Native 1080P Projector 5G WiFi 5.1 Bluetooth 13000L 450 ANSI 4K Support 400” ONOAYO Outdoor Portable-Projector ±50° 4P/4D Keystone&50% Zoom Full Sealed Optical/LCD/LED Wireless Home Projector Review

Native 1080P Projector 5G WiFi and 5.1 Bluetooth 13000L 450 ANSI 4K Support 400” ONOAYO Outdoor Portable-Projector ±50° 4P/4D Keystone&50% Zoom Full Sealed Optical/LCD/LED Wireless Home Projector Specs and Product Reviews

  • ✦【450 ANSI LM & Native 1080P, 4K Support & 12000:1 Contrast】ONO1 2022 upgraded projector with wifi and bluetooth adopts high-refractive glass lens and imported LED source, which is 90% brighter than other 1080P outdoor projectors.The latest smart image processing technology presents crystal clear and vivid picture. 12000:1 contrast ratio and 18 million color reproduction, bring you a shocking and immersive viewing experience on your 400-inch large projector screen. The ONO 4K projector is not only suitable for watching movies, but also for playing games and watching sports.
  • ✦【5.1 Bidirectional Bluetooth & 2.4G+5G WiFi Projector】With the latest Bidirectional Bluetooth tech, ONO1 is not only a video projector but also a speaker while connecting to mobile devices. Built-in dual 10W Hi-Fi stereo sound speakers and Super BT Sensor, ONO1 1080P projector receives a signal from devices over 50ft away and creates extraordinary sound. Equipped with 2.4+5G WiFi, compared with other 2.4G WiFi projectors, it can transmit smoother and 0-latency online images and videos for you.
  • ✦【Multiple Keystone Correction Ways & 400” Giant Display & 100%-50% Zoom】 The advanced 4D/4P Keystone can easily adjust ±50° vertical and horizontal, just click the remote control. Picture adjustment is no longer limited by placement. With ZOOM function, ONO1 mini projector 4K can reduce the image size to 50%. It also has 360°flip function, support front, rear and ceiling installation. ONO1 movie projector for outdoor or indoor use will bring you the best viewing experience.
  • ✦【Multimedia Connection & Presentation via USB & Backpack Included】 With multiple ports: USB2/HDMI2/AV/Audio output ports, our portable projector with custom backpack can be easily connected to TV Stick, PC, Laptop, USB sticks, or Android and iOS devices. And ONO1 phone projector can play PPT/Excel/Word/PDF directly via USB, while other projectors only support text format.
  • ✦【Dust-Proof Sealed Optical Engine & 120,000h Lamp Life 】 The Sealed Optical Engine of our dust-proof Bluetooth projectors prevents dust entering the machine or falling on the lens, ensures no black spots on clarity image. Lamp life reaches 120000 hours. If you are looking for a long-life LED projector in the same price range, we recommend ONO1 home theater projector.
  • ✦【3-Year Repair & Lifetime Professional Technical Support &New Version Online Upgrade】ONO1 small projector offers 1-year return, 3-year repair, and lifetime technical support. Instructive videos are prepared so you can learn how to operate it visually. Parts like remotes can be replaced free of charge. Rest assured to buy our LCD projector and any questions we will offer you the most satisfying solution ASAP.

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Elite Screens 125″ Spectrum Electric Motorized Projector Screen Diag 169 Moiré-Free Sound Transparent Perforated Weave 4K Ready Drop Down Review

  • For a budget friendly screen
  • For the money, this screen has done well
  • I bought the 125″ spectrum tab tension version
  • This review is for the Spectrum 2, 110-inch 16:9 motorized screen
  • If you can get beyond the cheap remote, short power cable, and requirement that this be delivered via a crappy shipper (was like $70 shipping that is charged after purchase regardless of Prime), this is an amazing screen!First the bad: The remote sucks
  • Even at $500 this is considered a budget screen so you need to set expectations accordingly
  • I think this is a very good quality screen at this price point
  • Make sure to purchase heavy duty anchors
  • Based on recommendations from Elite Screens, I bought this screen

Akia Screens CLR ALR Projector Screen 115 inch 169 Ceiling Light Rejecting Ambient Light Rejecting Projection Screen for UST Projection Edge Free Fixed Frame Screen AK-NB115H-CLR4 Review


  • I am very pleased with the final result of the 125-inch fixed frame series AKIA screen
  • Pros:- You won’t find anything in this size that’s cheaper
    – The picture brightness and quality is excellent
    – No wrinkles aside from the extreme corners
    – Compared to other vinyl screens, the smell is quite low and goes away after 24hr
  • Really happy with this purchase
  • CLR4
  • I put this together by myself
  • I have no complaints about the screen after I was able to get it assembled
  • Purchased the 145 inch edge free screen
  • I bought this screen as I moved to a new apartment and had to set up my projector in essentially the brightest room imaginable without much ability for light control
  • There is way too much screen fabric included in the 100″ screen size (I suspect they include the same amount of fabric for a 110″ screen), and the tension bars aren’t long enough, which is just bizarre
  • The screen quality is really nice! I was using a cheap white pulldown screen and this is much better quality in every way

Elite Screens Sable Frame B2 135-INCH Projector Screen Diagonal 169 Diag Active 3D 4K 8K Ultra HD Ready Fixed Frame Home Movie Theater Black Projection Screen with Kit SB135WH2 CineWhite UHD-B Review

  • I picked up an Amazon return of this item for a good deal
  • Screen is good for the ust projector I have and Elite sent me the missing part since I bought used one from Amazon
  • I would have preferred a slightly thicker frame on a screen this size and it is a bit time consuming to put together, but it has been up about 6 weeks and overall I am very happy with this screen
  • Several years back, I purchased a relatively inexpensive fixed frame screen by a company called Focupix
  • This was a previously opened/used item, so I did not expect it to be perfect
  • I own the 120” Sable Cinegrey 3D, and I bought this to install for a client who wanted something similar to what I have
  • Overall product quality was great and assembly install was didn’t take longer than 30 minutes
  • I’ve had this screen since September 2017, and so I’ve been using it every day for over a year now
  • This is for the 110″ white screen
  • Probably would have been a lot easier to install if I’d have had a second pair of hands but I didn’t so it was a solo operation

Elite Screens Ceiling Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Frame Projector Screen Sable Frame CineGrey 3D 100-inch Diagonal 169 for Home Theater Movie Office Presentations ER100DHD3 Review

  • This review is of the 1080p3 version 150″ diagonal
  • After many reviews and hours of research I finally pulled the trigger on the Cinegrey 5D screen
  • First of all, I have to tell you that I was dumb enough to install the screen and throw away all the packaging
  • The ALR is hard to describe
  • I took some time in researching different screen options and eventually decided on the ezFrame with the Sound Transparent AcousticPro screen material
  • Great looking screen, although I had a bit of difficulty stretching the screen material to the frame by myself
  • I saw some concerns about hot-spotting with this screen so I reached out to Elite Screens beforehand to make sure I wouldn’t have that problem
  • 150″ 3D material
  • If you’re in the market for a screen, don’t spend 3 months testing screen samples from a bunch of different manufacturers like I did

Elite Screens Evanesce Tab-Tension B CineGrey 5D 126-inch 169 in Ceiling Concealed Electric Motorized Drop Down Projector Screen w Ambient Light Rejecting CG5D Projection Material ETB126HD5-E10 Review


  • You cannot beat the value on this ; However I have to agree with others that you have a fairly high chance that it will either be somewhat damaged in shipping and/or your screen may have some defects
  • UPDATE 18 Months later: After less than 2 years of use (the warranty period); the limit switches on the unit have failed and the unit won’t roll back up
  • The build quality on this screen is excellent, and is the second one we’ve installed this year
  • Overall the screen works as expected, though installation was a bit difficult due to the hanging tabs that stick out the same with as the shroud
  • Amazon had a bit of trouble getting the right screen to me, but I generally try to not let that impact my product review
  • While installing this screen and opting for the hard wired option, I found what appeared to be an unusual difference in the suggested wiring diagram
  • This screen is every bit as good as the description
  • This doesn’t have a lot to do with the product itself
  • Purchased in March 2018 as part of a basement theater room renovation, paired with the Optoma UHD60

3 thoughts on “Native 1080P Projector 5G WiFi 5.1 Bluetooth 13000L 450 ANSI 4K Support 400” ONOAYO Outdoor Portable-Projector ±50° 4P/4D Keystone&50% Zoom Full Sealed Optical/LCD/LED Wireless Home Projector Review”

xWyCN says:

I had a previous projector bus this one is much better than the last one, typically this one can project a super clear picture even from a far distance.Colors were very nice, but the Sharpness was unacceptably low, as was essential black/white contrast.took in full confirmation, everything is intact, it’s worth it .Buttons are straightforward with their functions, and the transition is smooth.The machine is equipped with a projector, HDMI, AV, and power meter.I will update once I receive it.Nice picture quality, low noise, and sound is also great! My family are very satisfied with it! Bought this for gaming.Tried HDMI connection so far and it works great.I was looking to improve the Halloween presentation of the AtmosFX hologram videos.I watched some YouTube clips with wireless connection, the play is smooth without jitters and the video quality is very good, bright and vivid.The fan was a little louder than expected but once the sound came on, it didn’t really bother me.She was very pleasant to work with.

RDZgg says:

Reached out to customer service and Eliza promptly provided me with instructions to send in the old one so that a new one could be shipped out.I connected it with my laptop through HDMI cable and it produces the great video quality.I can even project onto the ceiling so that I can lay down and watch.I think it’s a real 1080p projector I connect it with my laptop through the HDMI adapter ,and connect it with my sound bar through Bluetooth at the same time.I was able to plug my fire stick straight into the HDMI port and it worked perfect.Included everything needed even an HDMI cable! Honestly the best unit for traveling if you plan to!Remote controlled and Has a built in 43W speaker. I shopped for a while and before deciding on the ONOAYO.You can also YouTube the unboxing videos and see the various techniques you can use the projector.Super easy to handle with IOS system.I really like the Bluetooth connection to my phone, made easy to connect and play.The video and sound quality both are wonderful.With this projector you’re able to get a massive bright and beautiful image.and the speakers are louder than I expected! I can wirelessly connect to my bluetooth device with ease, I can wirelessly mirror my phone to the projector, and so much more.

ermCQi says:

The picture is bright, clear, and vivid.also you can connect it with your phone and use it as wireless speaker.Amazing quality and nice picture display.– 9500L wowow say no more the pictures come to life 😍– bidirectional bluetooth functionality, this is a cool feature that other projectors did not have upon our research– adjust angles with remote.Very enjoyable for the kids in the backyard as it provides a movie theatre experience while being outdoors.The HD WIFI 4K video projector can not only connect to speakers and earphones, but also connect to mobile devices and work as a speaker.I had a mini projector before this one, and this one is just way better , I need it everyday, And not only the image quality, other functions all had great update.What you need is just a screen or a white wall.Portable backpack and user-friendly setting.The connection is so good that there is no lags at all.This projector is perfect for me.You can use the projector with your iPad or iPhone using IOS CAST which is very convenient.We had been shopping around for a large TV but found them way too expensive.As shown in the picture, it is very nice packed in a mini briefcase.The wireless internet brings a lot of convinces of use.

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