5G WiFi Outdoor Bluetooth Projector 4K Supported 12000L 400 ASIN Native 1080P Projector 4D/4P Keystone 400” & 50% Zoom Sovboi Mini Movie Projector SOI-Smart System Portable Projector for Phone/PC Reviews

5G WiFi Outdoor Bluetooth Projector 4K Supported 12000L 400 ASIN Native 1080P Projector 4D/4P Keystone 400” & 50% Zoom Sovboi Mini Movie Projector SOI-Smart System Portable Projector for Phone/PC Reviews and Specs

  • ➤【Newly-Designed Convenient OS, Personalized Settings & Multi-device Connection】 VB2 is the first projector that uses a self-developed Soi-Smart system. Equipped with powerful running memory, say goodbye to clumsy and laggy operations. It provides 2 UI themes/24 local wallpapers and supports custom wallpapers imported. Just freestyle your UI! This HD projector provides USB2/HDMI2/AV/Audio output ports, which can be connected to USB, Phone, PC, laptop, TV stick, Switch, DVD, Speakers.
  • ➤【Native 1080P Full HD & 400 ANSI LM &12000:1 Contrast】 With 400 ANSI and FHD resolution, the VB2 video projector delivers impeccable detail to your 400” screen. It adopts the imported LED sources and advanced plating tech to reduce optical loss and increase 80% brighter than other 1080P projectors. Combined with the latest LCD Pro-tech,18-million color reproduction, and 12000:1 contrast, the images have natural filtering of light and dark and sharp contrast of dark levels for a realistic feel.
  • ➤【Latest 2.4G+5G WIFI & 5.1 Bidirectional Bluetooth】 Equipped with 2.4G+5G Wi-Fi, VB2 has the strong anti-interference capability to ensure a stable signal and fast transmission speed, reducing delay 60% than others. VB2 is not only a smart projector, but also a top-notch speaker with Bidirectional 5.1 BT and built-in dual surround speakers. Its transmission distance is 4 times that of other Bluetooth projectors. VB2 lets you turn wherever you are into a home theater!
  • ➤【Multiple Correction Ways & 50% Zoom & Presentation via USB】 VB2 supports digital ±50° 4D/4P keystone and manual correction, so whether you flip the projector 360°–front, rear, or ceiling mounting. Don’t worry about distorted images due to placement. Without moving this mini projector, it can adjust the image from 100% to 50% via the remote. Others can only adjust to 75%. This portable projector can display Excel/Word/PDF via USB. This kind of portability makes your small meetings more convenient.
  • ➤【Dust-sealed Optical Engine & 3 Years Professional Technical Support】 VB2 has a customized fully sealed optical engine that effectively blocks dust and reduces black spots & light leakage. The energy-saving LED light source has a lifespan of 120,000 hours. Sovboi offers 3 years of repair, 24/7 customer online service, and accessory replacement at no cost. Feel free to email us with questions! Our technicians have over ten years of experience and will offer professional service.

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3 thoughts on “5G WiFi Outdoor Bluetooth Projector 4K Supported 12000L 400 ASIN Native 1080P Projector 4D/4P Keystone 400” & 50% Zoom Sovboi Mini Movie Projector SOI-Smart System Portable Projector for Phone/PC Reviews”

dVVFl says:

Purchase Price: $236.Also, the wireless connection and all other connection functions are really easy to use.Reviews mentioned that you don’t even need an external speaker and that the sound from the unit itself was surprisingly good.The shipment is also fast and the product is well-protected.I love it! It provides an adjustable screen, and it can be much larger than a TV, while keep the same great sharpness.It is easily set up and easily connected to the WiFi with clear and concise instructions.As a student, I didn’t think I could afford a good-quality projector.The setup was pretty simple and the projector worked without any hitches.I like zoom function the best! I don’t have a fancy huge living room, I just want to watch movies in my bedroom, 75% zoom is perfect for me.This projector also has a nice look to it, being pure white.This one is a decent price and has very good image quality, with the shades down I can watch my shows during the day as well.It only takes few mins to be connected to my computer, iPad, and mobile phone, which is very convenient.I was wondering if is it suitable for me cause the price is not too high, but when I received it and I try to play the movie at nighttime for a week, the quality, brightness, and sound are better than I expected.So I can switch between the living room and bedroom to use it.I was surprised to find that this Sovboi projector had so many great specs.Below is some comments:[Distance] I place the projector about 8 feet far from the white wall, then we can sit behind the projector, just satisfied with the project ratio.Definitely can create a home theater vibe.Very pleased with my purchase and know it will be used for many years to come! I have been considering to buy a projector for a long while, and finally decided to buy this one.I just moved into a new apartment without TV, so it perfectly comes with everything I need.

YvpFH says:

I took the projector out and turn it on, the project is so easy to connect with WIFI, I even don’t need to read the instructions.The projector can also adjust the scale and quality of the projection.It’s the best price for the same features.I have used it to watch a few movies with my friends and OMG it’s sooooo clear and bright, and the sound was excellent even for outdoor activities.There are so many different projectors in a big range of prices.It works pretty good.The product comes with a nicely packaged box and a carrying case as advertised.Which makes it trouble-free to setup whatever needed.Recently my friend recommended me this brand because she bought it.The resolution is high and the brightness is great even in the room with lights on.The projected picture quality is bright and clear enough to be easily viewed in a room or outside at night.It’s easy to project to the ceiling too, I just sit it on its back, or use a tripod, both works fine.And the high definition made my viewing experience very good, and I was able to project directly on the wall without using a projection screen., including the built-in WiFi capabilities.I know there must be better ones out there but they are mostly a lot more expensive.Overall, I like it a lot! it’s very useful[/review5][review5] The design is simple, comes with a remote control, and the projector also can be controlled.The setupis easy for a projector novice.

NNPwPx says:

Finally chose this one and when I opened it I was very satisfied! Even if you turn on the lights in the room, it can see very clearly, and it is easy to control, and it also comes with a remote control.The feature that I love most is the WiFi connection.Connected to Wi-Fi to be able to use it, easy.After buying this projector, I don’t want to go to the living room to watch TV now.The projector is easy to set up and focus on.I was searching for an affordable good quality projector for a home theater and went with this one based on the reviews.It felt like a $500 1080p projector.It has a built-in speaker, which can be used directly when it is turned on.It comes in a nice carry case, so if you want you can still easily take it to a friend’s house.You can see every single detail clearly and in beautiful colors.The price was very ideal, and the product was really great! It has really good video quality, and it can be connected to the iOS device through the screen mirroring function, which was really convenient for me.The video is so clear even you don’t need a screen.

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