ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector for iPhone 2022 HD Movie Projector with Synchronize Smartphone Screen Portable Projector Supports 1080P Compatible with iOS Android TV HDMI USB VGA Review

ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector for iPhone 2022 Upgraded HD Movie Projector with Synchronize Smartphone Screen Portable Projector Supports 1080P Compatible with iOS/Android/TV Stick and HDMI/USB/VGA Specs and Product Reviews

  • Wireless Support: ELEPHAS W13 video projector designed with the latest WIFI connection which is compatible with the Android/iPhone/Windows 10. Without the limitations of wire, convenient for you to enjoy free life anytime and anywhere.
  • Wired Connection: No WIFI environment? ELEPHAS phone projector has been thought about it, no expensive adapter needed, you can connect the projector to your iPhone with an original cable line easily.
  • Ultimate Visual Experience: Excellent performance of the mini HD movie projector based on the powerful parameters: Full HD 1080P input and 24-bit true-color support, and 200″ screen. Brilliant big-screen visual experience accessible.
  • Enjoy Unbounded & Humanized Design: Smart projector upgrade noise reduction technology, built-in speaker, provide original audio fidelity and fills your room with impressive, overwhelming sound, enhance your immersion in the movie experience. Diffuse reflection technology applies is more friendly to the eyes than TV, protection against direct light harm. ★Recommend 6 to 10 feet distance to get the best eye protection and projection.
  • Design for Feeling & Specialty Support: Versatile and portable video projector, quipped with VGA/USB/HDMI/AV/Audio/Wired/Wireless Connect, compatible with Roku Stick, Fire-TV, Chromecast, External Speakers, USB Disk, PS4/XBOX, Laptop/PC, DVD Player, Mobile Phone/iPad. And possess CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE certificates, and 7-years of factory support. In pursuit of customer satisfaction, for any questions, we will be here for you 24-7-365.

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  • Everything was very easy to set up and start using right away
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  • Hey everyone! Let me start by saying that I am a long time projector user and technician
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  • I’ve been using this projector for a couple of weeks now and I am quite satisfied with the results
  • Would like to know how to hook this up to my Apple Air laptop, iPad or an older portable DVD player? Tried to AirPlay it from my iPhone 11 and watch a movie through PEACOCK but the app kept crashing
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  • This is a great portable projector, the battery lasts quite long, and the picture quality is good
  • Only flaw is you need a cable to play Disney+, prime, etc
  • There is vertical keystone correction but not horizontal which is a bit of a pain if you don’t want it sitting right in the middle of the watchers
  • I was looking for a new TV to upgrade my 12 years of 40″ plasma TV but instead a new big bulky TV, I found this projector and I decided to give it a try so I can have a really big screen movie projector in my room for playing movies and also use it anywhere
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  • So, it’s important to understand, this is a projector that has made some compromises everywhere – and that’s a good thing
  • We like that it connects to a Bluetooth speaker
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    Set up took me a while trial an error but I figured it out

3 thoughts on “ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector for iPhone 2022 HD Movie Projector with Synchronize Smartphone Screen Portable Projector Supports 1080P Compatible with iOS Android TV HDMI USB VGA Review”

tqCJF says:

All pieces were provided.The projector screen by Taotronics that cost $50.It comes with an HDMI cord which is great and has most inputs so that you can hook it up to your laptop or phone.I connected my fire stick to it so now I’m streaming other platforms and just looking at my wall! I love this product, hope this helps for someone else .I do recommend but caution folks to do a trial run prior to having an event or party where they’ll need to use this item.Connecting by laptop or phone is easy.The image settings are amazing with adjustable brightness, flip and mirror display image, color temp, and image zoom.I’ve connected my computer and phone to it, and both work equally well.I was pleasantly surprised by this projector! It’s very easy and straightforward to use, it can be easily adjusted .Have had no issues to date.That being said, currently as I am writing this, this projector costs $60 including a coupon directly on Amazon and at that price they’re practically giving these away.I purchased this projector and put up a screen on our bedroom wall and spend Saturday nights watching a movie.the color is awesome as well as reduced noise from the fan.in addition to have HDMI and USB as well.but for the price, it’s a good option for getting something from your computer onto a wall fast.The final piece turned out really well and I will be using this projector for similar commissioned projects as well as transferring drawings to canvas for my own work.However, it was so difficult pairing it up with my phone.As long as you have a plan on where to put the projector to make the biggest and clearest picture possible you are good to go.This particular unit fulfills my needs, compatible with my iPhone, easy to navigate home screen, remote, functionality for the price is unbeatable! Overall, we’d rate this 5 stars & highly recommend this product & this company! -DaamnKam[/review1][review2] I’m very pleased with the Elephas projector.I love the easy use of the software and that it comes with a remote.

ARzdy says:

It makes watching videos/streams better because I don’t need to watch it on my small phone.I wouldn’t worry about buying a projector screen with this as the quality and brightness are clear enough on their own.It is bright enough to be able to see projection in the daytime , and projects large enough to use for a design on a 24 x 36 sheet.But it is so awesome and easy to use that we now use it on camping trips, family get together‘s, etc. This did exactly what I needed it for.It connects to the different types of systems such as fire stick and Nintendo switch ! High recommend for families I had purchased another projector which was not compatible my phone.We were able to connect an iPhone and our computer. Honestly I wasn’t expecting super high quality, since I just got this for my tiny studio apartment where I didn’t have room for a tv.The quality is great very vibrant colors looks clear.Sound not as powerful for outdoor movie screening, if there is background noise, but comes with aux cable which you can connect to a louder speaker.I love how you can share your phone screen, it’s great for family events to showcase photos.[/review4][review5] Set up was quite easy, almost plug and go, and while the user manual was helpful it almost wasn’t necessary.Easy to install and to use.Used it to project an image for painting on wall.

jnlPMA says:

I used it to demonstrate how to use a couple of technical apps on my iPhone to a couple of classes in a medium sized meeting room.I would recommend using the hdmi cord with computer but you can use phone too.The picture is clear.If you’re looking to just dip the toe into the market like we have so far, this has been a great choice for us! Generally used the product to watch netflix and such and it works fine! Plugged in Apple TV and connected to the apple homepod great. First let me say that as far as ease of use and quality— well, that’s why I gave this 5 stars.I was able to project it right onto my house and the picture was great.I used this for movie night and the quality of the picture is perfect.Had a little trouble trying to figure out how to mirror my android screen which wasn’t to hard to figure out and it works great.He calls it the “wall TV.Super easy to use and has a good quality picture once we figured out how far away from the wall to place it.This projector is perfect I believe it goes up to 200 inches.I recommend this to anybody that is looking for an alternative to a standard TV! I was very impressed and happy![/review6]<!– .I have recommended this product to other people i bought this as a starter projector, not to break the bank.I use it for my work and it works very well.

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