Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12 Smart Streaming Laser Projector HDR Android TV Portable sound by Yamaha 3LCD Full HD 1080p 1000 lumens Color White Brightness Bluetooth support Black Small Reviews

Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12 Smart Streaming Laser Projector HDR Android TV Portable sound by Yamaha 3LCD Full HD 1080p 1000 lumens Color and White Brightness Bluetooth support Black Small Product Reviews and Key Specs

  • Stunning Picture Quality up to 150″ — Delivers an immersive viewing experience for TV shows, sporting events, gaming and movies by accepting content up to 4K – for an amazing Full-HD HDR picture.
  • Sound by Yamaha — Custom-designed audiophile speaker system offers a powerful and emotional performance that rivals soundbars; connect via Bluetooth to use as standalone speaker.
  • Built-In Android TV (1) — Latest Android TV interface with a simple-to-use remote – including voice search with built-in Google Assistant. Watch all your favorite streaming channels including Hulu, HBO, YouTube and more. Even stream live TV with apps like YouTube TV (2).
  • Elegant Compact Design — Designed with simplicity in mind, the Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12 Streaming Laser Projector has a clean, compact and modern design to beautifully fit within any décor.
  • Epson MicroLaser Array Technology — Unique multi-array laser diode technology produces an exceptional level of brightness while significantly enhancing the black density.
  • Advanced Scene Adaptive Color Correction — Automatic scene-based color correction produces a clear and natural picture – regardless of the content being played.
  • True 3-Chip Projector Design — Advanced 3LCD technology displays 100% of the RGB color signal for every frame. This allows for outstanding color accuracy while maintaining excellent color brightness, without any distracting “rainbowing” or “color brightness” issues seen with other projection technologies.

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      • Update: I left my original review below for Optoma fans to read
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      • Upgraded from my 3-yrs-old optoma HD27e, I don’t regret to buy it
      • This is my 2nd Optoma Projector
      • There weren’t very many reviews on this particular projector
      • Very good picture quality
      • To provide a reference point, i upgraded to this projector after owning an Optoma HD26, a 1080P projector for several years
      • The projector is 15ft from the screen and I can’t get the the image to be at 130″
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        3 thoughts on “Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12 Smart Streaming Laser Projector HDR Android TV Portable sound by Yamaha 3LCD Full HD 1080p 1000 lumens Color White Brightness Bluetooth support Black Small Reviews”

        QhbVQ says:

        However, I connected a Home theater Dolby surround sound system to it with great results.It was flawless and again above and beyond picture quality for the price of this projector I do not know why you would need a different one and pay more.It’s been more than 6 months and we have been very satisfied with our purchase and using it almost everyday. Writing this review because I went insane reading projector reviews and was deeply confused by the specs.Only had it for a week but so far so good. Remote control has issues with Amazon fire stick build quality seems to be great so far so good setup is not the easiest All in all its has a good picture I do recommend I do believe the Ef-12 is a better value Over the decades, I have used many brands of projectors in the classroom and at home.This projector goes above and beyond my expectations.You do not need to worry about screen, connect it to a computer and sound.Pros:Small, lightweight,easy to hookup in ceilingGreat picture quality. Excellent projector.My 3 and a half year old DBPower started to get a burn area in the image and it was becoming hard to watch .It has good contrast and bright colors This projector had everything that was advertised and works really well for a small apartment.Extremely small but packs a big punch.This is my 8th projector and I have nothing bad to say about it and if you can’t get Netflix why don’t you plug in a computer or another streaming card to one of the HDMI Ports And then you can get Netflix not a hard thing to do with use your brain speaker you don’t always have to use the online android when buying this unit is specifically says Netflix will not work on it.

        AmXVX says:

        Best picture quality I don’t even need a projector screen just feed it on the regular white wall and there you have it. Does not disappoint watched a lot of movies on it personally I think it’s worth the buy Don’t use it in daylight.Insane picture quality and decent built in speakers! I didn’t have to buy a sound system anymore.It was crap.– It doesn’t heat up as much as bulb projectors and its fan is less noisy.Cons:Was sent a used one with a dead pixel. Only had it for one day and so far amazing… sounds good picture is great…. Great for outdoor movie nights.I ordered it and when it came it would not power up.Bluetooth “Sucks”… speaks sound good… no lenses cover and cost to much just for 1080P.But the major problems I have with this projector is 1) The speaker isn’t that good and audio will break apart for certain shows.

        iZVTPE says:

        I like the design and easy to use .It broke acr audio and the wifi keeps turning off.You certainly have decent picture quality, not great, but good enough, but the achille’s heel of this thing is using google’s apps.At 100 inches 1000 lumens is quite a lot.This projector is larger than most portable projectors but worth the extra effort to pack well and take traveling with you.99% of projectors will have terrible quality speakers.They need to put a YouTube video on set up available Amazing projector Surpassed my expectations.This little box produces amazing color and sharpness in a dark room.When it arrived it clearly was opened and repacked.Another issue is the wifi connectivity.Button placement on control cause accidental recalibrations.So it just wasn’t functional enough.All of them had their pros and cons, but most have impressed in at least one respect.It’s supposed to go up to 150 inches, but I think that might be a stretch.

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