Meer Mini ProjectorPortable Movie ProjectorSmart Home ProjectorNeat Projector for iOSAndroidWindowsPS5LaptopTV-StickCompatible with HDMIUSBAudioTF CardAV and Remote Control Reviews

Meer Mini ProjectorPortable Movie ProjectorSmart Home ProjectorNeat Projector for iOSAndroidWindowsPS5LaptopTV-StickCompatible with HDMIUSBAudioTF CardAV and Remote Control Review and Key Specs

  • SMALL & PORTABLE: This pocket size projector is only 11.9cmx8.6cmx4.8cm (0.29kg), not much bigger than your smart phone. Thanks for its mini portability,you can take it anywhere and anytime.Whether you are watching movies, playing games, or enjoy sports livestreaming, outdoor camping or party with friends, this is your great private theater.
  • POWERED BY A POWER BANK: The projector does not have its own battery, it needs a 5V/2A power source such as a wall charger or power bank. Great for travel, hiking and camping where there’s no electricity or TV. Also popular with children.
  • MULTI PORTS:Equipped with various ports such as USB / HDMI / AV / SD / Audio. It can be easily connected with your smartphone,TV Stick, PS4, PS5, X-Box ONE or tablet, laptop to play video,TV series, sports livestreaming, games etc.
  • PERFORMANCE: 400 Lumens; Support resolution:1080P; Aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9; Projection distance: 1-3m; Projection size up to 60 inches. Built-in speaker provides authentic soundtrack makes it a wonderful sound enjoyment.
  • HOW TO CONNECT : To realize direct connection with your smartphone,tablets or laptops,you need a lighting to HDMI , a Micro USB to HDMI or a Type-C to HDMI adapter which depends on your ios or android devices. To realize wireless connection, a Wi-Fi display adapter is needed to Screen Mirroring & Screen Cast. As for streaming service you’d best get Fire stick,Google Chromecast or Roku to watch all streaming services (NOTE: Adapters not included in the package.)

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  • I got this thinking I could use it as a second external monitor in a pinch; unfortunately, the fan noise is just too much when the projector is near my head, which is where it needs to be to project a monitor-sized image where I can see it
  • Set up is easy – just turn it on and use the remote (need 2 AAA batteries) to navigate to the settings you want
  • This mini projector delivers clear visual and sound effects
  • I like it, it’s small and lightweight
  • This projector is very small and easy to pack
  • The small size projector is light weight and plug and play
  • I like that it’s small and convenience for moving around, but it’s loud and smell like it’s burning when I plugged it in the wall
  • We ordered this for my daughters room instead of a TV
  • This thing is compact with good picture quality but isn’t the brightest
  • I got this for my son to hook up to his computer, so he can project what he’s watching on his white walls/ceiling

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  • I have a DLP projector in my living room that cost 10 times what I paid for this projector
  • I’ve had the projector for about 2 months now and I’m honestly impressed
  • One of my friends recommended but I was initially very reluctant to buy Vamvo projector
  • This is a great projector for the price
  • Ive had the projector for about 2 months now and I’m honestly impressed with the quality for the price
  • Researched projectors over several days and this one kept coming up
  • Movie night outside
  • Very good image quality with bright, vibrant colors

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  • This is an honest and unpaid review of the replacement projector Auking sent me recently
  • Great price
  • Product review of Mini Projector: AuKing 2021 Upgraded 1080P Supported Outdoor Projector, Projector for Outdoor Use vs
  • The picture quality is not good even with the short distance, I put the projector about 10ft and 6ft from the wall and It was blurry, I tried to adjust the focus but this is all I can get
  • My friend told me about this projector and I was skeptical
  • This was my first experience with a Mini Projector
  • This thing is relatively cheap and works quite well for the price
  • We are a library and our patrons love this projector! Staff have said it is easy to set up, and the instructions on how to play are clear
  • The AuKing mini projector came packaged very well and all pieces were included

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  • We wanted something to use to watch TV or movies on an outdoor pull down screen
  • Used this for family night outside, but distance is limited and it is not too bright
  • We love our little projector! The quality is excellent and it’s light and portable, too
  • was a little disappointed i could not plug my android into it and get it to work guess i have to purchase google cast to make it work
  • When I order SMONET, i read pass the fine print that said you need lightening to HDMI adaptor if you want to use your iphone or ipad for movies, etc
  • I love this projector now and would buy again mainly because the customer service was amazing! They went above and beyond to help me get this working
  • My previous review showed that my projector was defective
  • I’ve wanted a home projector after using high quality professional projectors at work for years

3 thoughts on “Meer Mini ProjectorPortable Movie ProjectorSmart Home ProjectorNeat Projector for iOSAndroidWindowsPS5LaptopTV-StickCompatible with HDMIUSBAudioTF CardAV and Remote Control Reviews”

qKSTi says:

The picture quality is grainy, but for the size of the machine, and the price, I’m not complaining.I will have to admit though, it sucks not being able to use the USB slot for anything other than viewing on an actual USB drive.I Wanted it for a project and it works for that, not really good for watching movies or anything.We set up the projector for my dorm, and the quality was so-so.It’s super tiny and cute but you also can’t directly stream Netflix or some other sites.Other than that, it is pretty good for what you pay.Para su precio funciona muy bien.The built in speakers are trash, tinny and only play 1/2 the audio.I thought it would last longer than this.However I’m still trying to figure out how to use it on my Android phone.It’s the extra input wiring you’ll have to invest on top of the product itself.Great quality.Well guess what my iPhone 8 Plus doesn’t HAVE developer mode i looked up and down everywhere google sit several times.

FjvkZ says:

It was a lot better than i thought it was gonna be i was so worried when i first plugged it in it was blurry but the side dial fixed it up and made it clear i use it for my everyday streaming device with my roku good for family movies and binge watch your favorite showsand you can adjust the contrast and the brightness in settings I purchased this for my daughter.if that gives you an idea on it, not super granny but its not any where close to 1080 but its a projector for under a 50 bucks… i mean come on! i put video files on a usb drive it was a 16gig and it read it and the files just fine also read the picture files as well i made a little slide show of our wedding hint hint guys DOUBLE XP points for that…!!the built in sound is not good at all… but i took a pair of old computer speakers and that worked out well. My little siblings wanted a project so we got this.Is not HD per say but for being that size i think the picture quality is good.Just a cluster of pixels near the middle of the image never light up any color but black.So I invested in this and use it instead of a TV in my room.The screen only said no signal.Overall it’s super good works great with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, anything really.Picture is clear in all sizes I’ve tried it, sound is okay at best.After I move I’ll try it again. This is a mini projector in that it is only 5 inches by 3.Honestly I HIGH recommend this for everyone.

eMxgsm says:

Although It’s not super bright it works well in darker areas.Pros: great picture quality, good price, hasn’t over heated like my old projectors, adjustable for just about any size wall/screen.My only negative about it is the videos/ movies could come out a little brighter.The quality of the projector it is so bad and the brightness is so dim, I even had it set up on a proper screen, and the image is so pixelated you can barely even see what is being projected.The quality is so-so.The picture is good for the price and size of the device! Super portable.But it does feel like it would be a decent product for its price.Took a short time to get used to setup but now it’s a breeze.An easy fix is to add additional sound but using a speaker that you can plug into the headphones socket.Other than that it’s decent, gets the job done.I wanted to get something nice for my sister for Christmas and after about an hour of trying to figure out how to get it to work, it was a little –>

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