Artograph 225-090 Prism Art Projector Multicolor Reviews

By | October 18, 2020

Artograph 225-090 Prism Art Projector Multicolor Reviews

Enlarges artwork and small 3-D objects up to 20 times and reduces to 80% Prism/Super Prism Table Stand available for vertical desktop projection Uses two photo 250-watts quality incandescent bulbs Large 7-Inch-by-7-Inch copy area Please refer user manual for more information Enlarges artwork and small 3-d objects up to 20 times and reduces to 80-percent Prism/super prism table stand available for vertical desktop projection
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3 thoughts on “Artograph 225-090 Prism Art Projector Multicolor Reviews”

osyZB says:

This it’s my second artograph projector, not a replacement. Fun to use What I dislike about this is that it didn’t carry a lens with the product it should of came with one but I guess not so now I have to order one can you please tell me the right size lenz for this prism art graph? So happy with projection.For some reason the one I got will not focus. I ordered this and had to send it back because it was out of focus.I’m trying to reach out to get it fixed and am not getting lacks in it’s projection, the quality is not as sharp as I think it should have been for the price I paid.The only thing is, it has a 7 x 7 work space for images but for me it doesn’t show the whole picture still.It is a huge improvement over the one I have had for a long time. its not what I was hopping for the image is terrible even at night Love this.

QlpFk says:

It effectively projects the image on a flat surface.You do have to work a bit to focus but have always been able to get it clear as I need it to be.blurry when at a distance I expected a better made product for the ……anybody out there The Artograph Prism Art Projector is a complete joke.As nearly as I can tell you just have to move the projector closer or further from the surface; the lens seems pretty useless actually.But one question can you buy more lenses? First time around, it did the job. Found this a little difficult to use at first. Very dim image projection requiring use in near darkness.I do have a smaller one, but for a bigger canvas like a 16 x 20 or bigger I needed a a bigger projector.[/review4][review5] It works quite well![/review5][review5] This was the perfect tool for my project.The lens shrinks or magnifies depening on which end you intert into the device.Easy to use.

jtQbdK says:

I would recommend it to anyone.A good company to deal with. I have worked with many opaque projectort – Lucys, big old clunky ones, cheap out of focus ones and I’m so glad I finally bought a good one, a really good one.The reason why I’m giving it a lower review is because it isn’t versatile.I sent it back.The projector is heavy, clunky, antiquated and the lens is junk.When switch is turned on can hear the fan but no light.I’ve moved it from the US to France and then back again and it’s still going strong It was shipped in regular mail to France for one of those times..Use a darkened room, and don’t buy the stand It is unstable and if you trip over the cord the projector will fall into the floor and probably be completely destroyed..If you can get a semi clear image….Pictures have to be printed SMALLER than the 7 X 7 glass table on the top of the machine or it cuts off the edges of the –> <use xlink:href="http://2azap.

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