Mini Projector Native 1080P Full HD YOWHICK DP02W Movie Projector for Outdoors 9000Lm Portable Projector with Remote Control HDMI USB AV Aux Ports for Laptop TV Stick PS5 Smartphone Reviews

Mini Projector Native 1080P Full HD YOWHICK DP02W Movie Projector for Outdoors 9000Lm Portable Projector with Remote Control HDMI USB AV and Aux Ports for Laptop TV Stick PS5 Smartphone Product Reviews and Specs

  • 【Native 1080P & 9000Lm】Adopted the newest 3LCD color calibrating and high transmittance and refraction lens, YOWHICK 2022 updated DP02W mini projector provides you native 19201080P Full HD high resolution, 3000:1 contrast ratio and 9000Lumens brightness, which means a higher quality, more dynamic and vibrant color image than other similar protable projector.
  • 【Large Display Size & Built-in Speakers】DP02W outdoor projector provides 33” to 200” large watching size with 3.28ft to 19.68ft throw distance. Built-in dual Hi-Fi speaker, this tv projector provides great sound and you can plug external speakers for a better sound via 3.5mm Aux port. Your ideal projector for outdoor or indoor use.
  • 【60000h Long Lifetime & Dustproof】Adopted the newest powerful cooling technology, YOWHICK DP02W small projector is lower in noise and more durable than the previous models. The airtighted internal optical machine is dustproof, which would make sure this projector could work clearly and brightly without any dark area or defect spot during all its service period
  • 【Wide Compatibility】DP02W movie projector is equppied with HDMI, AV, USB and Aux ports, compatible with TV Box, TV Stick, Chromecast, PC, Laptop, Tablet, External Speaker, Playstation, DVD Player, Card Reader, U Disk, Media Player, PS3/4, Switch. Suitable for a variety of activities, such as movie, video games, party, outdoor activities, soccer game live etc. Add much more fun for your party and family reunion time.
  • 【Ideal Gift Choice & Hassle Free 3-Year Maintenance】With compacked design and delicate outlook, DP02W proyector portatil is a perfect gift choice for kids and adults.Your satisfactory using experience is our ultimate priority! We are always striving for excellence in both our projectors and services. Please let us know if for any reason you are not satisfied. We would get back to you within 24 hours and for your very help!

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  • This little thing continues to impress me
  • Finally got a mini projector thats actually mini and its even beefier weight wise than ones 2 and 3x its size it has a great picture and lots of options for downloading apps my phone doesnt do screen mirroring which makes me sad but you can get on google play store only thing is games are limited
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    – you have endless possibilities when it comes to its use w/o the need of cables, tv, etc we used it in the baby’s room to display videos, in the bedroom to watch movies on the ceiling, on an empty wall in the living room and cant wait to run an outdoor cinema too, it will be fantastic!
    – you can connect the audio to other devices to make the experience even better

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    • This is a good projector for beginners because at $99 you can learn about whether you like the experience and enjoy using a projector to watch your favorite movies
    • This projector is absolutely fantastic at its price point
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    • Really compact so it doesn’t take up any space at all
    • I was able to connect my phone with no issues (luckily I had a type c/HDMI cable already) I did find the first time using it though that the built in speakers are very quiet
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    3 thoughts on “Mini Projector Native 1080P Full HD YOWHICK DP02W Movie Projector for Outdoors 9000Lm Portable Projector with Remote Control HDMI USB AV Aux Ports for Laptop TV Stick PS5 Smartphone Reviews”

    bjZmS says:

    I own the awesome Benq 2050a 1080p projector and it blows this out of the water in every way.I had purchased a couple low cost projectors in the past to display Halloween and Christmas decorations and videos outside and neither were very bright so they could only be seen once it was dark out.So I could play a movie in my daughter’s room since we don’t have a TV in there and so we could do outside movie nights with friends and all the kids.The picture quality is pretty good.Love that it includes a lens cover, however I think the rim around the lens having white is causing issues.I was able to connect it to my Laptop, both Windows and Apple, without any issues.The picture it projects is very bright and clear, and this is what you buy a projector for.My bedroom is a theater every night with a whole wall of amazing image We didn’t expected too much as for such a low price, but it is a rally great product for outdoor movie night in my backyard.Great picture quality, very easy to set up and adjust.The image quality and brightness are decent quality even on a white wall without a cloth projection screen.The internal speaker is surprisingly loud and clear.So we decided to give this a try.One of the best projector I have used.

    BmXlC says:

    It has great video quality.Turns off on it’s on, doesn’t turn on at times, doesn’t mirror.While it is very easy to set up, the main plus is the surprisingly great picture quality that this small unit puts out. Don’t buy this product it broke a day after arrivalWould like my money back I try to select any options and nothing happens.I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to get a great quality projector without having to spend so much money.Good picture quality and projects more that 70 inch screen from a very short distance.I like that it is portable, it’s small, light and easy to store and carry.This one particularly caught my eye because of the brightness level. Nice size, not bad on the brightness, however when you make the image larger the edges becomes blurry and won’t clear with the focus adjustment.It is very small and cute, and what’s more, it is useful.Great for viewing and comes with all the necessary cables. Super cheap alternative mini projector to larger projectors or tv in bedroom/kids play room.However the sides of the screen are a bit blurry and couldn’t figure out how to connect it to a Bluetooth speaker.Small and compact.

    JOcEdw says:

    At this price, this little thing is –> <use xlink:href="http://2azap.It’s changed a lot of how I watch shows and movies; I don’t have to sit nearly as close to see things clearly.Movie night has definitely had an upgrade! I needed a small projector for our Friday Family movie night.I’m very happy with my decision.The picture was surprisingly bright and clear.Picture quality I have tested was around 3 to 12ft.the goods:-The projector is light, versatile, and easy to use.

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