BenQ MH733 1080P Business Projector 4000 Lumens for Lights On Enjoyment 160001 Contrast Ratio for Crisp Picture Keystone for Flexible Setup Review

BenQ MH733 1080P Business Projector 4000 Lumens for Lights On Enjoyment 160001 Contrast Ratio for Crisp Picture Keystone for Flexible Setup Product Reviews and Key Specs

  • SUPERB IMAGE QUALITY: 4000 Lumens , Full HD (1920×1080), 16,000:1 contrast ratio, 16:9 aspect ratio.If you prefer images with that quality, The brightness level of the projected image will change accordingly when you switch between different input signals.For best display picture results, you should select and use an input signal which outputs at the projector’s native resolution.Brilliant Color utilizes a new color-processing algorithm If you prefer images with that quality,select On
  • FLEXIBILITY FOR Setup: With 1.3x Zoom, 100”@2.5m-3.3m, 2D Keystone, Auto Vertical Keystone, Corner Fit Correction
  • LAMP SAVE MODE: 15,000hr long lamp life to lower the cost of ownership
  • NETWORK CONTROL: Crestron, AMX and PJ-Link for network control via LAN, and RS-232 for installation distance up to 50ft
  • DIVERSIFIED PRESENTATION SOLUTIONS: USB Reader, QCast APP Compatibility, Network projection and optional USB wireless dongles.Typical Power Consumption:320W( Normal)

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3 thoughts on “BenQ MH733 1080P Business Projector 4000 Lumens for Lights On Enjoyment 160001 Contrast Ratio for Crisp Picture Keystone for Flexible Setup Review”

wXuJq says:

Several inputs make it very useful for many situations.I pressed the button, the arrow light blinked, seeming to indicate it received the input, but the numbers didn’t change nor did the picture.Because every building has different types of lighting, I needed a projector that was EXTREMELY bright to work in all lighting situations.Other than that very nice projector.Despite trying to pair it automatically and manually, HDMI 1 input failed completely pairing with our BRAND NEW Dell laptop. Compared to my 3-year-old Epson EX7235 which is a 3000 lumen projector, the BenQ MH733 does not do very well.One good thing about this projector is that I can play it in daytime.The image was beautiful.I did a lot of research and finally decided on this one.bright display even with room lights on.We get a lot of light in our main living area with floor to ceiling windows.It works well, and the built in speaker is powerful enough to handle smaller meetings.must buy itWith the internet wifi stick . Not too noisy, good remote, put out quite a bit of heat to the side which makes it uncomfortable for those on that side of the table.I’ve owned several HD projectors and this one is by far the best, brightest, and quietest.I would like to have a BenQ home theater system that is quiet and has at least the 4000 lm[/review2][review3] I really like it other than the fact that for the last month , I will turn it on and begin watching a show, and it will all of a sudden shut down after being on for less than 5 minutes.My coworkers were satisfied with the quality, so I ordered another one for one of our other conference rooms.Great imaging.

hzjhd says:

It will make a loud whirring noise and make the noise for 20 seconds and then completely shut down.Initial set up is great for the screen we are projecting onto.It fairly bright even in a room with some lights on.Got it for a job didn’t want to leave it Purchased this projector back in August and it already has signal issues.Sharp picture at full 1080 resolution.They do everything I need, plus some features I didn’t even know I wanted! Worked great right out of the box.I am amazed at how beautiful the image is –projectors really have come far in terms of quality and price and this particular one is a fantastic option! Highly recommended! Bright, sharp and lots of pixels.Easy to setup and high quality visuals.True 1080p pretty good unit for the price.I love the EcoBlank that BENQ does.The replacement is terrible as well, not much better than the replaced one.The price fit our church budget for our replacement.Extremely bright with features found only on high end models.It took some adjusting to make a movie image not look washed out but looks great.The projector is not very good the quality of the software is severely lacking and i just feel like a different projector for the same price is worth it way more This projector is perfect for our purposes.[/review4][review5] With money spent I guess.

aDOeKc says:

Not very bright, or for a serious commercial use.Sharp and clear picture on our 100″ HD screen It is so amazing! Clear, qutie, bright and high resolution.It offers great picture quality and easy install. Purchased to use in a conference room.Very satisfied.Fortunately, Amazon allowed me to return.2: has good io optionsCon’s:Quality: is out shined by my 720p epson projector.overhead condition after about a minute of being on. I have always been very satisfied with BenQ until I bought this product.It just would work.But better options out there as of 2019 Seems very well built, love the settings, the speaker, the BRIGHT picture.Came quickly and works perfect for our office set-up.

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