Jimveo Projector 5G WiFi Bluetooth10000L 380 ANSI Native 1080P Outdoor Projector 4K &4D Keystone&50% Zoom SupportSealed Mini Portable Movie LED/Home Projectors for Phone/TV Stick/PC[Screen Included] Reviews

Jimveo Projector 5G WiFi Bluetooth10000L 380 ANSI Native 1080P Outdoor Projector 4K &4D Keystone&50% Zoom SupportSealed Mini Portable Movie LED/Home Projectors for Phone/TV Stick/PC[Screen Included] Product Review

  • ★【Native 1080P &10000L】Features an upgraded LCD panel, tv projector with wifi and bluetooth accurately reproduces over 2-million tiny pixels and presents you subtle details on your massive 300″ screen. Impressive 10000L comes up 30% more brightness to traditional 1080P projectors. The striking 10000:1 contrast presents realistic color reproduction and highlights dark details. This exquisite 2.87lbs portable projector 4k offers great portability and freedom to bring all around!
  • ★【2.4G+5G Dual-band WiFi & Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1】Ultra fast stable 2.4G+5G WiFi brings ideal streaming and high-quality playback than 1 band. The upgraded wifi tech also allows wireless projector projection with phones under a wifi-free environment. With the latest bidirectional BT tech, can not only connect your 4k projector with an exterior speaker but can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker! Inbuilt 8w HiFi unleashes powerful sound and brings endless fun to you wherever and whenever.
  • ★【Lastest LSP tech&Unique RFC Screen】E10 movie projector for outdoor use adopts latest LSP tech that delivers softer images, 1.35 times less damage to your eyesight than on traditional diffuse light. In combination with our unique 100″ RFC HD screen (included) enhances both the visual performance and color reproduction, well-made optical coating layers also absorb harmful blue lights so that with the E10 proyectores your eyes won’t feel fatigued even after long-time viewing
  • ★【Upgraded 4D Keystone&Sealed Optical Engine】As the smallest projector with 4D Keystone, it allows ±50° vertical&horizontal adjustment, even bluetooth projector is off-axis or tilt up/down, you could get ideal square images. E10 specifically addresses the common issues on other phone projectors like Black/Yellow screens, upgraded sealed optical engine avoids dust pollution on optical components. Advanced German LED light can last up to 100,000 hours, eliminating the need to change the lamp.
  • ★【Broad Connectivity&50% Zoom&Worry-Free Purchase】E10 small projector with screen also supports wired connections, as simple to mirror from your iPhone/Android/Pad/PC when WiFi is unavailable. Equipped with AV/2USB/2HDMI/VGA ports, allow you to hook up your TV stick/DVD player/USB drive/Switch easily. 100%-50% Zoom allows reducing the image size with move the projector. Feel free to contact us via Product Support on Amazon or after-sale email if remote/cable missing or any quality issues, a Jimveo promises 24/7 service, 1 Year Replacement, 3 Year repair & lifelong support.

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  • Missing some plugs
  • I have had this projector for about a year now

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  • I had done a lot of research into projectors before I bought this projector, and got it on a prime day sale for around 500 and I couldn’t be happier
  • This projector has a great picture and really bright
  • We were looking for a decent image to project outdoors for weekend viewing
  • Pros
    – Decent brightness for dark rooms
    – Sound clarity is excellent for voices
    – Compact form factor
    – Android TV works well
  • Bought this projector for my fiancé for his birthday and hes so obsessed
  • Listen if mine didn’t have a manufacture default with the auto focus I would have kept it Despite the android
  • Good little projector
  • I purchased my unit towards the end of 2021

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  • Fair warning: This is the first projector I’ve owned and really operated so my opinion may be suffering from new toy syndrome
  • If you are looking for a compact Full HD BRIGHT projector then WIMIUS S26 is the perfect choice

    It has got a intuitive navigation and the setup is very quick and easy
    460 ANSI Lumens brightness looks great in dark room and it looks good in a semi dark room too

  • I was surprised by some of the features this projector offers and how easy it is to use
  • This is a great performing projector in a small package
  • I have been using this projector for around 6 days now and am really impressed with it
  • Well if you are looking for a great projector plus easy set up this is the way to go
  • Even on closet doors the picture is clear
  • I wanted a projector for a long time, after looking at hundreds and hundreds, I chose this one, I am VERY happy with it

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  • This is a great little projector! Very impressed with the video quality
  • This thing is awesome
  • Opened this for the first time tonight and it was EXTREMELY difficult to get it to connect to Bluetooth but finally got it, connected to WiFi, my video won’t play on AirPlay (despite selecting it on my device), won’t allow my iPad or phone to connect via screen cast, and I even tried to connect via USB, it shows I’m connected in all three ways but nothing plays
  • Product was very easy to set up
  • Se ve muy bien incluso con luz del día
  • I really wanted to like this projector and I did until I tried to connect my phone via Wi-Fi which was spotty at best most times my phone wouldn’t even show the projector name so I could screen share or airplay! If you connect directly to projector you can screen share with ease but I wanted wireless functionality which sucks
  • wow!its awesome!this is mu first projector,so amazing

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  • Watched my first movie on it last night (
  • First of all, the picture quality and brightness of this projector is phenomenal, especially for the price! By comparison, I had a $400 Epson years ago that didn’t even come close
  • I like it all for the most part
  • I’ve had this projector for about a year now and it’s been the perfect solution for my small apartment / lack of space for a TV
  • I bought a mini projector which was great for what it did, but even in the dark the picture quality was too dark… I decided to spend a little more and get this one and I am glad I did… the picture quality is so much better, it is bright in the day time and night time
  • True Native 1080p, it actually projects a 1080p quality image
  • Pros:
    – Brightness and picture quality! We set it up in our backyard to project onto a 120-inch projector screen (16:9) and the pictures are crisp and clear
  • Got this for outdoor movie night
  • Bought this for my birthday because it’s cheaper than a TV
  • Whenever I turn it on, I get static from the internal speaker

3 thoughts on “Jimveo Projector 5G WiFi Bluetooth10000L 380 ANSI Native 1080P Outdoor Projector 4K &4D Keystone&50% Zoom SupportSealed Mini Portable Movie LED/Home Projectors for Phone/TV Stick/PC[Screen Included] Reviews”

Zozdb says:

The last project I purchased was almost 8 years ago, and paid upwards of $1000.This projector is great and met my needs.You can mount it on the ceiling or place it wherever you want, it is very portable.The overall quality is satisfied.My room is about 12 x 14 and it fits perfectly no matter which direction I project towards.The picture quality is great even if I didn’t really use a projector screen and just used my apartment wall.I have been used it for more than a week.I also have two more epsons in other houses, and this one is as good as my epsons when using in the darkness.The clarity is very good, the photos show two kinds of games, and videos respectively, all very clear.I’ve had one of these mini portable projector before and the quality of the display was never good enough.Picture quality is better than expected, and it works well just using a blank, white wall—no special screen needed.The picture is clear and the brightness is good.After comparing the features and price of similar products, I ordered this projector.5/5Image color: 4/5Built-in speaker: 3/5Fan: 2/5Bluetooth connection: 2/5Overall: 3.I opened the item immediately after receiving it and tried it out.But I barely use it becoz it requires too much work: an extra cable to connect the ipad, the usb charger and the projector.

zaXtK says:

The projector comes with a lot of accessories like screen and cables, but the remote is the most useful.We were looking for something that was simply to use and bright for under $200.We have wanted a new one for a while.That’s one of the reasons that I’ve been using it daily since I received the projector.It’s like having a movie theater in my game room! The picture is crystal clear and I was able to connect my Apple TV without any trouble.You can see it even with the lights on, of course the effect is better in the dark .It comes with multiple types of input wires, but I just use the screen mirror function.Even though my room is not very big it can still project it very well.The operation is very simple, there are illustrations in the manual.Simple, high-resolution, good design.It is small and convenient.Hook up a fire stick, the projector can easily stream Netflix videos in a matter of seconds.My boyfriend and I both love it.I used it with laptop screen mirroring to watch youtube videos, and it works really well.It is well constructed and compact with plenty of features and good options for connectivity by direct plug in ( 2 x HDMI, 2 x USB, AV etc.To be honest, I didn’t have any expectations for this projector before I bought it considering it was only $200.First off, the quality is decent at this price level.

ofBwNT says:

Had it less than a month and the screen is already burned.Second, very bright and vibrant.It also comes with an HD cable, I tried to connect my laptop with HDMI input, which is very stable and straight forward.More importantly, it has high-quality videos.This project performs beyond my expectations.With 1080p resolution there is high quality, details, sharpness images we can see, specifically when we are camping outside.This projector is recommended by my friend; she invited me to watch a movie at her house, and I was literally attracted by this projector! I have the same projector now.The picture is clear.Chose this projector because of the price and the features.Performance in all areas tested in my first two days has been very good.Cannot wait to try it when received.I think it’s good value for money, the picture quality is very clear and the sound is very good.The projector have sound itself, so I don’t need additional sound equipment, which is more convenient! It also have easy setup steps, with instructions video so that I can easily complete the setup process and use it! I was shocked that it feels like a home theater! It’s good to watch movies! it can be connected either through HDMI or Bluetooth, and even it’s 1080P, but the picture quality is very good! I’m lucky that I choose this one, and it’s giving me way more fun during my spare time! Recommend! This product have a very good picture qualityfor this price even without the screen provided.The image quality is impressive as I could see good detail just on my flat white walls.It also came with necessary cables and a 100″ simple screen.The first picture is taken in condition with light, the second and third pictures are both in dark conditions.

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