Mini Projector – YOTON 2022 Upgraded Portable 1080P Full HD Supported Projector Y3 Phone Projector for Home Theater Kids Compatible with PC/Tablet/Fire Stick/iOS Android Phone Review

Mini Projector – YOTON 2022 Upgraded Portable 1080P Full HD Supported Projector Y3 Phone Projector for Home Theater Kids Compatible with PC/Tablet/Fire Stick/iOS and Android Phone Reviews and Key Specs

  • ⭐【2022 Newly Upgraded HD Mini Projector】Y3 mini projector has updated the native resolution to 1280720. Compared with most of the bulky 720P projectors on the market, the Y3 mini projector has the minimum size, which makes it much more portable, and its display size can reach up to 120″. With the upgraded brightness and better contrast ratio, the Y3 mini projector can restore the most vivid image for you. (Better in a dark environment)
  • ⭐【Easy to Use & Multi Devices Compatible】With HDMI, USB, AV, and audio interface, you can conveniently connect the phone projector to a PC, Laptop, Smartphone, TV Box, Fire Stick, PS4, PS5, XBOX, USB stick, etc. Connection to smartphones requires an HDMI wireless dongle (not included). An included remote control, as well as ±15° vertical keystone and 25% zoom functions, make operating the projector simple.
  • ⭐【Gifts for Kids and Friends】Y3 mini projector can not only be a unique present for friends, but an awesome creative gift for kids to watch cartoons and videos, a larger screen, a bigger world.. Inexpensively reasonably priced which brings a lot of relaxing moments to your life, the home projector Y3 can be used in travel, camping, bedroom, university dorms, and anywhere you want.
  • ⭐【Super Heat Dissipation & Low Noise】Y3 video projector adopts advanced optical machine and projection technology. Compared with other similar projectors, this outdoor projector dissipates heat faster, reduces power consumption, and is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. High-brightness projectors are usually accompanied by a lot of noise, but the low-noise technology (<30dB) of the movie projector Y3 makes you no longer affected by noise when watching movies.
  • ⭐【Eye Protection Light Source】Y3 small projector adopts the latest LCD3.0 and eye protection technology, the lamp life is up to 60,000 hours, and the projected blue/white light is reflected from the surface rather than directly absorbed into the eyes. Compared to watching mobile phones and computers at close range, the portable projector Y3 is your vision protection umbrella.

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3 thoughts on “Mini Projector – YOTON 2022 Upgraded Portable 1080P Full HD Supported Projector Y3 Phone Projector for Home Theater Kids Compatible with PC/Tablet/Fire Stick/iOS Android Phone Review”

kewQD says:

Ran into issues from the onset though, due, no doubt, to it being as inexpensive as it is. If you want the small and the light weight, this is the one.It increased my room temperature by four degrees within the first 5 minutes.DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR COOKIERS If you plan on using this with an apple device you need the digital adapter.Pictures and descriptions are deceptive.I didn’t know that & I really appreciate that help & I will definitely do that.I have yet to get anything to show on the screen except error or the home screen.Very simple to set up and use, very quiet and quick to cool down, ran it for three hours without issues or overheating.I had planned to use it a second time, had it turned on, and then I had to unplug and move it and the power light won’t turn red and the projector will not turn on.After a few times using it, it stopped projecting and now the projection and power button just keep blinking/’s so small and cute!! It’s nice overall! 🙂 Es muy practico para viajar con el y hace una funcion bastante completa.Technology resembles that of the 80’s.

JBPQt says:

I used outside against a shed wall and the picture was amazing.Picture degrades as you move it further from whatever you’re trying to project onto .Netflix, prime, and Hulu would crash as soon as it was connected to my phone playback crashed every time.If you got the money spend the $100 on a wireless one.. Me encantó tienes una calidad de imagen aceptables, no es que sea algo Alta gamas, pero cumple connlos requisitos This little thing is AMAZING.Like i had to call Amazon support and that was a dead end.[/review4][review5] It’s amazing, it’s easy to use and the pictures is really good[/review5][review5] At first thought I was not expecting to get much out of this projector.I love it! The screen is bright .Easy to carry and great to have.All without the burden of heavy equipment, or an abundance of wires.

EVJqpp says:

I saw some good reviews, it’s price point is well below others, and looked somewhat quality from pictures.It’s way cheaper and very good quality.I wasn’t serious about a projector, and if I had been, I would have invested more so I can watch Netflix, hulu, etc.But no, you have to go through a laptop or tv OR buy an adapter cable.It wasn’t pushed In all the way lol.Returning it.Be sure of what you are ordering. This is fine for projecting on the wall for movies etc, but I use it for composition for art and then it is a bit hazy.And then it should work when you click connect with HDMI.Love this.

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