The following is the selection of screens. A good screen will greatly improve the image quality of household projectors. However, because the curtain is a niche product, many people don’t know it very well, resulting in falling into many pits and spending a lot of wronged money in the process of purchasing, so I’ll explain in detail how to buy the curtain below:

1. Price

The first step in choosing the curtain is to determine the price. I think the purchase price of the curtain should not exceed one fifth of the projector, that is, if the projector is 3000 yuan, the purchase price of the curtain should not exceed 600 yuan. If you spend more money on the screen, you might as well spend it on the projector to get a greater promotion.

2. Flatness

The most important thing of the screen is flatness. Only a flat screen can have a good projection effect. So if you don’t buy the TV and projector together, choose a picture frame screen directly, because the flatness of the picture frame screen is the highest.

Moreover, there is not much difference between the high-grade products with thousands of pieces and the low-grade products with less than 1000 pieces. At least we can’t distinguish them with our naked eyes. Medium and high-end products only have advantages in product appearance, details and product brand. That’s all. The increase of price can’t bring about the improvement of quality.

Therefore, it is best to choose the picture frame screen. If there is no way, choose the electric screen. There are two kinds of electric screens. One is the common screen structure with only upper and lower forces, which was used in the class when we were young. It is easy to curl and deform, which is not as good as the effect of white wall. It is strongly recommended not to buy it.

The other is the curtain structure which is stressed up, down, left and right, which will not deform and is suitable for us. At the same time, its screen surface is PVC soft screen. Like the picture frame screen surface, the flatness is almost the same, which is much better than the previous one. If you must use an electric screen, give priority to it. The price of this kind of curtain is slightly higher, at least 2000 to 3000, so the picture frame curtain is the best choice.

3. Parameters

The screen has many parameters, such as gain, viewing angle, resolution and material, which are also used as the focus of publicity by many manufacturers. But I clearly tell you that the final thing to choose the screen is flatness, and the parameters are irrelevant.

The main reason is that even if the brightness gain of the screen is large, it is traded at the expense of important aspects such as contrast and visual angle. Without the screen with improved brightness, contrast, viewing angle and three-dimensional sense, on the one hand, it will be improved and on the other hand, it will be reduced, so the parameters are useless. The most important point is that the parameters of the screen can not be confirmed and can not be tested. They are all boasted by the manufacturer and have no reference value.

Therefore, the white curtain is selected for the living room, and the gray curtain is selected for the video room. There is no need to pay special attention to others. The reason for this choice is mainly because the environment in the living room is affected by external light, the white curtain will look brighter, and we can make the video room very dark, which can reduce the brightness and improve the three-dimensional and transparent feeling of the picture.

There is also anti light screen. Compared with ordinary white screen, anti light screen improves the contrast, color restoration and black position effect of the picture. Therefore, the picture brightness of anti light screen is not as good as that of ordinary white screen. If you don’t buy a real 4K projector, you can’t use this at all.

4. Brand

As an unnoticed product, the water in the curtain is also very deep. It is estimated that there are no more than three brands that ordinary people can name.

Especially for the effect of the final picture, the projector accounts for more influencing factors, and the main investment should still be on the projector. However, it does not mean that you can choose freely after choosing, and even think that the curtain does not have any technical content.

This industry is far from forming a monopoly market, and each brand has its own advantages. Therefore, when we buy, we only need to find our own suitable ones to improve the image quality effect.