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AAXA Technologies KP-101-01 AAXA LED Pico Micro Video Projector – Pocket Size Portable Mobile Mini Projector with mini-HDMI built-in Media Player & Speakers 3.5mm Aux Out Micro SD/USB readers and 80 Min Lithium-Ion Battery Specs and Reviews

  • Ultra Bright 25 Lumens, High Definition 720p (1280×720) Native Resolution (Max 1080p), Vibrant Color Technology with 15,000 hour LEDs
  • Ultra-portable with 80 Minute Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery that can be charged via supplied micro USB cable.
  • Built-in Speakers, 16:9 compatible, mini-HDMI, 3.5mm Aux Audio Out, Composite A/V connections, and Micro SD, USB readers for Media Playback (Accepts sizes up to 16GB)
  • For Personal Media Sharing with friends and family, USB Plug ‘n Play instant set up; Apple Mac and PC Compatible
  • Up to 60 inch image (in low-light condition)

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  • Decorating detailed cookies and so far 6 bags burst on me
  • Worked well
  • I use these for decorated cookie kits and for decorating with small amounts of icing

3 thoughts on “AAXA Technologies Review”

zClyk says:

I got it today and made a lot of testing with different devices.It has expanded her base of customers This projector is easy to use but it does die quite quick.I am able to mirror the images from my phone without having to download any special apps.I need this since its not wireless.For one, it has a built in video decoding capability!Two: Extremely low power consumption.With that said, brightness is the first subject.I didn’t want to rely on a usb micro chip to store all my pics on, I wants to go from my phone to the projector….Maybe it was on sale at the time of my purchase.I only omit 1 star because of the fact it would have been nice for the projector to come with adapters for the mini inputs it has as they are a less than common wire type and I had to buy special cabling to make best use of it. This awesome for my baking to trace/outline images on cookies and cakes I don’t normally leave reviews, but wanted to add to the wealth of information I’ve gotten from other reviews on how to best use this product! I use it to project onto the ceiling above my bed to stream TV shows before sleeping .After 2 years it just stopped working.It’s awkward.Mind you I wasn’t expecting a truly high-end projector for the price I paid, so one could say I am just easily impressed since my expectations were not that high to begin with.Turns out this projector doesn’t natively read PDFs.Hooked up to my Android phone via micro USB to HDMI/MHL it stuttered so badly it was unwatchable .This little projector gets the picture from my computer onto my painting surface in seconds.It’s perfect for that! I feel the menu display can be tricky/confusing at first, but once you play with it, it’s good! I saved my images to a flash drive and just plugged it into the projector.

wkVQg says:

It was already sent back once to them to be fixed when the battery wouldn’t hold a charge.But…I, for some reason, can never justify buying this projector because it’s expensive.And it takes forever to fully charge.If you are looking for perfection, look elsewhere.This one received good reviews so I thought I would give it a try.When looking around for different pocket projectors I came across this one and saw all of the good reviews so I thought that I should read up on it more.Encouraged by your mostly positive reviews and AAXA’s good reputation, I decided to give it a try.But if you are smarter than me and purchase the miniHDMI-HDMI cord in advance and don’t get yourself some wrong wires at first it should be a breeze! I feel that I should set a few things straight.It wasn’t recognizing being plugged into any device but amazon’s amazing return policy let me exchange it for a new one with no issues.It has an SD card reader to play movies from, can be ran while being charged, has an aux out line for hooking up speakers, also a built in speaker, and top menu buttons for navigating the projector menu.It’s a game changer in sugar cookie decorating This thing is unbelievably light and small for the price, and not that difficult to use either.Once I finally got that figured out, I got it turned on and it worked great for about 30 minutes.Got it to turn on for about 3 seconds and then it cut off.If I reset the projector , I recover the image/video, but then after about 5 minutes it goes back to grey again.I bought it to project images onto sugar cookies for decoration, and it did not work well.Also, once I got it working I loved it but now, I can’t even get it to turn on and stay on.Currently don’t have any problems.I was so happy till I open box.

gzCnYU says:

I use mine for my cookie buisness.It’s super easy to use and I’m very happy with my purchase.The included instructions are insufficient .*It’s not 1080P, but 1080 text shows up really clear. I wanted a super portable but higher definition projector – and this guy does the job really well! Especially when you consider the price – it’s a steal.When I bought this it had a hard time charging.The item was packaged without any support/protection like bubble wrap.It doesn’t connect visual from my phone, only audio because my phone says it is not authentic.gracias.Had issues with the 1st one ordered and he did not hesitate to replace.The big downside is that the battery doesn’t last long and it takes a long time to charge.I checked this projector whit HDMI, USB flash drive and micro SD card, for all those cases, it was very nice to use and play.i bought it for 2 reasons, 1 – to have summertime movie night in the treehouse with my kiddos, and 2 to project images onto large canvases/plywood for art projects.Works well outside, even when it’s not “pitch dark” out.I use it every week for my cookie business and it has finally stopped powering on.Specifically, you need an HDMI to mini HDMI cable and then you need an HDMI to Apple lightning cable.Misplaced my last one.

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