Anker NEBULA Capsule Max Pint-Sized Wi-Fi Mini Projector 200 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector Native 720p HD 8W Speaker Movie Projector 100 Inch Picture 4Hr Video Playtime Home Theater Review

Anker NEBULA Capsule Max Pint-Sized Wi-Fi Mini Projector 200 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector Native 720p HD 8W Speaker Movie Projector 100 Inch Picture 4Hr Video Playtime Home Theater Product Review

  • HD Viewing: Cutting-edge DLP technology projects a vividly-detailed 720p, 200-ANSI-lumen image up to 100 inches big. Ideal for use in low-light environments.
  • Instant Clarity: Get an ultra-sharp, rectangular image from almost any angle with Capsule Max mini projector’s keystoning in and one second autofocus technology
  • Ideal in the Home: Stay entertained at home with this mini-projector’s 100-inch image. Watch movies, take online classes, or keep the kids entertained with hours of cartoons and educational videos. The possibilities are endless.
  • Smart OS: Download and stream YouTube, Netflix,and more from Nebula Manager Store. Use the Nebula Connect app on your phone to control Netflix on the mini-projector.
  • NOTE: Copyrighted content from Netflix, and similar services CAN NOT be mirrored or screencast. Download and use the apps directly through Capsule Max movie projector to view copyrighted content from these providers. Chromecast is not supported. For peak performance, please update to the latest firmware.

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  • I loved this mini projector because it has a sleek design and is very easy to project on both indoor and outdoor without any messy wires or additional devices for internet /wi-fi connectivity
  • You are at the mercy of the mobile app which is hell to connect… The remote doesn’t worn if you’re connected to a Bluetooth speaker
  • Why is it Apple will connect with any Bluetooth speaker but not this projector? Could it be because this projector is Android based and therefore Apple gives it the middle finger? It WILL NOT connect with Apple! Don’t bother to order if that’s your intention

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  • This is well-made and strong

3 thoughts on “Anker NEBULA Capsule Max Pint-Sized Wi-Fi Mini Projector 200 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector Native 720p HD 8W Speaker Movie Projector 100 Inch Picture 4Hr Video Playtime Home Theater Review”

QDhRG says:

Both the speaker and projector are great.I will be using the Nebula Capsule Max for camping mostly, so I think it will do just fine for that purpose.The school year is over and I finally got my hands on it.Anker is the only brand I have found that specs battery life at a watchable brightness level.No issues at the beginning.other ones I was looking at and a solid look.Works well in dim settings like camping, the park, movie night outside, etc.I would not go less than 200 lumens in anything but a really dark room, or a text-only presentation.With that in mind, I got this for my girlfriend this Christmas and we’ve had the chance to pretty deeply test it over the last few days.Overall I do love it.However, there are some things you should know before you buy.First note that my key use is while camping, away from any power source or internet; that limitation makes these issues more important to me:– If you want to watch something from Netflix, the included remote does not work! You have to use the app on your cell phone! This is the dumbest thing ever – yet another connection to manage, another device to operate.After months of using it, this is what I realized:– Auto focus is really nice and saves a lot of time when moving it;– Keystone correction is also good but be aware that only corrects the image vertically.Even on sale, it is too expensive for 720p.I wish the remote worked from any direction but only seems to work if your behind the device.The problem? This was my first projector, and I did not know what I wanted.WOW.At first I used it for movie night, which was great.There are two different options for an upgrade provided by anker nebula.The primary reason why I returned it was because when I piped the audio to my BT speakers because the unit speaker is too quiet, there is a good 1/2 second to a second desync between the audio and the video.

JAZgS says:

It works excellent in an outdoor setting IF there is not any other noise around.I like the project and picture quality is fairly good. Really love the convenience.In addition, the connection breaks repeatedly during the streaming .We mostly use it to watch movies on our bedroom wall and it’s been an amazing substitute movie theater during the pandemic.But you know, it depends what are you whatching when it came time to purchase one, I figured I’d go with the Capsule II.Pros:-Easy to adjust display.Es verdad que el sistema es un poco extraño y el manejo con la aplicación del teléfono es defectuosa en algunas aplicaciones , pero el enfoque automático es genial, las imágenes HD se ven increíbles en ambientes de poca luz.Overall, I’m satisfied with the projector, however there are some things that I would like them to be better: a louder sound and brighter image.On the plus side, it’s small and has Android with wifi built-in.I can see in perfect quality all the streaming services that I like (amazon, netflix, disney +, etc.They were enthralled, the picture quality was incredible and shockingly the sound was pretty great! The smaller the room, the better the sound.So I’ve been through several mobile projectors in the past few years including the RIF6 Cube and some bulky items I probably shouldn’t have traveled with.The battery doesn’t truly last as long, you cannot zoom so if your screen isn’t exactly where your projector needs to be to fit it that’s it your getting overhang, the nebula app store doesn’t carry a lot of apps that I use like the typical play store, autofocus turns on a lot in the middle of movie if some moves, and screen mirroring does not work as described.It was a X-mas gift, but I get to enjoy it as well.Connecting any external device via HDMI will result in a massive sound/video lag..

ERaAtr says:

This projector is extremely easy to use.Also, the sound is fine without adding speakers–but you can if you want to.I’m guessing they think we are all 16 yearl old teenagers that were born with a smartphone in our hands.It brings back yard camping to a new level.It was small and compact.It works great in just about any setting, but bright lights.I called Anker to get the code to side load google play store.5 hrs in normal mode but can get 2hrs in brightest setting.The Bluetooth or mirroring will only work using adapter and HDMI if you have no available WiFi.Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are available on it.We are enjoying it alot.The picture quality is great and it’s bright enough to fire up at dusk with no problem.Otherwise, the picture and brightness works if you aren’t too worried about it being perfect quality.Nancy warmly and thoughtfully lead me through the unlocking process, and within a couple correspondences we were up and running! I can now stream any movie from Disney+ on my Nebula :).We have owned the projector for 6 months, very satisfied with the quality of the pictures and sounds.Turns out it still stetches out fine to 110 inches.During the day while working I use it to play music in my office which is more like a medium-size locker room.

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