have a budget this one/brand came up on multiple reputable sites as being a great buy for outdoors especially you didn’t want to spend $800 or more.Good quality all around I decided to buy a budget Projector just to see if I liked it a while back.This projector, while a little expensive, works great for our purposes and is much better quality than the generic $75 projector I initially bought.For whatever reason, Ankur projectors don’t support Netflix’s streaming requirements, so you can’t download the android TV netflix app.The current one never gets above 6% charge.We didn’t want to install a TV over our fireplace, so we just keep the projector in a cabinet in our living room and pull it out for TV time/movie nights; less than 30 seconds from opening the cabinet door to watching TV, and then another 15 seconds to put it away for a no-electronics look.

eyQIt says:

For the price I believe this is the best projector you can find in this price bracket.All you need is this device, a screen or smooth-surfaced wall, and a dark room to enjoy movies and favorite shows on a big screen. Love that it’s a unit with apps accessibility.I do everything from watch movies to play games in my switch on my projector and ive had no real complaints with it.Great features and ease of use.Image is visible during the day, but you can only get the best movie experience at night.There seem to be an issue with the picture quality as it looks blurry somehow.The projector is small and portable which makes it easy to travel with.They explained the portable version does not support CEC power, but the non portable does.The fan runs super quiet I mean you can still hear it but it’s not over bearing.There was a MAJOR bug in the firmware causing issues on the Solar model but after a short wait and update those issues were resolved.Plays Netflix.I have had it for a year..I researched many options, .We watched out first movie and hooked it up to a Bluetooth speaker.Additionally, you can also you use you own external speaker via Bluetooth for bigger sound!!!I I do wish it also had independent audio output Jack’s i.I will be flexing on these haters soon.

sGsaWO says:

But if you want one that is easy to set up, has decent picture and sound quality, and has plentiful streaming services, this is the projector for you. Year after the purchase, battery doesn’t last even 10 seconds after you disconnect the cable Good picture, but bluetooth audio problems make me regret buying this.When using to project files requiring the image to be to scale, you need to convert the file to a picture.Also a big kudos to the customer service.I bought this projector with my own money not knowing if it was worth it.I corresponded with the company – I was nice – and not expecting anything for free – I just wanted it serviced.I very much liked this projector until the battery wouldn’t last 15 minutes or take a charge.However if you are indoors or if you want to project a movie outside in the afternoon with little sunlight.It’s functional and everything, but it does not light up. Quality is okay.The Amazon packaging was horrific….Furthermore, it failed while simply sitting on my tripod- one week it worked and the next it didn’t.I wish the plug in was a USB so I could plug a portable battery into it to play, as I got the version that doesn’t have a battery and it looks like a laptop power connector.But another for the same price that was at least 2-3 times brighter.Satisfied until now for the clarity, video size, sound, battery and user friendly, keeping in mind the cost of a portable projector I got this for.

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