Anker NEBULA Apollo Wi-Fi Mini Projector 200 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector 6W Speaker Movie Projector 100 Inch Picture 4Hr Video Playtime Neat Projector Home Entertainment—Watch Anywhere Review

Anker NEBULA Apollo Wi-Fi Mini Projector 200 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector 6W Speaker Movie Projector 100 Inch Picture 4Hr Video Playtime Neat Projector Home Entertainment—Watch Anywhere Product Reviews

  • Seamless Touch Controls: Browse your entertainment with pinpoint precision. Apollo’s transparent touch panel gives you the power to navigate menus and more with ease, directly from the device.
  • Clear Picture: See every detail of your favorite movies, shows, games, and more in remarkable clarity with Apollo’s 200 ANSI lumen DLP lamp.(Recommended for use in dimmer environments.)
  • Home Entertainment: Enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, games, and more up to 100 inches big anywhere in your home thanks to Apollo’s ultra-portable design.
  • Android 7.1: Download and stream YouTube, Netflix, and more straight to Apollo without the need to connect additional devices.
  • Note: Copyrighted content from Netflix, and similar services CAN NOT be mirrored or screencast. Download and use the apps directly through Apollo to view copyrighted content from these providers. Chromecast is not supported. For peak performance, please update to the latest firmware.

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3 thoughts on “Anker NEBULA Apollo Wi-Fi Mini Projector 200 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector 6W Speaker Movie Projector 100 Inch Picture 4Hr Video Playtime Neat Projector Home Entertainment—Watch Anywhere Review”

LoApP says:

I have a full size protector that dwarfs this one in brightness but it’s a hassle to set up & with kids it’s just an annoying endeavour.One reviewer here mentioned the ability to load the play store and, effectively, the unit becomes an Android phone from the perspective of apps.Super responsive team over email, able to set up HBO Max apps etc by just emailing them and getting additional software updates.As long as your room is relatively dark the picture is great and you can easily manually adjust the focus.I love it has a built-in battery and that you can connect bluetooth devices like a keyboard to make typing wi-fi passwords easier.Downsides are that the built in apps suck and the remote control is flaky.I wanted something that I could take with me camping and I must say its outdone itself.I love the battery and how portable it is.Make sure you’re using a strong high speed internet signal when streaming.About the brightness, seem lighter screen cause more noise, so I guess I’ll have to watch it in a very dark environment.I hesitated buying the Nebula because the resolution was only 480p and the brightness was rated at 200 lumen.Nevertheless I needed google movies to display and found out that you require special permission for the google play services.Don’t expect major updates.So small that I never hesitate to bring it with me or carry it from room to room, and it functions completely wirelessly.That it keeps a charge makes it so portable! Have had a couple issues with HDMI but the picture is crisp and the sound is pretty good.My first audio experience, on low volume the sound was FUZZY!! Very frustrating.It does not support Apple TV, Hulu, HBO Max… and probably no other.We have this about 9.

BbxfQ says:

I returned it and got another one, again I was disappointed with the features and so called airplay.I love that it has apps like Netflix and Hulu, and I’ve even added Disney plus.We paid ~$298 so it’s not on the high end of projectors.Picture quality is pretty good.Picture quality is great and is rated to project up to 100”.You can change the brightness to max brightness but you sacrifice about an hour of battery time .the battery will last for a solid few hours, but i have never tested its actual power capacity, as a bluetooth speaker, it works fairly well with a decent range and all-around 360 sound, but compared to other high-end speaker, it sounds a bit more “muffled” .I thought this might be an option for something to do once in a while.At first I thought it was going to be hard to connect to my MacBook Air, but it was so easy.It has good picture quality, decent sound, good battery life and access to all the video streaming apps we use.The picture quality was terrible, not that I was expecting much for $40 bucks.Some people complained about the picture quality so I wasn’t sure what to expect.My family uses it in our camper.I project this on the side of my house and it has a great picture.I barely opened it to use it and I was just dissatisfied.You would want to use it against a white background.Picture quality is solid, sound is decent, but there a number of areas where it could be improved.I use my Apple TV with it, and it’s way better, except you have to use the Nebula app for volume.Video quality is low resolution but surprisingly good.Didn’t have any luck signing in to the YouTube app, except when connecting from phone with “Watch on TV” feature – but that only worked for initial connection; I have to pair the phone and TV each time to use it with my YouTube account.

mAngpr says:

The Nebula has a build in speaker and battery.Pro tip – a preconfigured Fire Stick saved us minutes – if not hours – of messing around with Android apps and permissions on yet another streaming device.Updated the system and application.For the price of this one, I really expected it to be better.I hit it instead of the power button lots and it screws everything up.Super easy to mirror off a samsung device – no issues.Can download plenty of movies straight to the device and easily pairs with a blue tooth speaker for surround sound I used it for several training sessions and it worked flawlessly.Justin was a HUGE help and got it done in seconds!! I did not do my due diligence before buying this.I got it on flash deal for $250 which is pretty decent for a portable projector.The Anker support team has also helped me enable Google services, allowing me to use Google Play & Movies for more entertainment content.Speaker works when turned up but sounded choppy when volume was low.Great picture textured wall but it is better with a better surface.I throw this little guy on hotel walls, on the side of a tour bus and the fact that you have a built in battery and all the apps built in is awesome.My only complaint is the interface.

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