BenQ TK700STi 4K HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector 4K 60Hz 16ms Low Input Lag 1080p 240Hz 4.16ms I 3000lm 100” at 6.5 ft RPG FPS Sport Game Modes PS5 Reviews

BenQ TK700STi 4K HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector 4K 60Hz 16ms Low Input Lag 1080p 240Hz 4.16ms I 3000lm 100” at 6.5 ft RPG FPS Sport Game Modes PS5 Xbox I HDMI 2.0b 2D Keystone I eARC Review and Specs

  • TK700 vs TK700STi: TK700STi possesses short-throw capabilities able to project at shorter distances (100″at 6.5ft). TK700 utilizes standard throw (100″ at 8.2ft). TK700STi also features Android TV while the TK700 does not.
  • 4K LOW LATENCY: Low latency 16ms at 4K/60Hz low input lag, Game Mode/Game Sound Mode to fine-tune audio and images
  • PRO PERFORMANCE: Compatible with major consoles (Sony PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X, Google stadia) huge, bright, sharp images and equalized audio
  • EASY SET-UP: 1.2x zoom flexible throw distances, 2D Auto Vertical Keystone, Picture Rotation Adjustment for squared images
  • ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT: Google-certified Android TV and Google Play store, with 5,000 plus of the latest Android apps, movies, shows, live sports, games, music, and more
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Cast with airplay and Chromecast. No app needed. Remote controls both Android TV and projector
  • INDUSTRY LEADING WARRANTY: 3-year limited parts and labor coverage; our US-based customer service team is here when you need it
  • NOTE: Cast Netflix content via your laptop Google Chrome Browser or connect to an HDMI cable. Netflix is not natively available on this device

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  • We absolutely love this machine
  • Too bright on the lowest setting
  • Using this in therapy with children of all ages
  • I love the color changes the patterns on the ceiling are mesmerizing and soothing
  • This is just what I imagined!!! My four year old really wanted this because she saw something similar on a Barbie Dream house game she plays on my phone
  • Excellent nightlight for a fussy toddler
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  • I bought this as a gift for my wife, who is into relaxation/meditation at bedtime
  • My 8 yr old grandchild really loves this
  • I bought this for a puppet show of the garden of Eden at my church
  • This product is a big win for our family
  • First thing I didn’t like is how quickly the different pictures fade overtime
  • This doubles as a night light for our 7 year old and it has been SO soothing to him
  • My daughter has needed a new nightlight for sometime now
  • I ordered this for use in my elementary library during our Starry, Starry Night parents night
  • We bought this projecter for our daughter who loves lights

The Largest Coverage Area Galaxy Lights Projector 2.0 FLITI Star Projector with Changing Nebula Galaxy Shapes Galaxy Night Light Review

  • Put these in our bedroom and it fills up the space nicely
  • You will need to buy 2 things with this: A USB BLOCK and an EXTENSION CORD
  • I bought this on a whim and well
  • I have an embarrassingly high number is galaxy lights
  • Fun and versatile but don’t accidentally look at the laser
  • This is an awesome projector
  • It’s never off in my house
  • The patterns, colors and area covered are all spectacular

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  • I bought this for myself (an adult) looking for a cool galaxy projection to look at
  • UPDATE**
    After my original post I received an email from Cassandra Swift of the customer service department who was very polite and she let me know that future versions of the projector will last a full 8 hours in without turning itself off
  • Update: I recalibrated what I want from this and how I use this
  • UPDATE: The earth/moon and star discs come with this unit
  • Bright little projector with 2 disc’s included
  • This photo is in a room with room darkening shades at night
  • A little tricky to use but fine once u get the hang of it
  • Definitely a Quality product! As an avid astronomer, I have tried and returned many
  • Excellent projector! Makes me feel like I’m looking at the night sky from a dark sky site
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  • It is very easy to fall over, so I like to lean it up against something
  • Admire the design and functionality, but the battery life isn’t nearly what I was expecting
  • Aside from the head being too big for the body to hold up at times, the colors are very strong and beautiful
  • This little guy is so much fun
  • Great shine
  • I love this product, great quality, beautiful colours

3 thoughts on “BenQ TK700STi 4K HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector 4K 60Hz 16ms Low Input Lag 1080p 240Hz 4.16ms I 3000lm 100” at 6.5 ft RPG FPS Sport Game Modes PS5 Reviews”

lGWWQ says:

Long version below.Not very many short throws that have 4K, adequate brightness, half decent contrast, and good quality within this price range.I have a recreational room which is short in size and prewired for 7.It has great 4k quality, sharp and vivid pictures.I had trouble finding a quality 4K overhead projector with the same short throw of 10′ with a 165″ screen.The 3D playback is progressive only! Although most reviews says it fully supports 3d, IT DOES NOT support playback of 3d bluray movies, It only supports “progressive” After calling benq, there will be a firmware update that has not been released yet, and when it is, it will REQUIRE the unit to be sent to benq for this type of upgrade to support 3d bluray playback .Its not correct.Both BenQ projectors are short throw so you can get a big sized image from about 3-8 feet.I had had a BenQ before that and had loved it and it had lasted for five years and was still going strong when I replaced it.My 100 inch screen vs 70 inch Samsung 4k TV.I’ve had a few movie nights and a few football games and everyone who sees the picture quality is amazed! This projector is marketed as a gaming projector… And it kills it in that department. Loved the projector for its clarity and features. amazing brightness, clarity, and responsiveness.

Pscai says:

But projectors are notoriously laggy… At least the ones I’ve used.Brighter, sharper, and more color definition.The company claims this unit will show 3D content.I know the expert’s mention the dark levels and colors, honestly it looks good to me.Despite the list of supported features, 3d blu rays do not work.It took some trial and error, and had to test a few dlp-link glasses, but all my 3d Blu-rays work great now.first hour of usr today constant flickering.Excellent for movies as well.Projector has very loud noise.This projector looks absolutely amazing with its image quality.3D issue was resolved and firmware 9.purchase again.After one year the projector has two white spots where there is pixel damage and it takes 10 minutes to warm up now, if it does at all.[/review4][review5] I setup this projector in a larger room with high ceilings, a lot of windows, and an open kitchen behind it.

vwrveK says:

My seating is about 12’ away, with projector 5-6’ away from screen.This projector has not the humming that the optomas has.The built in speaker is OK for the golf commentary and background sounds but would need a sound bar or surround system to immerse in a blockbuster move. The picture is amazing.Got the projector 1 day after ordering it.Short throw 4k, noticeable improvement in image quality over my previous 1080p short throw for both applications.Nine times the resolution, increased brightness and a picture that just looks fantastic! I mounted this projector to my ceiling to get it out of the way, and despite the fact that it’s not tiny, I hardly notice it – the fan noise is almost absent.

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