Mini Projector ELEPHAS Portable Projector for iPhone Video Smart Led Pocket Pico Small Home Phone Projector for Bedroom with Laptop HDMI USB TV AV Interfaces Remote Control to Watch Cartoon Reviews

Mini Projector ELEPHAS Portable Projector for iPhone Video Smart Led Pocket Pico Small Home Phone Projector for Bedroom with Laptop HDMI USB TV AV Interfaces and Remote Control to Watch Cartoon Key Specs and Product Review

  • 【Connect with Your Smartphone 】- Mini projector support to connect it with your Smartphone, tablets, laptops or Macbook. To connect the pocket projector. You need a lighting to HDMI , a Micro USB to HDMI or a Type-C to HDMI adapter which depends on your devices. If you want to realize the wireless connection, a wifi network adapter is needed. (NOTE: All adapters not included in the package.)
  • 【The Gift for Children】- Portable projector is the Gift for Children. As most children are best educated from visual learning, rest assured purchasing a mini projector will keep them interested. Many science-related activities can be explored, as well as watching educational videos or movies. It’s like a mini TV for kids that can be used as a picture projector or a story projector, as well. Given the opportunity, Child can make their own movies with images and music by a projector for bedroom!
  • 【Protect Your Children’s Eyes】- Phone projector is a must-have product for children to watch cartoons and videos, which is very popular with children. When viewed from a distance with a projector, it can project a maximum of 60 inches (Recommended 25-60 inches). Keeping children away from mobile phones and iPads can protect children’s eyes.
  • 【Small and Portable】- Mini video projector is small and portable, and mini portable projector can be carried in a pocket or bag. Even children can hold pico projector easily. You can enjoy movies, videos and games no matter at home or in the outdoor courtyard, travel, camping and other location by small projector.
  • 【Multiple Interface & Built-In Speaker】- Led projector is equipped with multiple ports, including HDMI, USB, audio, Micro SD, TF and AV interfaces. Mini projector portable can be easily connected to multiple media devices, such as TV boxes, laptops, desktop computers, digital cameras, HDMI-enabled devices to play video, TV series, photos sharing and games etc. Cheap projector has a built-in speaker for small rooms or spaces.

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  • I hadn’t give my granddaughter birthday gift yet, her birthday come this week
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3 thoughts on “Mini Projector ELEPHAS Portable Projector for iPhone Video Smart Led Pocket Pico Small Home Phone Projector for Bedroom with Laptop HDMI USB TV AV Interfaces Remote Control to Watch Cartoon Reviews”

FoGrC says:

We can change rooms, walls, project on the ceiling all on a whim. It’s a projector- I had to buy a different adaptor to it.It makes me feel like I need glasses.Had to return it and ordered another one.It looked like it had been used and the video quality seemed really bad.The number one thing I saw in the reviews were issues connecting to the phone…I didn’t encounter this issue because I figure if your trying to play YouTube , Netflix or any streaming services off your phone your better of with a usb streaming stick like fire stick, roku etc.The only issue we had was that the sound wasn’t as loud as we liked it to be but it had a place to hook a speaker up.It’s not loud enough but brought a speaker for it.It was very cheap, and honestly if you’re on the beach or camping in pitch darkness it does the job.The brightness and color are very good.My only issue is how stuffy it sounds I like how you could control it was a remote This gadget will display a laptop screen and can make a reasonably sized “movie screen” without being too blurry.It’s a projector.

inrtp says:

This connected easily but the volume is too low even when turned all the way up and the picture is not super clear.The projector weights between 10 to 11 ounce.Says it’s for smartphones and has usb port, but upon trying to use it I discover that I need to pay half the price of the projector itself MINIMUM to get hdmi adapters for each of our phones . For something so cheap I honestly didn’t expect this to work so well.Buenos colores, calidad de imagen justa.If you plan on using your phone with this, I suggest getting a separate HDMI cable that is compatible with your phone type.Overall it’s a really great projector.Perfect for when you have limited space.Does not focus up close enough for that so sent it back.I just load the pictures onto a USB flash drive, and use the remote to pause the photo playback on the correct image.Specifically, we used it to project pieces for a large mural in a new nursery that we could trace and then paint.[/review4][review5] This product was a lot better than what I had expected it to be.It came very well packaged, as seen and contained all the things pictured.My laptop computer works with the HDMI.

emkIJV says:

First of all it’s really small and compact but the quality your getting is superb.The picture quality is very pixely , but overall the sound quality is amazing, you can even plug your headphones into it.Daughter bought for to use with phone .It comes with an HDMI cord so all you might need is an HDMI adaptor if your laptop doesn’t have HDMI built in.the picture clear we had to keep the projector very close to the wall so we couldn’t see as much as we would have liked.We tried to use the Bluetooth pairing and screen mirroring and neither would work.Just what I expected for the cost.Plus with the lights off I found it put too much strain on my eyes.When we set it up it doesn’t support the tablet like i thought it would so we needed a separate adapter to be able to use it the way we wanted.The only thing I wish it did have is an option to change the angle of the lens, but I generally use it with a mini tripod that helps with that.It works well even if there’s some light but works best at night in the full dark which is –> <use xlink:href="http://2azap.May just be a fluke but it was a waste of money for us unfortunately.The speakers also leave something to be desired, so I usually pair the device I’m streaming from with my Google home instead of using the built-ins.I can’t wait to watch a move outside with the kids I got the projector and it works fine but it’ll would have worked even better with the remote that was suppose to come with it! I personally find this projector to be adorable and extremely compact.

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